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Rod Pocket Curtains designs ideas 2012 Pictures

For someone with a modest amount of sewing skills, unlined rod-pocket curtains are fairly simple to make.

Here are some ideas to be inspiring you to make your own curtain , I hope you like it , enjoy !!
Sunset Plaid Rod Pocket Curtains

A traditional yarn-dyed woven plaid pattern collection in warm, welcoming colors will easily find a place in your home! Sunset Plaid is a terrific coordinate with many of our other styles, especially our floral patterned Wynwood.
Overleigh Rod Pocket Curtains

Resembling fine silk Overleigh offers you breathtakingly fresh style. Curtains and coordinating sheers (sold separately) feature embroidered flowers and vines with autumn colored stitching.
Embroidered Check Lined Rod Pocket Curtains

A large-scale woven buffalo check is distinguished by the delicate floral jacquard design on the fabric. Lined for light control and fabric protection, it’s a wonderful decorating choice for any living space.
Classic Tartan Rod Pocket Curtains Dress Gordon

An authentic tartan sett, or plaid pattern, is woven into this dashing window treatment. A traditional Scottish tartan is smart looking used alone, and mix well with solid Weaver’s Cloth or Ticking Stripes (each sold separately) to create a stylish, tailored look for your rooms.
Abigail Adams Rod Pocket Curtains

Handwoven in Maine, these heirloom-quality curtains, pillow shams and bedspread (each sold separately) are true American classics
Moire Plaid Rod Pocket Curtains

Moire Plaid at your window opens up many decorating opportunities, a chance to highlight or complement a color story in your furniture or rugs, or in the way you choose to accessorize your room. Choose Blue, Ginger, Jewel or Rose.
Savannah Seersucker Rod Pocket Curtains

Inspired by the summertime favorite, these versatile curtains will make you think of seersucker in a fresh new way. Generously puckered, raised stripe.
Weaver’s Cloth Rod Pocket Curtains

Firmly woven and lightly flecked . . . for a homey country feeling in your room.
Country Day Toile Rod Pocket Curtains
Add softness, style and color to your windows! Idyllic scenes of country life are on display in beguiling toile prints offered in decorator colors.

Sonnenburg Damask Lined Rod Pocket Curtains

Floral damask patterns in washed jacquard will give your room an instant makeover. You’ll love the soft hand of the fabric and the affordability of the entire collection.

Laura’s Garden Rod Pocket Floral Curtains
Inspired by the summer-time charm of a cottage garden, this print pairs flowers of blue, rose and cream tones to delight you any time of year. Laura’s Garden coordinates with Laura’s Stripe (sold separately). Both patterns look lovely paired together or alone and are lock-stitched for durability.

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Bright ideas 2012 for Weekend Bathroom Refreshes

The smallest room in the house shouldn’t fall short on style. Take your bathroom from outdated to up-to-date in just two days with these makeover ideas.

Pink and Green Style 

The pedestal sink, floor and wall tile, and bathtub were all keepers in this 1929 bathroom. The homeowners incorporated modern function with a wall-mount shower and a new faucet reminiscent of the original with cross-handle fixtures. New tile installed behind the faucet nearly matches the old pieces, and pink-and-white wallpaper complements the tones of the existing mosaic floor. Changing the window blinds to shutters and replacing an old light fixture and wall mirror with a new pair in satin nickel add impact with minimal effort. A petite green Windsor chair and a colorful bath mat and towels complete the look.

 Charming Country Bathroom 

This bathroom gets a fresh farmhouse look from, a new pedestal sink, open storage shelves, sunny yellow accents, and solid-surfacing panels that resemble beaded-board wainscoting. The new pedestal sink with a wide rim opens up floor space, while a vintage-style recessed medicine cabinet provides storage.

Clever Fabric Uses

Multiple shower curtains hung on a curved rod protect the wall and window behind the bathtub and shower area. White subway tile picks up in the shower stall where the beaded board look-alike ends. Repurposed fabric softens the space. The shower curtains are actually window panels outfitted with grommets. The cafe curtains were fashioned using tea towels, a curtain rod, and clip rings. With no room for a traditional towel bar, a double hook with glass finials stands in next to the shower.

