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2014 Kitchen Decorating Accessories Ideas : Easy Update

Add color and personality to the cooking zone with inexpensive artwork, displays, and linens.

By  : Renee Freemon Mulvihill

The kitchen is a hardworking, functional room, but you can have fun with its design, too. Once you’ve selected the cabinets, appliances, and fixtures, don’t forget to add the accessories that will truly make the room feel like your own. Decorative items, such as artwork, collectibles, and linens add welcome color and personality to finish off the space.

Artistic Elements 

You’ll likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen, so brighten up the space with wall art. Although you may not want to place your most cherished artwork near the sink or range, due to possible steam and splatters, inexpensive poster art can brighten a wall, says Richard Landon, a certified master kitchen and bath designer in Bellevue, Washington. Keep in mind that artwork isn’t limited to paintings and pictures. Consider hanging decorative platters, distinctive cookie cutters, or vintage cooking tools as decoration.
Creative Displays 
If your kitchen includes glass-front cabinets or open shelves, use them to create attractive and colorful display areas. Design an eye-catching focal point by grouping similar items and hiding not-so-pretty items in decorative canisters or baskets. Limit color choice for a more sophisticated look. All-white dinnerware on open shelves can form a simple and attractive display, for example, while collections of enameled cast iron pots in complementary hues can add a burst of color to a neutral kitchen. No open shelves? “Take a simple element and repeat it on a windowsill,” Landon says. “I’ve taken empty Perrier bottles and lined them up. Something about repeating an element makes it special.”
Other Accessories 
Even everyday items can make a big impact in a kitchen work zone. Choose rugs or dishtowels with bold pattern to add a burst of cheerful color, choose a light fixture with a colorful shade, or paint chairs or barstools in bright, unexpected hues. Copper pots and pans hung from a pot rack or set on a shelf attract the eye and add old-fashioned charm to a traditional kitchen. Sculptural salt and pepper shakers, stand mixers, or other functional kitchen tools can double as art when displayed on the countertop. Or place red and green apples (real or fake) in a ceramic bowl for an inexpensive display that can break up an expanse of countertop.

Elegant Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces with Budget

Don’t let your home’s little footprint define it; learn how to do more with less! Maximize the tiniest of rooms with these smart decor choices and small space solutions.
These rooms show you that small spaces can be super efficient without sacrificing style. 

I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you …… Enjoy it !!

Nesting tables are perfect for squeezing a lot of storage out of minimum space. Pull out the lower table when you need an extra surface for holding drinks or reading material, then tuck it away when you’re done. On the lower shelf, a stylish fabric covered bin keeps DVDs accessible but contained.

Set a casual, family friendly mood for meal times by mixing and matching chair styles. In this dining room, a bench accommodates multiple people and takes up less space than a group of individual chairs. The pieces around the table can easily segue into the living room for hosting a crowd.

In an open living room, create subtle division with a shelving unit. This floor to ceiling bookshelf separates the open floor plan into two distinct rooms while offering ample display space.

Transform the often-unused space at the top of the stairs into a destination. Built in bench seating capitalizes on the sunny window of this second floor landing, creating a cozy reading retreat. Divided compartments under the bench cushion provide clever storage for reading material.

This bedroom uses the space under the bed for storage. But, rather than allowing that space to become a tangle of stuff, well made drawers with dividers keep clothes neat.

Most people slap a coat of white paint onto their ceiling and call it quits, but creative use of the space can reap room enlarging results. A beamed ceiling takes this room to new heights, while board and batten paneling adds substance to the room’s sherbet color palette.

Turn a closet or nook into a work zone. In this space, drapery panels slide along a curtain rod to make it easy to conceal the clutter. Even without an architectural niche or bay, you can duplicate this effect by curtaining off an area across the width of a room just hang the drapes from a rod or thin wire suspended from the ceiling.

Opting for a narrow, shallow refrigerator netted more counter and shelf space in this compact kitchen. A tall cabinet with a mix of shelves and deep drawers maximizes storage space.

Get big style from a small space through careful design. Tall cabinets stretch to the ceiling, and a mixture of light woods and reflective stainless steel keeps the space clean and open.

Reclaim wasted space under a staircase for storage. Wide-trim molding turns these staggered shelves into a strong architectural feature. Baskets add eye pleasing texture as they keep linens and other kitchen odds and ends corralled.

2014 DIY Fast and Easy Home Decorating Projects Ideas

These easy crafts and decor projects will give your home standout style.

