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Easy 2011 Halloween Door Decor Ideas

Easy 2011 ideas for Halloween Door Decor , quick and easy projects to made it by you self,
I hope you like it … Enjoy !!!

Painted Pumpkins with Message 

Your visitors will have no doubt that they’re welcome when they see this vintage wheelbarrow with a welcoming message at the front door. Paint your sentiments on two large pumpkins with black or white paint. Place the pumpkins in the wheelbarrow and surround them with squash, gourds, bittersweet, and autumn leaves.

Silhouette Door Art

Dress up a bare glass door with a spooky silhouette. Tape together multiple sheets of black cardstock or sheets of black crafts foam and you can create a spooky scene big enough to fill the door. Trace your design, cut it out, and adhere it to the door with tape or spray adhesive.

Witch Door Display 

Park your witches’ brooms right next to the front door. Make your own brooms by wrapping twigs and grass around wooden dowels. Then mark your Halloween “parking lot” with a sign made by printing on iron-on transfer paper and ironing the design onto a painted stretched artist’s canvas. Spooky high jinks welcome here!

Fall Harvest Door Display

Orange and bronze mums, pumpkins, gourds, and a bundle of cornstalks from the local garden center can transform an everyday door into an inviting fall display perfect for Halloween. Pull up a straight chair or rocking chair and drape it with a cozy quilt. Add a grapevine wreath and your door is a little bit country—and a whole lot inviting.

Eerie Entry

Since white objects are highlighted at night, a grouping of ghostly door decor made from painted gourds is sure to catch the eye and chill the heart in the dark. Use black paint to create the spirited expressions, and dangle the gourds from dormant vines, porch rafters, or tree branches. Finish off your front-door masterpiece with dried bittersweet and a painted twig wreath.

Frightful Front Door

Set a dark mood by disguising the view inside the front door. Cut black paper to fit the door glass and any side windows, then trace and cut out Halloween shapes. Tape the black paper to the windows and cover the cutouts with yellow tissue paper. Your spooky designs will glow when you turn on the interior lights. Line the path to the door with glowing pumpkins.

Window Halloween Display

Make a spirited first impression by turning a sidelight window into a gruesome message board. Piercing cat eyes and bold lettering send a cautionary note to all who come to your front door. Use black and white papers and green stickers for cat eyes. For the message, print large letters from a computer, trace them onto black paper, and cut out. Tape the letters and eyes to the glass.

Jack-o’-Lantern Door Display

Dress your front door with this smashing Halloween decoration that’s simple to make. Crafted from a halved foam pumpkin, the jack-o’-lantern gets its charming personality when you add painted facial features, silk leaves, and bittersweet. The spooky final touch: an artificial crow on top!

 Doorstep Halloween Urn Display 

Ever wondered what to do with those cute, inexpensive urns from the crafts store? With a simple coat of spray paint they become spooky Halloween decorations. Stuff cotton batting and blocks of crafts foam inside. Stick white branches into the foam as desired. Cut-from-paper black bats, fabric leaves, black webbing, and a few creepy-crawly spider accents complete the look.

Halloween Treats Bucket

No time to man the door this Halloween? Set out a cute bucket at your gate for a grab-and-go way to celebrate the holiday. Spray-paint a bucket black, coating it a few times for full coverage. Paint wood letters with glow-in-the-dark paint to spell “treats” and attach to the bucket. Stick a shepherd’s hook into the ground and hang your full-to-the-brim treat pail from it.

“Beware” Banner 

Offer a warning welcome gate-side with a pretty banner sharing a Halloween phrase. Create a basic triangle template and use it to trim six triangles from outdoor-ready fabric (ours is the type that’s used to cover picnic tables). Back each triangle with black cardstock; trim. Paint wood letters a bright color (glow-in-the-dark paint is a fun option), and adhere to each triangle. Use purple rickrack to create the banner. 
Editor’s Tip: Spray your project with a clear coat of waterproofer or plan to bring it in on damp days.

Halloween-Inspired Paper Lanterns

Infuse plain white lanterns with spooky spirit in minutes. Run lengths of black ribbon along the surface of an open paper lantern (we made one lantern with ribbon and one without). Print basic jack-o’-lantern clip art (a quick online search offers lots of options) onto white paper. Trim and tape to the front of the lantern. Hang it on your porch for a delightful welcome.

Bright Basement Work Space Decorating Ideas

hardworking office and crafts haven with bright colors, DIY touches, and tons of storage.

Sunny Style 

Unlike some basements, this space is blessed with an abundance of sunlight. That makes this spacious corner the perfect space for a home office/crafting studio. The homeowners used countertops and cabinets to create an L-shape configuration that allows multiple workstations.

Savvy Storage

To keep clutter at bay, the homeowner/designer mounted rods on the wall. Now her favorite supplies are out of drawers and off of surfaces yet still within easy reach. Baskets, bins, canisters, and magnetic strips provide perfect homes for ribbons, stamps, paper punches, embellishments, beads, and other art essentials.

Clear Solution 

These canisters are meant for the kitchen, but the homeowner/designer uses them to stash art supplies. Clear storage makes it easy for her to see and grab whatever she needs in an instant.

Light Bright 

The homeowner/designer wanted to take advantage of the sunlight streaming in through the basement windows. But she didn’t want to sacrifice privacy. So she had a plastics store cut these 12-inch panels of plexiglass and drill holes into the top and bottom of each piece. For color and fun, she affixed vellum and scrapbook paper to the back of each piece. Finally, she connected the panels with binder rings to create this completely unique window treatment.