Savvy Storage

Metal pots and bowls hold toiletries. These clever storage solutions add country charm to the bathroom.

Bright White Vanity

Updated to coordinate with the tub and toilet, the old oak vanity now looks more like a sophisticated dresser thanks to a few coats of white paint. A new countertop, sink, faucet, and hardware add to the makeover. list of flash websites . Above the vanity are a pair of brushed nickel sconces and a medicine cabinet. On the wall, beach scenes bring together all the colors in the bathroom.

Versatile Accents

A wooden stool with a woven top serves many functions in this bathroom. It adds texture and plays off the room’s beach-theme. It also offers a spot to place towels for easy access from the bathtub and a place to sit. In a small space, it’s important to choose versatile pieces.

Beachy Bathroom Oasis

The first step in the bathroom’s transformation was painting the walls a watery blue. Next, serene fabric choices, such as the cream-color cotton window shade and striped shower curtains, tie together the colors of the tiles and walls. A wooden coatrack adds storage by providing a handy spot to hang towels and robes. These elements work together to highlight the original claw-foot bathtub.

Fresh Living Rooms Decorating Ideas 2011 for Summer

Whether your living room is the setting for party time, family time, or both, it deserves to be a showstopping space you love to be in.

Neutral Territory
    A room outfitted in neutral gets a splash of spring hues. The small doses are just enough to liven up the space. Hanging the sheer curtains above the window, closer to the ceiling emphasizes the height of the room.

Color Punch
    For an intimate gathering space, corral your furniture together away from the walls. Seating arranged in a circle creates a conversation area. The space here is made more inviting with the use of bright yellow and tangerine. Neutral accessories and walls with rich details, like the mantel and chandelier, add a hint of formality .

Seating a La Carte
    If your space is too small for a couch, opt for several overstuffed chairs instead. The smaller pieces add comfy seating and take up less space. The chairs form a cozy conversation circle. This room is tied together with a bright shade of tangerine. The walls, pillows, and accessories on the shelves all boast the bright tropical color.

Constantly Changing
    If you frequently like to refresh your decor, stick with neutral furniture and basics, like flooring and walls. The steadfast pieces make redecorating a snap and it’s easy on the budget. list of flash websites . In this living room, red is the color of the moment. Later, these accents can be switched out for another color and a whole new look.

Garden Cottage
    Timeworn elements add instant character and charm to a space. An antique trunk serves both as a focal point and a functional piece. The trunk is storage disguised as a coffee table. In smaller rooms, make your furniture work by pulling double duty to conserve space.

Drawn In
    To make a spacious room more intimate, arrange your chairs and sofas away from the wall. Include plenty of room for traffic flow in your plan. A central piece, like a coffee table and area rug, will help define the area, eliminating “floating” furniture .

Budget Trompe L’Oeil
    Trompe l’oeil, an art term for “trick the eye,” certainly applies to this space. The room has a high-end look, but was achieved on a budget. The trick behind the chic look? Furniture was purchase at a discount from warehouse stores and model home sales. Thrift store chairs got a new look with fresh upholstery .

White Out
    All-white rooms need a dose of personality. Throw pillows bring in a pop of green, blue, and pink in cottage-inspired patterns. But the addition is small enough as not to disturb the ambience of the crisp, white room. Different textures, like the bowl of shells, starfish, and a sisal rug, add depth to the room .

Earn Your Stripes
    Use striped fabrics as DIY inspiration. The stripe motif from the pillows is carried onto the floating shelves above the mantel, the bolster pillow, and other accessories. And the best part? They are projects you can make yourself. Watch our video to learn how to easily apply stripes to your accessories.

Sophisticated Princess
    Bring pink out of the nursery and into the living room. Pink, usually thought of as pastel, takes a sophisticated turn in this space. A soft shade of pink coats the walls and strong chocolate brown accents add an edge. Furniture with modern, clean lines also maintains the sophistication. Accessories, like the tiered lamp and oversize wall art, add the final bold touch.