You’ll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you …. Enjoy it !!!!

Framed Up : Even if the art inside a frame isn’t your style, a pretty frame is still a secondhand score. Round up a series of pretty frames, remove the art, spray paint them in a unifying color scheme, and arrange them on a wall.
Painted Vases : While one paint color is good, two are even better. Add in some glitter and you have a knock-out DIY project. Paint the outside of jars and glass containers with two coats of clay paint. We mixed several shades of pink with white to create a range of hues. For a touch of glam, mask off the top of the jar with painter’s tape and cover the bottom with glitter spray paint.
Be-Ribboned Lampshade : DIY projects don’t come any easier than this. Cut ribbons to fit around a lampshade and tie the ends in a knot to secure. For extra stability, secure the ribbons with a few dots of hot glue.
Lace-Patterned Vase : Try a reversed pattern for something a little different. Wrap a wide scrap of lace around a clear glass vase to create this reversed effect. Use spray adhesive to affix the lace to the glass, then spray the glass evenly with white spray paint. Let it dry, the remove the lace to reveal the see through pattern.
Pretty Table Runner : Pink and orange are great for a warm, romantic look. Cover a bright table runner with a sheer sari to tone down the design.
Doodled Teapot : Dress up a plain teapot by doodling on designs. Draw your doodle on white paper and cut the piece of paper down to size (so that you can lay it over the item you’ll be tracing the design onto). Cut a piece of transfer paper slightly larger than the area to be doodled, and tape it to the surface. Tape the pattern over the transfer paper. Using a pencil, firmly trace the pattern lines to transfer the design to the surface. Remove the pattern and the transfer paper. Using a paint pen, trace the lines and let dry. Cure the paint by baking the piece in the oven, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
Table Skirt : Hide the base of an old side table with a fabric skirt. Cut a piece of fabric to the diameter and height of the table, leaving extra for a hem allowance. Hem the fabric. Use hook-and-eye tape to attach the hemmed fabric to the edge of the table.
Picture Frame to Serving Tray : Reuse an old picture frame as a practical serving tray. Remove the glass of a large frame. Paint the frame in your desired color. Attach drawer pulls to the short sides of the frame. Insert the glass with a piece of pretty fabric or decorative paper behind it.
Decoupage Design Tabletop : Decoupage a lovely design on a thrift store table. Paint the table with two coats of metallic paint. Cover with metallic glaze for extra shine. Let dry. Cut a scrap of wallpaper to cover the tabletop. Coat the top with decoupage glue. Position the paper, pressing carefully to remove any air bubbles. Cover with multiple layers of glue. Let each coat dry before applying the next. Finish with a spray sealant.
Fireplace Screen : Create an easy screen to mask your fireplace or any space when it’s not in use. This bold geometric print pops in front of the white fireplace and mantel.
Here’s how to make it: Cut four pieces of 1/2-inch-thick particleboard to your desired size. (The screen’s size depends on what you want it to cover. This fireplace is 32 inches wide; the screen is made from four 12×36-inch boards, which came precut from a home improvement store). Use interior latex paint to coat the boards in a color that complements your wallpaper (here, black). Cut strips of wallpaper 2 inches wider and longer than the particleboard. Apply a light layer of spray adhesive to one side of the board and to the back of the wallpaper. Press the adhesive side of the paper onto the adhesive side of the board. Start at the top middle and work your way down, smoothing air bubbles as you go. Wrap the excess around to the back and secure. Repeat for the other boards. Let the boards dry. Use superglue to affix small hinges to connect the boards on the painted side. Move the screen before you start a fire; this screen is for decorative purposes only.
Patchwork Shower Curtain : Brighten early mornings with warm colors in a pieced-together shower curtain. Make this uncomplicated project for the bathroom.
Floral Stenciled Dresser : Nondescript wood dressers can often be found for rock-bottom prices at garage sales. To give them a dose of character and contemporary style, cover the top in color and embellish the fronts with stencils. Removing drawers in favor of lined and labeled baskets is another easy way to add color and charm.
Stylish Hand Towels : Make plain hand towels stylish. Embroider fabric dots on the front. Or, add a hemmed border along the bottom. Topstitch ribbon over the seam.

2014 Thanksgiving Table Setting and Centerpiece Ideas

Designer Erinn Valencich shares tips for setting a Thanksgiving table that balances natural elements with the gleam of metallics.  

