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2013 DIY Bedroom Update from BHG

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Fun projects and fresh color transformed this once uninspired bedroom, all on a budget of $350.

Color, pattern, and plenty of DIY savvy collide to create a dynamic bedroom full of style and comfort.
Toned down walls in a more pallet friendly hue of muted honeydew read as a neutral next to the bright peacock, apple green, and raspberry colors.
DIY Headboard 
On first glance, you wouldn’t know that this headboard started as a simple piece of plywood. Picture frames, decorative molding, metal sheeting, and paint collaborate with the humble material to create a stunning focal point.
To re-create the look, cut a piece of plywood to desired size. Paint the plywood and picture frames one color and the molding and metal sheeting another.
Cut the metal sheeting to fit inside the picture frames. Nail or glue the sheeting into the frame. Attach the frames to the plywood and attach the crown molding to the top. Secure the headboard to the wall.
Decorative sheet metal, matching the headboard insets, wraps around basic wall sconces for a custom look at a bargain price.
While wall mounted nighstands are available, these clever bedside tables are actually storage cubes topped with decorative mirrors and mounted to the wall.
Framed mirrors give the storage cubes a finished look, and the reflective surface adds sparkle.
Custom Curtains 
Square frames cut from fabric update white curtain panels. To customize your panels, select two fabrics and cut enough square frames to run the length of the curtain. Starting with the middle column (here, the blue fabric squares), affix fabric frames to the curtain panel with iron on adhesive.
Next, adhere the outer columns (here, the pink fabric) to the curtain, overlapping the middle squares. Be sure to measure before you start to figure out your spacing, and measure as you add new squares to ensure everything remains even.
The same iron on technique as the curtains was used to jazz up simple pillowcases. Use the same fabric from the curtains to write out words or add geometric motifs to solid-color pillowcases.
Canvases & Cupcakes 
Oftentimes, basic household items are fodder for custom artwork. Look to your kitchen, utility room, or garage for inspiration. These clever canvases were made from stretched canvases, cupcake liners, and watercolor paints.

Candice Olson’s Kitchen Design Ideas 2011

Create your own divine kitchen with Candice Olson’s top 10 kitchen design and decorating tips

Open Up Your Space

Knock out a wall to add space to your kitchen. This kitchen seamlessly integrates with the dining area, using a buffet island to separate the two.

The Necessary Island

If your kitchen is all about family, invest in an island. This long island features a stunning white quartz countertop, white and chrome bar chairs, and a dark wood base to match the mahogany floor.

Durable Solutions

Design your dream kitchen for durability. Three kinds of porcelain tile and carefully planned cabinet storage make this kitchen a stylish workhorse.

Update Cabinets

On a budget? Refinish existing cabinetry. These former maple cabinets look custom with their new finish and same-color painted bulkhead.

Love Your Kitchen

Design your kitchen to cater to what you love. This baker’s dream kitchen includes a peninsula for entertaining, a lounge area and comfortable flooring.

Use a Similar Color

Integrate family rooms into the kitchen through color. Dark, espresso-toned cabinets coordinate well with this space’s black sofa and warm khaki walls.

Find Inspiration in Your Favorites

Bring the charm of your favorite place to the kitchen. Displaced after Hurricane Katrina, this couple now live in a Big Easy kitchen with French-style accessories.

Unique Flooring

Make a statement with your kitchen flooring. Stripes of light and dark concrete-like material add an unexpected touch to this contemporary kitchen.

Creative Backsplashes
Backsplashes add character to the kitchen. This tin-tile backsplash was painted cream for an antique effect.

Mix It Up

Two-toned kitchens are more interesting than one-toned. A marble island, different cabinet finishes and Art Deco tile make this Candice’s favorite Divine Design kitchen makeover