Dramatic Pastels
    A palette of pastel hues paints this cozy sitting room. Mint green, sky blue, and lemon yellow are the main colors. Pops of bright orange and cotton candy pink accent the room. In a room with so many colors, introducing white, like on the furniture and French door, adds a visual break.

Go for the Gold
    Used selectively, metallics add luxury and glamour to a space, but too much metal can overshadow the rest of the room. Add hints of glitz with metallic-sheen pillows and drapes, or metallic- rimmed accessories and coffee tables. Or keep a majority of the sparkle in one place, like on the gold scrollwork-inspired screen behind the couch .

Arranging Know-How
    An oddball room shape can make furniture arranging a challenge. For a narrow space, try placing a sofa against a wall. Flank the left and right sides of the couch with chairs and a love seat. In this cozy space, accessories are kept sleek. Symmetrically placed floor lamps and a glass-top coffee table maintain a clean look.

Pocket-Size Space
    Don’t overlook the small spaces in your home. Lemon walls and raspberry furniture are vivid touches with a big impact. Neutral colors, antique accents, and crown molding add a posh feel. Combining bold features with more sedate elements can make the most of pint-size spaces.

Easy Formula
    When starting to decorate, begin with the basics of comfy seating and tables. If your decor is undecided, keep your basics neutral in color and style. Then, be on the hunt for accessories that reflect you. In this space, red end tables, green throw pillows, and bouquets of flowers start to build a casual garden theme.

Paint the Town Green
    Use your favorite color in different shades for a room that screams you. Shades of green color this living room. A muted green on the walls sets a backdrop for a celadon chair and pillows, a sage ottoman, and shamrock vases. Browns and pinks accent the space and rich fabrics, like velvet, add texture and depth.

Urban Comfort
    In a city loft, architectural elements usually do the talking. But in this posh loft, the decor is in stride with the pillars and exposed duct work. Bright white furniture shines against charcoal gray walls. The long line of orange artwork emphasizes the length of the room. Pillows and a throw continue the orange theme for a consistent look.

Field of Violets
    Violet — a blend of purple and blue — in several hues flows throughout this living room. Darker shades, like the piping on the sofa and chair cushions, ground the lighter colors. domains with traffic . Touches of white add interest to a monochromatic color scheme.

The It Factor
    An ordinary living room is brought to life with a strong color palette and new furniture arrangement. Kelly green and aqua accents give this space a wow-factor. value of my domain name Pair bright colors with strong neutrals for a balance look. An espresso brown sofa, white built-ins and trim, and steel gray accents do the trick. If your living room is spacious, arrange furniture diagonally for a new look.

Let In Some Light
    The furniture in this living room is arranged to take full advantage of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Light floods the room, eliminating the need for lamps. Heavy drapes can be drawn to dim the room and recessed lights create mood lighting

Tweaking the Trend
    The duo of blue and brown maintains a popular presence in decorating. To suit your taste, find shades of blue and brown that fit your style. If you prefer muted colors, try a creamy cappuccino brown and a dusty French blue. Opt for traditional furniture and introduce accents like pillows and wall art. These less expensive pieces can easily change with decorating trends.

Modern Cottage
Hardwood floors, a cozy fireplace, and a green-and-white color scheme are standard cottage decor features. Shake up the standard by adding your own modern touch. Here, a modern personality is added with the clean, crisp lines of the fireplace, chair, and coffee table. Keep your modern accents within a similar style for a unified look

Chalkboard Projects :Easy Ideas

Liven up your living quarters with these sophisticated yet simple chalkboard paint projects.
I hope you like it .. Enjoy  !!

Name Frame

 Upcycle a plain wooden photo frame with chalkboard paint. Prime the frame, then paint on a coat of chalkboard paint (Krylon and Rust-Oleum both have great color options). Let dry. Use chalk to update the caption as you change the photo.

