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Favorite Fall Decorating 2012 Ideas by H. Camille Smith

Shorter days and a crisp chill in the air certify that summer truly has come to an end. Now’s a great time to break out the cozy throws and warm up your home’s decor with a few fall touches.
Take a cue from designer Sarah Richardson and fill vintage vases with autumn-hued flowers.

For many of us, fall also signals the beginning of the holiday entertaining season  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are coming up fast. Get ready for the impending arrival of holiday guests by sprucing up areas of your home where guests gather, like the foyer: 

For a quick-and-easy fall fix up, take a stroll outdoors to gather colorful leaves. Suspended on fishing line over your dining room table, they create a magical falling-leaf effect.
Give faux pumpkins and gourds a fashion-forward makeover that will glam up both your Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations
Or download one of printable templates to put the finishing touch on your seasonal decor

by : H. Camille Smith

Decorating in Blue : 2012 Ideas

The color blue can be bold and bright or soft and soothing. See the various faces of blue in this inspiring gallery.

Calm Contemporary Kitchen

This modern space is minimal and serene. A soft color scheme of gentle turquoise, muted pea green, bright white, and basic black is perfect for a room where the food and conversation will star. An entire wall of pale blue mosaic tile is a real eye-catcher.

Bohemian Chic

Mixing cool blue with aqua, orange, and rattan accents creates an eclectic room. Floor cushions and low furniture make seating fun and casual.

Serene and Stylish

Muted blue, pale green, and neutrals blend to create a harmonious background for poppy orange pillows and frilly pink drapes.

Colonial Charm

Finding a fabric you love is a tried-and-true way to come up with a perfect color scheme. Once fabrics are selected, the paint choice is easy. Mixing fabrics works well as long as they are all in the same color family.

Pretty Pottery

Neutral walls work like a blank canvas to showcase colorful collections. Grouping similar items creates a cohesive look, and best of all, they can easily be swapped to fit the season — or your mood!

Shades of Blue

A piece of striped fabric draped over a headboard sets the color scheme for this bedroom. Different shades of blue are repeated on the walls, in the artwork, and even on the bedside book.

Warm and Cool

Light blue accents cool the warm tones of the flooring and wood trim in this entry space. An ultra-mod white table is paired with a curvy chair to balance the look.

Ocean Inspiration

The light aqua color in this picture and pottery really pops against the neutral frame, plain walls, and wood accents. Easily changeable artwork is a smart choice for homeowners who are wary of color commitment.

Sail Away

Have some fun by using blue in a themed room. Multiple shades of blue mix it up in this beachy sunporch.

Shabby Chic

Feminine blue bedding mixes with white walls, a warm wood floor, and exposed beams to give this bedroom a shabby chic feel. The distressed mantel above the bed works as a rugged headboard.

Light Contemporary

Give light walls and flooring a spark by choosing chair upholstery in cobalt blue. This is a great trick for infusing apartments and rental homes with more color.

Traditional Kitchen With Brick Walls 2013 Ideas

Brick makes the space industrial and very chic, it’s almost an ideal decoration for kitchen and dining zones. You may make a brick wall, all the walls, a ceiling or just a kitchen splash  it would be harmonious anyway. Red brick, white brick, grey brick or even black brick  it’s easy to choose the right shade for your interior and style, and almost any style from Provence to glam style would be pleased by a brick wall. A brick backsplash is a genial idea because you won’t need to choose tiles to the style and color scheme, just use bricks –it’s functional and it would make your kitchen charming. Have a look at some cool examples below and use it in your kitchen design!

2012 Bedrooms Decorating Design Ideas With Blue Color

Blue is a cool color that can also be relaxing so a blue bedroom might be the perfect place for you to crash after a long day. The alternate side is that blue paint can often end up looking like a baby boy’s nursery so you want to be sure and find the perfect shade of paint so that you actually have a room you want to be in. Here are tips on balancing a blue bedroom to turn it into a sophisticated retreat and make it work with lots of different design styles.
Please take a look on  pictures collections bellow. I hope you like it , Enjoy !!