2013 Easy Fall Decorating Projects Ideas from BHG

Get inspired by this Easy 2013 Fall Decorating Projects Ideas .These decorating ideas include several no-hassle projects that are full of autumnal textures and colors.
I hope that you will like and find it useful for you … Enjoy it !!
Embrace the bounty of beautiful fall colors with a seasonal tablescape. The star of this table is a stunning arrangement of late-blooming flowers mixed with bold red-orange leaves. Small gourds and pumpkins are also randomly placed around the table, creating a laid-back vibe perfect for fall entertaining.
Display freshly fallen leaves. Position single leaves, either pressed or fresh, in small glass vases, and place them on various surfaces around the house. (We used old lab beakers look for them at antiques stores.) The best thing about this sweet and simple display is that when the leaves start to crumble and brown, you can easily replace them.
 DIY Tip: To press leaves, place them between layers of newspaper and under a heavy stack of books. Let the leaves dry for a couple of days. Then, to enhance their color, iron the leaves between pieces of waxed paper, using a pressing cloth to keep wax off the iron. Pressed leaves also can be purchased at local crafts stores.
Candles are the perfect way to create a soft glow that warms up a cool autumn evening. Hot-glue Indian corn to the outside of a pillar candle for a colorful accent. As you burn the candle, make sure the flame doesn’t get too close to the corn.
Artfully arrange fall items on a bookshelf or in an open cabinet. Put platters on their sides, fill vases with colorful flowers, and pile bowls with mini gourds to create a diverse display. Try heaping small items, such as acorns, bright berries, and sweet gum seedpods, into glass bowls. Adhere a dried fern frond to a platter with spray adhesive to embellish a simple plate.
Dress up your furniture with cozy items in seasonal colors. Here, a wicker chair is draped with a warm orange throw, and a maple leaf pillow sits comfortably on top. Perk up a plain pillow by enlarging a leaf using a copier to make a pattern. Cut the pattern out of wool felt and attach it to the pillow cover using iron-on fusible backing. Blanket-stitch around the edges.
Fresh apples are a stylish and seasonal way to anchor tablecloths and napkins. Simply use an awl to pierce a channel through two apples, and thread twine through the bottom of one and the top of the other. Leave enough twine to hang over the edge of the table 6-8 inches. Tie a twig at each end to keep the apples from sliding off.
Greet your guests with a “welcome” pumpkin. Use paint to write your message on a pumpkin, and set it near the entrance to your home.
Take a display of mini pumpkin gourds to the next level by adding height. Bowls, cake plates, and candlesticks are perfect for creating an interesting display. Paint the pumpkins metallic silver for a dramatic effect.
Easily transform an ordinary table runner into playful fall decor using nothing more than felt and hot glue. Purchase felt in autumn-inspired colors from your local crafts store. Trace different sizes of leaves and twigs onto the felt, cut them out, and place the pieces in a pleasing pattern onto the table runner. Adhere the twigs onto the surface first using a hot glue gun to ensure correct placement of the leaves. Then glue down each leaf onto the top of one of the tiny twigs. The result is a festive table runner perfectly suited to fall entertaining.
Even the simplest of objects, when displayed on a larger scale, can have a stunning affect. Here, a tall cylindrical vase is filled to the top with basic white pumpkins and is perched atop a dining room buffet for an eye-catching display.
Bring a touch of the great outdoors inside with this adorable acorn pillow. Simply purchase a solid-color pillow in the fabric and color of your choice and a large acorn iron-on. Place the acorn in the center of the pillow, follow the directions included with the iron on transfer, and you have a festive and fun throw pillow that blends perfectly with other fall decor.
Festive tablescapes set the scene for fall entertaining. Give your typical tableaux a twist by incorporating a non-fall color. Here, the bright sky blue plate breaks up the rich reds and vibrant oranges typically used in fall decorating. Try pairing plum or bordeaux hues with golden yellows or sage or olive greens with chocolate browns.
Transform your everyday bookshelf into an autumnal display with a few simple tweaks. First, to create a consistent and graphic look, cover books with festive paper we love these tree and floral-inspired prints. Then incorporate natural elements and accessories in fall hues.
To create a simple and sweet fall centerpiece, look no further than your own backyard. To re-create this look, simply gather fallen twigs or snip a few off of a nearby tree and place them in an oversize wire basket. Amp up the arrangement by incorporating a few store bought branches decked out in faux fall berries. A large basket of apples and a random variety of gourds add texture and rich autumnal colors.

2011 Ideas for Small Spaces Decorating

learn how to make the most of your small-space situation with these creative design ideas.

Curtain Divider

A simple, sheer curtain is a great way to easily divide two spaces. Designer Vanessa DeLeon incorporated a sheer, silk curtain panel into this Asian-style apartment to add a dramatic element and visually separate the living room from the dining room. 


Well-Worked Window Treatments

To make a small living room appear more spacious, add floor-to-ceiling window treatments. This eclectic living room features extra-high ceilings, despite its small floor plan. This simple addition will automatically draw eyes up the wall for a much larger feel. Design by Lori Dennis

Clever Kitchen Storage

While regular kitchen cupboards serve a useful purpose, there’s something eye-catching and appealing about these open (and organized) storage shelves. Designer John Gidding wanted to separate the kitchen from the dining area but still keep the entire space open and airy. By adding the small wall divider, he was able to turn a small kitchen into two separate rooms. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling shelves are the perfect place to store and display favorite items and pretty glassware.