Chalk Magnet 

Vintage mirrors with great shapes abound at flea markets. Score one for a few dollars, then transform it into a sophisticated message center. Remove the mirror from its frame, or use painter’s tape to cover the frame. ip list . Spray several coats of magnetic spray paint on the mirror. Let dry between each coat. Then apply a layer of chalkboard paint and let dry.

On Tray

Up the elegance factor at your dinner party or wedding table by converting a vintage platter into a beautiful menu display. Trace the oval base of your platter onto a thick piece of paper. Cut out the oval and center it on top of the platter, then trace an oval guide for the paint. (If the platter has a central oval edge, you have a built-in guideline.) Use a steady hand and a small brush to stroke chalkboard paint inside the edges of the guideline. Roll the center with chalkboard paint using a small smooth-surface foam roller.

Vanity Lesson

Turn an old medicine cabinet into a sweet spot for lists and notes. First, remove the mirror or inner panel. (If you can’t remove the mirror or panel, cute a piece of chipboard to fit.) Paint the mirror or your chipboard piece with two coats of chalkboard paint, allowing each coat to dry between applications. Tip: If you use a mirror, prime the surface first. Pop the mirror back in, or use Krazy Glue to secure the chipboard cutout in place. Use chalk to spell out the day’s duties.

Scheduling Pains

Transform a six-panel window into a home office calendar to ease your planning pains. Each day of the workweek is assigned a frame, and the sixth makes room for extra notes or magnets. Tape off the wooden frame with painter’s tape. To make your calendar magnetic, spray several coats of magnetic spray paint on the front of the glass, allowing each coat to dry between applications. Then paint each pane with chalkboard paint using a paintbrush to edge and a small foam roller for smooth surfaces.

Clever Containers

Add a little erasable oomph to your kitchen canisters with repositionable vinyl stickers that accept chalk marks (check and for colorful options). Use a punch to cut out the labels. Remove the paper backing and position the label on the glass or wooden canister. The labels are easy to rechalk as you change their contents.

Mix it Up

You can find chalkboard paint at almost any crafts or art store or home center. But if you’re longing for a hue that’s not available on store shelves, concoct your own. To create your own custom color of chalk-ready paint, simply combine 1 cup latex paint in your desired shade with 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout. Use a paint stirrer to mix. list of flash websites During application, gently sand the dry layers of paint between coats with 150-grit sandpaper. Apply several coats for best color.

Karl Sponholtz’s Design Portfolio From HGTV Design Star season six

Karl Sponholtz
Age: 42
Chicago, Ill.
As a kid, Karl says his love of design was “there from the beginning.” By age 10, he frequently rearranged his parents’ furniture while they weren’t home and was mesmerized by building blocks and floor plans. Karl, who studied architecture at the University of Illinois in Chicago, has more than 10 years of practical design experience and says that he can excite people with his passion for design. value of my domain name He characterizes his personal design preferences as “ultra-modern minimalist,” but often completes traditional designs for his high-end clientele. internet usage statistics As the youngest of six, Karl says he is extroverted, loud and loves to live in the moment.

Traditional Meets Modern Kitchen

For the kitchen renovation of this historic Adams-style home, Sponholtz tried to stay true to the history while providing all the convenience of a modern chef’s kitchen.

Family-Favorite Sun Porch

This new sun porch quickly became the favorite room in the house, says Sponholtz. “I really wanted to let the outside in, and with heated bluestone floors, it can be enjoyed year-round!,” he says.

Book-Smart Family Room

Built-in bookcases frame sunny French doors in this family room addition.

Custom Bathroom Cabinetry

Sponholtz designed a custom skylight to let light into this his-and-hers bathroom addition. The center glass cabinet stretches to the ceiling for ample linen closet space.

Georgian Kitchen Addition

Sponholtz designed this kitchen addition, including the custom cabinetry and paneling. “I wanted to give the traditional Georgian architecture a modern aesthetic — dreamy!,” he says.

Beadboard Bathroom

The beadboard wainscoting adds texture and durability to this bathroom addition.

Federal-Style Backyard Remodel

To open up this federal-style home to the backyard, Sponholtz added large windows and French doors. White railings on the balcony overlook the new brick patio. domains with traffic .