By H. Camille Smith

Add a Touch of Glitz

For a sophisticated but not over-the-top look, balance the sparkle of metallics with natural elements, like fall branches or fresh fruit. 
Erinn’s Tip: Metallics add a great modern touch to a fall tablescape. Deep copper and bright bronze are a lovely additional to a traditional table. I prefer to bring in natural, textured elements like these seed-beaded placemats so the table doesn’t get too glitzy.

Play With Scale

Diminutive pears contrast with elongated stemware for a look that is elegant and playful. 
Erinn’s Tip: Slender amber stemware adds height and drama to a simple table while gold pillar candles and votives sparkle as the centerpiece. 

Opt for an Aromatic Centerpiece

Who said a centerpiece needed to time-consuming, expensive or even floral? Erinn created this arrangement by grouping scented candles with an earthy potpourri. 
Erinn’s Tip: During the fall, natural elements are the best decorations. This potpourri creates a lovely centerpiece and its subtle fragrance is a great addition to the table. Look for large, chunky potpourris and add elements from your own backyard, like pinecones and seed pods, to the mix.

Gleaming Glass Accents

Golds and ambers pair beautifully with the traditional browns and oranges of fall.
  Erinn’s Tip: Glass vases can be found very inexpensively in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes at your local housewares store. They’re fantastic for adding a splash of luminescent color to the room. So go wild! Bring a bunch home, try them out and return what you don’t use.

Simple Sophistication

This place setting layers basic elements to achieve an extraordinary effect. 
Erinn’s Tip: A set of white plates is a great standard to have for your year round table. You don’t have to get something special out just for the season. It’s all in the presentation a crisp linen napkin folded into thirds and laid under a bronze glass plate topped with a miniature pear sets each guests’ plate off with style for very little money, time or fuss. 

Bountiful Centerpiece

Set the stage for an unforgettable Thanksgiving feast with a centerpiece that exemplifies bounty. A ghost white pumpkin, chunky pillar candles and metallic painted gourds add sparkle. 
Erinn’s Tip: Create a table that’s casual and warm with a modern twist. Play with colors of chocolate, taupe and birch contrasted with crisp white.

Contrast Materials

A humble pinecone adds an organic touch to each place setting. 
Erinn’s Tip: Have fun with materials; contrast ceramic with glass, wood and gleaming metal. Forgo the old standby tablecloth and opt for glamorous, polished silver chargers and chocolate-brown linen napkins.

Decorate the Whole Room

This buffet sparkles with candles and glassware in shades of amber and gold. Natural elements like wood grain candles and a rustic, hand-carved bowl filled with fall apples complete the look.  Erinn’s Tip: “When decorating for Thanksgiving guests, don’t stop at setting the table. The buffet, side tables and coffee table will benefit from a few fall touches as well. Bring in large branches of fall foliage and place in a tall vase for a seasonal decoration that is chic and free the best of both worlds. 

Modern Dining Rooms Ideas 2011 Designers By ” HGTV “

Symmetrical design and elegant lines convey formality in this modern dining room. Photo by Mayer Bowden Photography.

Stone and columns dress up this simple square dining room. The contemporary furniture and lighting are in hues of orange and red, making the space seem decadent and inviting. Bon appetit!

This room is set apart by its bold artwork and colorfully vibrant floral. These bright colors are able to pop with the backdrop of cool white chairs and ebony furnishings and flooring. The lighting is also light and fresh with oversized shades and a mod, urban look.Design Tip: The Wow factor in this room is not just from the artwork and flowers, but also the important contrast in dark-white colors on the chairs, walls and baseboards.

The spiral chandelier echoes the round shape of the dining table in this dining room. Decorative elements like the glass sculptures and the round plant pots also contain round shapes. Repetition is a way to create a unified space.

The dark wooden dining room set instantly attracts the eye, and the metallic light fixture adds a modern touch while the beautiful pebbles inserted below the table’s glass top bring the outdoors in.

The dining room reveals the continuation of the quality details like the chandelier featured in this shot. Balancing the size of the dining set and the pattern of the wallpaper in the dining area achieves a look of unexpected grandness.

Our goal for this project was to transform a cold yet architecturally significant space into a warm, inviting home featuring artistic, high-end furniture, rugs and lighting. All pieces were to be authentic, unique and interesting, yet very comfortable.

This large round dining table is ideal for a dinner party or gathering. The Tortuga Dining Table was custom designed by SPI with a CaesarStone top and an ebonized wood base.

An elegant dining room with modern, sparkling accents is glamorous with its waterfall-inspired beaded chandelier