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2014 Comfort Breakfast Nook Decorating Ideas

Large or small, breakfast nooks are a perfect way to make the most of extra space in or near your kitchen. You’ll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .. Engoy it !!!

Consider borrowing square footage from spaces adjacent to your kitchen to create a new breakfast nook. A separate eating area gives diners a place to sit out of the cook’s way.
Minimal window coverings keep this breakfast nook bright and sunny. Soft yellow cushions, pillows, and painted chairs add to the room’s happy feel.
Mismatched chairs and table are unified with a coat of white paint and slipcovers sewn from dropcloths. The bench is a repurposed bifold door, painted in a crisp blue. Accessories complete this kitchen’s cozy nook.
A modern table and chairs set, pendant lighting, and wall decor put a stylish spin on a traditional breakfast nook. Keeping the walls white in both this space and the kitchen creates a cohesive look and ties the rooms together.
Natural light highlights the details in this breakfast nook. White walls and window details provide a beautiful backdrop for the dark table and chairs. Green seat cushions add a pop of color to the mostly neutral color scheme.
Like many others, this nook takes advantage of windows that provide natural light and great views. Low, comfortable benches keep the nook casual and comfortable.
The little details of this breakfast nook tie the room together. The patterns on the seat cushions and rug add style to the room. The black pendant light and white table and chairs provide contrast to the nook. These simple details complement each other and create a cohesive look. A nearby china hutch stores overflow from the kitchen, such as infrequently used linens and dishes.
Bay windows are a perfect spot for a breakfast nook, especially when the space sports curved walls like this cottage nook. A built-in bench hugs the curves of the window to provide extra seating. In an oversize space like this one, consider a table with leaves, which gives you the flexibility to adjust your dining accommodations based on your seating needs.
When creating a unique and fresh dining space, keep in mind that things don’t need to match perfectly. This nook mixes a Victorian table with modern chairs a look that’s just the right blend of traditional and contemporary.
At one end of the kitchen is a breakfast area, where the family enjoys most meals. Upholstered chairs rest on legs in the same dark-stained wood as the table and curtain rod. Fabric shades on the chandelier repeat the yellow that appears on curtain and chair fabrics.
Breakfast nooks result from the practical transformation of small, seemingly useless spaces. Previously an awkward corner, this space is now a convenient and purposeful area. Not just a place to sit down and grab a bite, the nook also boosts storage with shelves above and drawers below.
It’s easy to turn a window seat into a breakfast nook just add a table! While the chairs are optional, they come in handy when guests arrive. Corbels on both sides of the window turn this space into a quaint alcove. A chandelier adds the perfect touch of shabby chic elegance.
Attention to detail allows a breakfast nook to fuse seamlessly with the design of the rest of the kitchen and the home. Subtle elements in this space, such as the lantern light fixture and the bowlike bench design, connect with the home’s maritime theme.
A splash of cool colors and the addition of furniture turned a butler’s pantry into this vibrant breakfast nook. The table and banquette bench were custom-built to match the homeowners’ kitchen chairs. The room’s accessories spoons, pitchers, and plates add cottage touches.
A breakfast nook provides an easy opportunity to recycle and reuse. Repaint a table from your basement, add some extra throw pillows from a guest bedroom, and you’ve got the key elements of a new nook.
To unite your kitchen with an adjacent dining nook, use similar decor elements in both spaces, but also consider treatments to make each space unique. Here, the blue from the island is repeated on the cushions on the nook bench, and the dining chairs are the same style as the barstools. The beaded board of this nook runs up the wall, distinguishing the area from the rest of the kitchen.

2013 Home Office Storage Ideas

Classic Solution
Put an awkward corner to use and add in office functionality with a classic secretary. Although the design is antique, a piece like this one has modern appeal. The pullout desk easily accommodates a laptop, and the shelves above the desk, as well as the drawers below it, can be fitted with baskets and boxes for filing paperwork and organizing supplies.
Tucked-In Storage
Add storage to a minimal, no-frills desk with a small shelf or table tucked underneath. Look for a unit on casters so you can easily slide it out and use the top as an extra work surface.
Two for One
Line a wall with two identical tables for a chic symmetrical look. This work space, stationed in a living room, can be cleared of office supplies and double as a buffet or bar for hosting parties.
Cozy Work Space
Turn an awkward closet into an office with a few quick changes. Remove the closet doors and paint (or wallpaper) the interior. Hang shelves along the wall and tuck in a desk for a quick-fix office that packs efficient function into a small sliver of space.
Build a Desk
For a simple, do-it-yourself desk, employ sturdy file cabinets as a base and a large desktop, or painted panel, as the work surface. Position the desktop on the file cabinets and screw into place.
Around the Corner
Capitalize on a corner office space by extending upper cabinetry into an L shape rather than just straight across the back of the desk. Use this newfound storage space for display or for office necessities, such as files and desk supplies.
On a Curve
A curved desk such as this one provides a work surface on both sides of a computer while leaving plenty of space for stationing storage trays and baskets. Use large boxes to tuck supplies under the desk for a quick storage fix.
Office Alcove
An underused alcove was given new life as an office and storage station. A basic desktop was upgraded with a pretty skirt to conceal storage beneath. Shelves were mounted high along the wall to create more head space above the desk. Higher shelves such as these are ideal for storing infrequently used items. When needed, they are easy to locate but are kept out of the way to make room for things used on a regular basis.
Living Room Office
Inconspicuously add an office to a living area with a few simple tricks. Incorporate as much concealed storage as possible, such as these clean-front cabinets, which add office functionality without distracting from the rest of the room. Take steps to add in elements to tie the space to the rest of the room. A bamboo chair and burlap-covered bulletin board harmonize with the living room’s natural look.
Perfect for Paperwork
If you need a lot of space for paperwork, consider this setup. Nix the office chairs and basic desk, and replace with plush armchairs and a handsome round table, perfect for spreading out all your materials. Position a bookcase nearby to organize files and archived paperwork.

