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2013 Stylish And Feminine Living Rooms Decorating Ideas

A living room is an important space to enjoy your guests’ company and have a good time but if you’ve decided to make a feminine interior, you’ll need to add some accents and features. Pastel colors and pink are beyond competition, don’t hesitate to use them for wallpapers, curtains, furniture and accessories – these colors are top feminine ones! Natural plants and flowers are great for décor of any space because they enliven it very well. Beautiful fireplaces, delicate coffee tables, exquisite portieres and pretty cushions – choose any accessories and colors you like and be maximum exquisite in design! Look for some more examples below.

Thanksgiving Table Settings Decoration 2012 Ideas from HGTV

Whether your taste in tablescapes is subdued or sumptuous, get ready to give thanks in style. Browse photos of beautiful Thanksgiving table settings, centerpieces and accessories for ideas and inspiration.

By : Shannon Petrie

Natural Elements

Look to nature for easy, elegant ways to embellish your Thanksgiving table. Rate My Space user chasingpaige brought the beautiful colors of fall to her table by incorporating gourds and pumpkins into her centerpiece and topping each place setting with a pear.

Personalized Pumpkins

Small details can make a big impact on your Thanksgiving table. Try tying handmade place cards to mini pumpkins for a personal touch that will make guests feel special. Design by Holly Mathis.

Fall Florals

Create a floral centerpiece fit for Thanksgiving by adding berries or mini pumpkins to an arrangement of red, orange and yellow flowers. Rate My Space user patrick paired this warm floral centerpiece with ice-blue place mats for a striking contrast.

Appealing Palette

Choosing a color scheme is a great starting point for setting your Thanksgiving table. Rate My Space user nyclq opted for chocolate brown contrasted with crisp white — a perfect palette for fall that also complements her dining room’s decor.

Candleholder Conversion

Try using items you already own in a creative and unexpected way when designing your Thanksgiving tablescape. Rate My Space user Baubles found that candleholders also make great pedestals for mini pumpkins.

Less Is More

A Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be over the top to be beautiful. Rate My Space user luvmynugz paired a few subtle fall elements with neutral-colored dinnerware for a look that’s understated yet elegant.

Adaptable Dinnerware

Investing in a versatile set of china makes setting your table for the holidays a cinch. Rate My Space user eriedecor uses china embellished with fruit and acorns from November to January, changing the accessories and color scheme for each holiday. Chocolate brown and khaki are her hues of choice for fall.

The Look for Less

If you want to create an elaborate Thanksgiving tablescape on a budget, scour stores for marked-down or slightly damaged items. Rate My Space user and smart shopper Tamgypsy got a turkey centerpiece at a discount because it was chipped. A bit of glitter to cover the imperfections, and the bird is as good as new.

Dressed-Up Basics

You don’t have to buy brand-new dinnerware to create a beautiful Thanksgiving table. Rate My Space user decorating4fun topped simple white plates with crimson napkins for a splash of rich, fall color.

Rustic Elegance

Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns when setting your Thanksgiving table. Rate My Space user GritsandGlamour paired glossy, gold chargers with course burlap to create a rich look perfect for fall.

Thanksgiving Glam

For a chic fall table, try combining traditional and trendy pieces. Rate My Space user veron paired stylish black-and-white plates with glitzy accessories in classic fall orange.

Vivid Color

As the weather cools down, warm up your dining room with rich reds and oranges. Rate My Space user zahirah1 topped off her welcoming Thanksgiving table with a glowing, candle centerpiece.

Decorative Dishes

Often inexpensive, seasonal plates in bold patterns and colors instantly add pizzazz to any Thanksgiving table. Design by Rate My Space user flamingjune.

Soaring Centerpiece

If your table setting is simple, spice it up with a dramatic focal point. Fall branches spilling from a tall vase add interest to Rate My Space user Faby’s Thanksgiving table.

Topped With a Bow

Your Thanksgiving tablescape isn’t limited to the table itself. Rate My Space user barbrowe even dressed up her chairs with large bronze bows, putting the finishing touch on a lavish setting.

HGTV Dream Home 2014 : Foyer Pictures

About the Foyer: 

This foyer offers a glimpse of the New Mountain architecture seen throughout the home, and connects its public and private wings while allowing vistas of the Carson mountain range to take center stage. The passageway’s glass-and-metal walls, natural stone floors and glamorous details provide the perfect balance of durability and style.

Perfect Ways to Use Exclusive Plum, Sherwin-Williams ‘ Color of 2014

Described as spiritual, mystical, romantic, and dramatic, Exclusive Plum is Sherwin-Williams 2014 Color of the Year! Unlike the newly declared Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, Exclusive Plum is a color that a majority of us will look at and seriously consider its applicable use in our homes. Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams’ director of color marketing, describes the color beautifully: “This dusky, filtered violet is refined without being stuffy, elegant yet easy, and layered with romantic potential.”