Color Cues

Mixing and matching vibrant color comes naturally to the homeowner/designer. For her work space, she chose a palette designed to inspire creativity. Two bright shades of orange coat the far wall panels, while lime green accentuates the adjacent wall.

Orange Blossom 

Mod, graphic flowers bring the palette to life. The homeowner/designer first hand-drew the floral design on a transparency sheet, then used a projector to enlarge the image onto the wall. She drew the design on the wall in pencil, then covered it in a coat of light orange.

Barstool Style

To dress up plain stools, the homeowner/designer sewed custom skirts. She used fabric that complements her decor, then added ribbons to hold the slipcovers in place.

Cabinet Creativity

These storage units looked awfully plain before the homeowner/designer got her hands on them. First, she and her husband found three unfinished wood cabinets. They added molding to give the pieces architectural interest, then painted them in their favorite orange hues. She used frosted window film to create the diamond designs on the glass cabinet doors. Pretty curtains suspended from tension rods give the cabinets a soft look.

Store More

Picking up on the floral theme from her DIY window treatment, the homeowner/designer used scrapbook papers to perk up plain white magazine files. Now the storage pieces look like they were created just for this space.

It’s A Wrap 

It couldn’t get much simpler. Dowel rods suspended from inexpensive curtain hardware allows easy access to wrapping and crafts papers. She painted the dowels blue to align them with her color palette.

Clean Sweep 

The homeowners chose easy-to-clean vinyl flooring for their work space. It resists scratches and scuffs, and it wipes up in a jiffy if paint happens to spill. The natural, woven-look pattern provides a subtle way to ground the bright wall colors.

Modern living room decorating design ideas 2011

modern living room decorating design ideas is a favorite place to relax and gather with family, modern living room decorating design ideas interesting for those of you who feel at home at home, The modern living room decorating design ideas is the rooms where you spend a majority of the time when entertaining guests, spending time together as a family or just finding a few minutes to relax in the evenings.

Modern living room paint ideas is the first step for the living facility, in this article. we will give you some ideas on painting the modern living room paint ideas. For modern living room paint ideas your living room, you should choose a room color scheme (Living Room photo) and paint colors for walls, doors, trims, accessories and accents.

I have post a lot of living room design ideas in my blog! Include of classic, modern, luxurious and contemporary based on the category of the year. But today I will suggest 16 picture of living room design that I think can be best modern living room design ideas in 2011 even from interior , decoration , coloring, and furniture set. I wish these ideas can be new living room solution for you in 2011.

Decorate Your Porch With Rustic Fall Style 2013 Ideas

Natural materials and found items make inviting fall decorations for your favorite outdoor room
Fall is here, and with it a new season of activity as a prelude to the holidays. If you can find a free afternoon, spend just a few hours sprucing up your porch or patio with seasonal spirit before your trick-or-treaters arrive.
General Fall Porch Style 
Natural textures layered next to found items can create a cozy outdoor seat for watching the leaves change. Using a hay bale as a temporary coffee table is an inexpensive and functional way to cozy up your outdoor space. Try using a small tray or basket as a sturdy, flat surface to hold a beverage or book.
Here, a rustic chair doubles as a side table for a vintage cola crate holding pink mums.
Make over tin cans with paint and fill them with your favorite seasonal flowers. A generous neighbor let me pick these from her garden.
Use your arrangement to freshen up any space, from an entry to a tabletop.
A wood crate provides extra display space and storage. A stack of old paperbacks bolsters some mini pumpkins. Lavender sprigs in a vintage milk jug add both a pleasant aroma and height to a wooden-crate-turned-side-table.
Simple Burlap Pillow Cover 
Burlap or linen sacks make for an easy pillow cover during the holidays. This small burlap sack was one of those “I’ll find something to with this one day” items that found a new (and temporary) purpose as our porch swing cushion. If you don’t have one, you can just cut some burlap to length and sew one up.
Stuff your pillow into the sack and tuck leftover fabric into the open end, hiding the pillow inside.
Wrap a ribbon around the sack and tie it. Of course, if you are using an indoor pillow as the filler, bring your pillow inside if the weather gets too damp.

Laundry Room Pictures : HGTV Smart Home 2013

About the Laundry Room: 
The home’s secondary entrance opens into a laundry and storage space, where towels, swimsuits and soiled clothing can be stripped and beach gear stowed before one advances into the home’s formal spaces. Both hard working and stylish, the room hints at the home’s overall color palette and design aesthetic. “I just wanted it to be happy and pretty,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum, cognizant of the view into the laundry room from adjoining spaces. “The laundry room is going to be the primary entrance for whoever lives at HGTV Smart Home and it’s important that you see something attractive when you first walk in.”

Designed to keep sand and soil outside, a secondary entrance located conveniently adjacent to the driveway and garage opens into a laundry room, where one can clean up after a day at the beach.

Hard working yet stylish, the laundry room makes a designer statement. Vibrant green walls connect to lush side yard views and a Jacksonville Beach, Fla., street light banner doubles as artwork.

Energy efficient appliances are tucked conveniently under counter; the muted titanium finish lends a modern sensibility.

A series of black-and-white photos, captured by photographer Eric Perry, features local Jacksonville Beach surfers.

A pocket door opens to reveal an adjoining pantry/closet, which offers space to store beach gear and accessories, plus cleaning supplies and dry goods.

Both stylish and functional, polished quartz countertops offer ample space to fold laundry.

A window bench offers a cozy spot to stop and kick off flip flops and stow them in hand molded rattan baskets before entering the kitchen. A garden stool may double as a laptop computer stand.