Bathroon Storage

Narrow wall shelves are an excellent way to store bathroom essentials in a stylish way. Invest in attractive canisters to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls and your favorite lotion, and place unsightly toiletries under the vanity. Small wicker baskets can also be placed on the shelves for additional, hidden storage. Design by John Gidding

Multipurpose Space

Sometimes, a multipurpose space is unavoidable, and your home office and guest bedroom must inhabit the same space. To make the best of this situation, use the surrounding walls to your advantage. Designer John Gidding created a simple desk unit and added a collection of shelves above for necessary storage. Connected to the desk, a stylishly concealed Murphy bed can easily pull out for those occasional guests. During the day, store the bed for a creative and spacious workspace. 

Keep It Light

To make your space appear larger, avoid using dark hues. This eclectic living room features a gray focal wall for a punch of color but keeps the rest of the space light and open with crisp, white furniture and white built-in units.

Beneath the Stairs

Any space can be enhanced with additional (and stylish) storage solutions. Designer John Gidding added a shelving unit directly below the stairs to take advantage of the awkward, extra space. Located adjacent to the kitchen, he turned the unit into a mini bar, storing bar essentials and other accessories. These shelves would also be an ideal place to display an abundant book collection.

Get Creative

Whether you have small children and a lot of toys or just need extra shelves to store books and display items, creatively use the extra space between two floor levels for a unique shelving unit. With six separate shelves and floor space below, designer John Gidding provided the perfect place for visual storage. These small canvas bins are great for keeping toys stored away and out of sight.

Add a Mirror

One of the best (and easiest) tricks in the design world is adding a full-body mirror to visually expand a space. Surrounded by neutral draperies, this tall mirror adds dimension to the space and makes the small bedroom appear much larger. Close the curtains and hide the mirror for a more intimate and enclosed space.

2013 Neutral Living Room Decorating Ideas from BHG

Cherished for its timeless livability, neutral wears well with everything, which is why a neutral living room is so appealing. From linen to taupe, dove gray to charcoal, neutral clad living rooms are warm, welcoming, and classic. Browse our photos of neutral living rooms for inspiring ways to blend style and sophistication in your home. Whether your style is classic, transitional, or modern, a neutral backdrop allows the perfect setup for upbeat colors and playful patterns without overwhelming the space. If you love the look of a bold accent wall or the pop of colorful pillows, our neutral living room ideas will help you discover new, powerful ways to punch up plain hues. In a neutral living room, center conversation on an eye-catching area rug with a chevron, striped, or geometric pattern and painted storage pieces. Anchor your living room with a pair of patterned armchairs to add contrast to a neutral color scheme. Create depth in a neutral living room by pairing white walls with dark furnishings. Install beaded board and millwork to instantly revive a bland ceiling and bare walls.
Get inspired by this ideas . I hope that you will find it useful for you … Enjoy it !!

A cozy arrangement of comfortable upholstered pieces encourages gathering for good company in this living room. When it’s movie time, built in cabinetry next to the fireplace reveals a pop up TV.
A modern coffee table and chair slipcovered in lime velvet give this formal living room a youthful energy, while yards of neutral-color fabric subtly soften the large windows.
With no architectural features such as a fireplace or built ins as a natural focal point, furniture and artwork create the missing element.
The matching cabinets add height to the boxy room, and the mirrored doors reflect light and space.
Inspired by a family painting showcased over the fireplace, this family room features upholstery in simple neutrals with staying power, while pillows and accessories splash color from the artwork around the room. The casual, relaxed setting fits a young, active family.
While a crisp black and white palette grounds this family room in sophistication, fearless sprinkles of lime green (prompted by painting the back of the built in bookshelves) make the gathering spot fun and inviting. Plump khaki brown armchairs invite comfortable lounging, while traditional details like the fireplace surround and damask print curtains give the room an elegant edge, which creates a space that is designed for both casual and formal gatherings.
Oversize plush chairs resting in a palette of warm wood tones creates this cozy, masculine sitting room that harkens relaxation.
Repeating similar elements at different places throughout a room brings visual unison. In this attractive living room, the prominent weathered wood mirror on the mantel links to a worn coffee table, while woven baskets reflect the sisal floorcovering. Gray built-ins and aubergine-meets-brown chairs add a bit of color to the neutral space.
Arrangement of the sofa and area rug give this seating area its own identity from the kitchen, while a neutral palette across the spaces embraces the open floor plan. Dusty plum pillows and a furry gray pouf give the neutral room a sense of dimension.
Bold red accents add depth and character to the neutral walls and furniture in this living room. A variety of patterns and textures blends effortlessly throughout the space since each piece features the same red hue.
This renovated basement makes excellent use of previously unused living space. Two walls covered with stone add natural texture and hint at the underground location of the room.
Other walls were left white to prevent the space from looking cavelike and cramped.
Neutral furniture also helps keep the space feeling open and inviting.
An open floor plan paves the way for family gatherings in this spacious living area. Creamy whites and natural wood tones unite the living room and adjoining kitchen.
Minimal accessories ensure the space doesnat look cluttered and cramped.