Accent with Color 

Add a spark of interest to your room with a bright accent color that complements the shade of blue. The soft yellow accents and painted ceiling give this blue room a fun and unique appeal. Patterned bed pillows and upholstered chairs bring texture to the room, while the red area rug ties the elements together.

Mixing Patterns 

A soft, dusky blue repeats in different fabrics, including the rug, throughout the room to add variety and interest to an otherwise neutral palette. The striped walls are a subtle contrast that blends in with the rest of the patterns. If you?re using several patterns, vary the size and complexity, but you?d be wise to stay away from more than one bold print to prevent clashing.

Repeat for Emphasis

Although this room is mostly cream, it?s the blue pattern that draws attention. Using the same print throughout the room multiplies the impact and creates unity. Here, the pattern used for the pillows is also found on the window shade and draperies, giving the room an all-over blue accent.

Regal Retreat

Walls painted a soothing spa blue create the perfect backdrop for the elegant elements of this bedroom. The stately fireplace, floor-length curtains, and large mirror add to the air of elegance. A fluffy down comforter and padded headboard keep the bedroom comfy.

The Classic

Blue and white is a classic color combination that brings a warm comfort to any bedroom. The blue paisley curtains and bed skirt contrast nicely with the creamy white comforter. The striped cotton rugs add a casual cottage feel to the room. Another color option plays out overhead: The planked ceiling is painted a soft sky blue.

Timeless Aqua

Keep a child?s bedroom airy and light with soft, watery blues. These tones help create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. Here, smooth walls and clean white bedding contrast the bouncy ruffles of the window treatments  a sophisticated style that?s adaptable for a growing child.

Great Lengths

Add style and sophistication to a bedroom with flowing bed curtains. In the same color as the wall, the curtains here are a subtle addition; the pink zigzag lining adds dimension and contrast. To make a statement, choose curtains in a contrasting color.

A Peaceful Place

If you?re looking to do blue in your bedroom but want a little variety, try teal. The rich tone has a twinge a green, giving basic blue an eye-catching variation. In this bedroom, a soothing palette of soft teals, blue-grays, and browns brings a feeling of serenity. Add a focal point such as the mirror above the bed to attract the eye. The warm brown walls pair with the cooler blue tones to create an inviting personal retreat.

Balancing Act

Keep darker, muted blues from becoming dreary by balancing them with lighter colors. The darker shade of blue used on the walls adds elegance to this master bedroom. The large cream-color area rug and white bedding keep the room feeling open and airy despite the walls? rich shade.

A Light Touch 

Add style to your bedroom with subtle patterns. Here, the mod floral on the bed frame enlivens the room?s soft neutrals. Used in moderation, the simple design mixes with muted colors to enhance the space overall.

Frame It

Enliven a subtle color palette with a kick of a contrasting hue. The red-painted bed frame in this room stands out against the softer blue tones of the bedding, walls, and draperies. The bold color also gives the vintage bed an updated vibe. Framed postcards hung above the headboard are a simple way to add an art element to the wall.

Bold Prints 

Striking patterns are an excellent way to bring modern style to your bedroom. The bold blue pattern of the wallpaper and drapery fabric set against the rich brown and white bedding creates a unique, eye-catching look. Keep accessories to a minimum to enhance the modern feel.

Heavenly Hue

The color blue always brings to mind thoughts of the sky. When used on a high ceiling, a light shade of blue will make your walls feel like they open to the sky. The wicker bench adds to the outdoorsy feeling of the bedroom.

Favorite Bedrooms Decorating Ideas 2011 that I Love

Flea Market Chic

With mix-and-match (well, mostly mix) flea market treasures, this room exudes a level of sophistication well beyond its pedigree. Simple walls showcase the worn finishes of the vintage furniture and make each item stand out as special.

Why We Love It: Forget shabby, this is flea market style pulled off with sophistication and restraint.

