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Candle Designs Ideas 2011

Adding a cool candle design to a room is a great way to add style while staying on a budget. Check out these photos to get ideas for your own home.

Modern Candle Lanterns

Designer Erinn Valencich placed these chic candle lanterns on either side of a miniature flower arrangement to give this living room a modern look.

Halloween Candle Lanterns

Show some Halloween spirit by adding pumpkins and candy corn to candle lanterns. This is a hassle-free way to decorate the outside of your home.

Group of Three

 Group together three oversized candles to create a budget-friendly centerpiece in a living room.

Chic and Budget-Friendly

You can add chic style to any room while saving some bucks, like with these unique candleholders

Silver Beauty

A line of silver candleholders goes with any style and color room.

curtains design ideas 2011

The curtains are one of the most effective home décor elements that are capable of bringing in a drastic change in the ambience of a house. There are many varied styles of curtain designs now available in the market. curtains are also good selections to decorate the interiors in alliance with the bright exterior.

Kitchen curtains design 2011

Bedroom curtain design ideas 2011

windows curtains ideas 2011

Living room curtains ideas 2011

Modern curtains design 2011 for windows

Kitchen Pictures : HGTV Dream Home 2013

A sleek and sophisticated Zen style kitchen is designed to place focus on meal prep and beautiful marsh views.

 About the Kitchen

Interior designer Linda Woodrum’s approach to the kitchen was pretty straightforward: “Keep it crisp, clean and simple,” she says. “You want to get in there and cook.” The Zen design places focus on quality materials, including pure natural quartz countertops and sandblasted oak cabinetry. Major appliances are concealed behind cabinetry, and glass panels installed over white walls replace a traditional tile-clad backsplash.

2013 Luxury Modern Windows Curtains Design Collection

Curtains can be a great way to change the look of your interiors, while also helping to filter natural light into your room. If you’re considering new window treatments and feel that curtains would be the best fit, brush up on the different types, styles and size requirements to ensure you make the correct purchase.

In terms of window treatments, curtains offer a great marriage of style and function. If you’re looking to control the amount of light in your space as well as add decorative appeal, new drapes may do just the trick. They absorb sound to create a quieter room, and are ideal for glass doors, and large adjoining windows.

This Red Eclectic Trail Curtain Collection features a modern applique floral design over a luxurious faux silk background. This collection is the perfect way to add subtle colour and personality to your home and is perfect for an instant style update.

Willow Sienna is a curtain collection that features a beautiful embroidered flowers and leaves pattern. The curtains have co – ordinating tiebacks and cushions available to complete the attractive look.

This Green Scattered Flower Eyelet Curtain collection is in a soft Green shade with a silk band of Cream and scattered flowers at the top. The eyelets are finished in stainless steel with the back of the Curtains hemmed. Eyelet Curtains can only be hung from a Curtains pole.

This Pink Botanical Curtain Collection features an elegant embroidered floral panel with complementing pintuck pleats. This stylish collection is made from a faux silk fabric that is perfect for adding a chic luxurious finish and will make any room look stunning.

Green Boulevard is a curtain collection that features a beautiful stripe pattern. The curtains have co – ordinating tiebacks and cushions available to complete the attractive look.

This Wine Savoy Curtains Collection is the perfect way to add that dramatic effect to your room. This Collection features luxurious velevet and faux silk fabric with the top border featureing a comtempory damask flocked design finished off with diamante detailing to complete the overall look.

This Red Retro Poppy Curtain Collection features a bold contemporary printed poppy design, in a bright Red colouring. This collection is perfect for adding colour, personality and style to your home and will look perfect with traditional or modern decors.

This Wine Lalique Curtain Collection features a repeated bold tulip design using elegant embroidery and appliqué in luxurious velvet. This stylish collection is a perfect way to add colour and individuality to your room whilst complementing either a traditional or modern decor.

This Waters and Noble Aubergine Opal Curtain Collection is the perfect way to add a splash of rich color to any room. These beautiful curtains complete with other products in the range, create an air of elegance to compliment both modern and traditional decors.

This Natural Luna Curtain Collection are perfect for adding unique style to any room. This collection features a striking design of textured chenille circles using complementing shades of Creams and Browns. This collection is a perfect way to add color and personality to your room and will complement a more modern decor.

Budget Decorating Update 2014 Ideas

Refresh your home decor for less with these budget decorating ideas from designers, bloggers, and our editors.

You’ll love these ideas to try in 2014! 
I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you …… Enjoy it !!

Look for the potential of secondhand artwork. A fabulous frame can be liberated from the ugly picture it houses, and an ugly frame can be painted.

Mirrors work wonders in any room. Have one cut to fit a tabletop or an extra large picture frame (which usually costs less than buying a big mirror).

I always say pillows make the room! Buy 1 yard of a great fabric, and take it to a dry cleaner who offers alterations. He can sew a simple pillow for you cheap.

Decorating with nature is free and fun. Cut an interesting branch from your yard and put it in a vase, or gather stones and display them in a tray.

Spending a little more for a sofa or chair is actually budget smart if it meets these criteria: a timeless neutral color, clean lines, and the right scale for the room.

It’s easier to go bold with color on a piece of furniture than on walls. Pick a color you love, and paint that dresser.

Make your own one of a kind lamps. A simple kit costs about $10. Almost anything you can drill a hole through can be a lamp base. I’ve used ceramic vases, banister rungs, carved wood, and wire baskets.

For a custom look and an unexpected jolt of color, spray-paint the undersides of glass shelves a bright hue.

The best place to look for quality furniture on a budget is consignment or thrift stores. If the bones are good, you can always update with paint or fabric.

Cover walls with secondhand mirrors, baskets, large clocks, and other items that add dimension.

Break up your bedroom set. Bring a bedside table into the living room; use a dresser as a dining room buffet.

I love to pick up inexpensive drawings from street artists while I’m on vacation. It’s nice to have artwork that means something to you personally.