Grommet Top Curtains Designs Ideas 2012 Pictures

For someone with a modest amount of sewing skills, unlined Grommet Top Curtains are fairly simple to make.
Here are some ideas to be inspiring you to make your own curtain ,
I hope you like it , enjoy !!

Gazebo Grommet Top Panel
Made from 100% spun polyester, our indoor/outdoor grommet panels are available in two terrific neutrals to soften your outdoor spaces, block sunlight and provide privacy. For a total custom look, use with our Escape sheers (sold separately)!

Portico Pleat Grommet Top Panel
Dramatic horizontal pleats created from contrasting yet complementary fabric at the top of each panel set these window treatments apart. Textured semi-sheer material will softly filter the light at your windows. Hang on a decorative rod through the 2-1/2″ metal grommets.

Escape Sheer Grommet Top Panel
Featuring 2-1/2″ rust-resistant stainless steel grommets, our sheers are made of water repellant, mildew- and fade-resistant easy care spun polyester. Add our Gazebo indoor/outdoor panels for a decorator look.

Pepperell Textured Grommet Top Valance
Slubbed horizontal stripes on mid-weight fabric bring texture and modern style to these window treatments.

Pepperell Textured Grommet Top Curtains
Slubbed horizontal stripes on mid-weight fabric bring texture and modern style to these window treatments.

Hawthorne Grommet Top Curtains
Ribbed horizontal stripes in deep rich tones will handsomely decorate your view.

Hawthorne Grommet Top Valance
Ribbed horizontal stripes in deep rich tones will handsomely decorate

Fresh Christmas Colors Ideas from HGTV

Try something new this season! Decorate your home with haute holiday hues that are anything but conventional.

 By : Brian Patrick Flynn

Kelly Green + Baby Blue + White 
While kelly green is often paired with red for holiday flair, it works surprisingly well in a seasonal sense when paired with baby blue and white. The key to successfully using this color combination is the proper balance of white. With a strong white backdrop, such as a white tree or tablecloth, the color scheme often seen on beach blankets and sailboats can take on a wintry appearance.

Green + Brown 
Colors seen together in nature always work well in decorating, so don’t be afraid to take a cue from Mother Nature. This is especially true when pairing brown and green, two of the most-popular earth tones used in home decor. For sophisticated simplicity, try decorating a green tree using only brown ornaments. Consider using several different shades of green for a layered, multi-toned look when decorating walls and hallways.

Violet + Brown + Bronze + White 
Make it masculine! A color combination of violet, brown, bronze and white is a great way to add manly appeal to your home this holiday season. For proper balance, stick with brown and bronze as the dominant colors, with sprinkles of violet for accent, and set it all against a white tree.

White + Brown 
White and brown is simple, elegant and gender neutral. This combination is also incredibly versatile; add a few accents of blue or red to make it masculine, or add pink for a feminine touch.

Hot Pink + Lime Green + White + Red 
During the past few years, hot pink has become a haute hue for modernist holiday decor and is often paired with silver or gold. To add a little more Yuletide pop, pair hot pink with lime green, red and white.

Turquoise + White + Parchment 
Beige as an accent color? Yep! While turquoise is often paired with jewel tones and metallics in holiday decor, pairing the jewel tone with a muted, neutral tone such as parchment is much less expected. 
This is an excellent way for colorphobes to introduce more saturated hues into their holiday decor without being overwhelmed.
White + Gold 
Since the days when frankincense and myrrh were acceptable holiday gifts, gold has been commonly paired with silver and/or violet. To put a contemporary spin on this classic color, consider pairing gold with white. The juxtaposition of gold’s warm undertones and white’s coolness strikes the perfect balance.
Bubblegum Pink + Purple 
Bubblegum can be used for something other than a dentist’s worst nightmare of a stocking stuffer. 
Lovers of retro and kitsch can put a regal spin on the nostalgic 1950s tone by using bubblegum pink as the dominant color toned down with the dark richness of purple.
Robin’s-Egg Blue + Red + White 
Midcentury modernists can add vintage flair this holiday season with a color scheme of robin’s-egg blue, red and white. In the 1950s, decorators paired robin’s-egg blue with olive green and/or red orange. 
By pairing the hue with red and white, the beloved color takes on an entirely new identity as a contemporary holiday classic.
Teal + Red + White 
Thanks in part to candy canes and Kriss Kringle’s wardrobe, red and white is one of the most iconic holiday color combinations; depending on how you pair it, though, the classic combo can be totally fresh and fun. Consider using teal as your dominant color this holiday season, with traces of red and white as accents.
Parchment + White 
Neutrals are a safe bet in interior design, and they can work just as well for holiday decorating. 
For understated elegance, consider pairing white with parchment. 
This less is more approach is timeless and easily adaptable.
Parchment + White 
Design tip: For greater dimension, throw a metallic into the mix whether it’s silver, gold or bronze. 
The introduction of the metallic will help break up the tone on tone appeal and add layered depth to the overall color scheme.

New IKEA Bedroom Design Ideas : Catalog 2013

IKEA Modern Bedroom Decorating Design Ideas 2013 , Here is a collection of designs Bedroom from IKEA   2013 catalog , IKEA Bedroom is to look modern and stylish. Many people are using the IKEA  Bedroom design, because the design is simple, easy in maintenance and certainly do not need to pay that much. Some people say this Bedroom design is perfect and has its own characteristics compared with other designs.

You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing  Bedroom , I hope you like it . Enjoy !