Center Stage

This multilevel master bedroom is stately and refined. The light gray walls are a beautiful complement to the yellow floral textiles, and the towering windows add plenty of light and drama.

Why I Love It: With its multilevel floor of deeply colored wood, this master suite has a flair for the dramatic.

Femme Chic

A plush tufted headboard, lavender walls, and a dainty chandelier give this room a girly vibe. A nearly random mix of patterns and styles comes together with bohemian charm.

Why I Love It: The unexpected color scheme is surprisingly stylish and chic, infusing the room with a spirit of individuality.

Sage Sanctuary

The monochromatic window treatments, headboard, and walls offer a soothing backdrop to the simple white linens and accessories in this restful retreat.

Why I Love It: Monochromatic color schemes are unified and soothing, a perfect choice for bedrooms. The only pattern is found on subtly striped pillows that are showcased against white bedding .

Understated Luxury

The sophisticated furniture and neutral palette gives this room an undertone of opulence, while the angled bed and large-scale accents add a bit of drama.

Why I Love It: The mix-and-match approach to furnishings and accessories creates a timeless room with a few pleasant little surprises .

Simple and Chic

Vapor blue walls create a soothing atmosphere in this discreetly feminine master suite. Eclectic furnishings, both vintage and modern, transform the room into a personal haven.

Why I Love It: The dark floors are mirrored by an unexpected and impressive wood ceiling that makes the room more intimate while increasing the chandelier’s wow factor.

Warm and Modern

Fresh white bedding and accessories contrast with the rich brown walls to keep the bedroom from feeling gloomy. Rust-color pillow shams introduce an accent hue and establish a focal point on the bed.

Why I Love It: Great rooms reflect current trends, but straight-up modern design can leave us cold. Here, earthy color, tactile bedding, and handcrafted art create a comfy bedroom that’s right for today .

Dressed to the Nines

Perfect design lives where comfort intersects with style. This sumptuous bed is dressed with layer upon layer of beautiful bedding, each softer and loftier than the last. It’s hard to imagine tossing and turning in this luxurious retreat.

Why We Love It: The bed offers an assortment of indulgent textures: the nubby linen headboard, the smooth silk of embroidered pillows, the duvet cover in dimpled matelasse, and the bristly hand of the mohair loveseat. Pattern and color are always important in decorating but interesting textures can make a good room great .

Personal Style

The bed, bench, table, pillows, and headboard combine to give this room a strong horizontal orientation, low and sleek, with a mid-century feel. The items on the bedside table add enough vertical tension to keep things interesting.

Why I Love It: While nothing in this room is precisely coordinated, it all works together fabulously. A casual mix of fabrics and furniture, both vintage and new, creates individual style that you won’t find at the mall for any price .

Four-Post Presence

The large poster bed is the attention-grabber in this pale master suite. The easiest way to create drama in a smaller room is to choose one beautiful overscale piece of furniture and let it take charge.

Why I Love It: A nearly neutral palette reinforces the bed’s dominance and creates a tranquil mood. The intriguing wall color (lavender? gray? taupe?) is very sophisticated, especially with the counterpoint provided by the russet blanket.

East Meets West

The geometry and proportion of this bedroom’s furnishings spring straight from Asian design, but the rustic wood surfaces and faux suede bed give off a cool cowboy vibe.

Why I Love It: The most inspired spaces usually meld multiple style sources. Whatever its pedigree, this bedroom works because of perfectly scaled symmetry and organic textures. Even with white walls, the coppery palette of the draperies and bedding lends comfort and warmth

Cool and Classic

Cool blue and lavender are natural color choices for a restful bedroom, but by themselves pastels can turn downright chilly. Plenty of brown and white accents keep this room snugly warm.

Why I Love It: Traditional furniture is classic and familiar but it can be stodgy without a nod toward modern style. This bedding is definitely trendy, but its brown color and geometric patterns relate to the bed’s paneled headboard .