While the previous example was decidedly modern, this space shows how a similar dusty purple can work in a room that is more traditional or transitional. The hue is superelegant paired with rich tobacco browns.

If you like purple-gray but are wary of using a large dose of it, consider employing it as a small accent color. Just keep in mind that if this is the only strong hue in the room, the eye will be drawn to whatever is clad in it. Make sure you are calling attention to something you want to stand out.

To keep the hue from feeling too heavy and somber, try pairing it with plenty of warm whites or creams. A wood floor also adds warmth and contrast.

This example shows how Exclusive Plum can work as a neutral base. It pairs well with shocking greens, bold oranges, bright reds and, yes, even Radiant Orchid. Just use the vibrant hues sparingly and mix in some light neutrals  shades of white, gray or tan  to keep the space feeling light and open.

I think this color works best in bedrooms. It’s a rather heavy hue, which is good for a room in which you want to relax and rest.

Here’s another nice example of how to work with Exclusive Plum or a similar purple-gray. It’s striking in this room against the warm gray and taupe as well as the bits of greenish gold.

Rugs are another way to bring fun new colors into a room. This beauty would look fantastic in a bedroom or living room.

If you like Exclusive Plum, but perhaps not on your bedroom walls, look for bedding in it. Cool purples are thought to reduce stress, so they are perfect for bedroom textiles.

Here’s another nice set of cool grayish-purple bed linens. This hue works well as a base color to which you can add accents of almost any other color. I can visualize splashes of blue, gold, chartreuse, pink or red added here.

DIY Christmas 2013 Stockings : Easy Ideas

This holiday season, dress up your fireplace or bannister with one-of-a-kind, DIY stockings. 

By : Brian Patrick Flynn

This green and black stocking features small, wardrobe-inspired touches. The cuff is made from plaid fabric cut to size and is attached with iron on adhesive tape, while the front showcases leather toggles normally seen on coats and jackets. Elements of apparel are excellent ways to bring couture touches to stockings bought off the shelf.
Bring a warm, tailored touch to your mantel with menswear stockings. Choose herringbone, houndstooth, check, plaid or stripes made of cotton, wool or velvet in masculine tones. Cut the fabric to size using a basic template from the Internet, then either sew the edges with thread or fuse them together using iron-on adhesive tape.
Felt is one of the easiest fabrics to work with. The stiffness of felt makes it easy to trace and cut shapes, letters or silhouettes. Hang custom name stockings made entirely from felt that are equal parts personal and poppy. To identify each stocking, cut family members’ names or initials out of felt, and adhere them to the stocking with fabric glue.
Give your stocking 3-D flair with house letter embellishments. Choose a specific style stocking, then decide on a coordinating font and finish. For a classic, masculine appeal, add a tarnished brass X to a plaid stocking with gold thread and a needle. Since the thread and house letter are similar in tone, the thread virtually disappears, resulting in a seamless, tailored look.
Coffee lovers will especially love the look and feel of repurposed burlap coffee bean sack stockings. To find them locally, simply ask your neighborhood coffee house for any discarded sacks they may have in the back. Many times, the staff will be more than happy to give them away for free. Coffee bean sacks can also be found online for approximately $5 per sack.
Fabric trim is another quick and easy way to add a custom touch to stockings. Design Star season 7 contestant Britany Simon created this feminine stocking for a young girl by dressing it up with tassel trim.
Make it modern this holiday season with graphic felt silhouette stockings. Decide on a holiday shape that’s easy to identify, trace it directly onto colored felt with a marker, cut it out with scissors and attach to a felt stocking body with fabric glue.
Put your old jeans to good use this Christmas as casual, farmhouse-chic stockings. Once the fabric is cut to size, consider adding another layer of interest with a holiday-inspired fabric on pockets or sewn on as patches.
Give Dad something classic and nostalgic for the mantel this season with a varsity letter stocking. Buy vintage varsity letters online, and iron them on to the front of a basic or handmade stocking, or try stitching them by hand with a needle and thread.
If you’ve got old sweaters taking up room in your closet or dresser, give them new life this holiday season as warm, welcoming stockings. This can be a DIY project by deconstructing the sweater, tracing a stocking template directly onto it and sewing cut pieces together with yarn. For best results, drop the sweater off with a local tailor or your local dry cleaner for a minimal fee. Knit pieces require a higher level of skill for sewing than more malleable fabrics such as felt or cotton.
The texture of burlap can instantly warm up a room and add rustic appeal to your holiday decor. Give burlap a colorful, graphic update with a painted pattern. To do this, create a stencil in your desired pattern, place the stencil on top of the burlap and paint the pattern with a detail brush and acrylic paint.
Bring a touch of classic femininity to your mantel with a women’s wear-inspired stocking. Find a fashion based pattern that works well with holiday decor, and add fashion accessories such as cameos or brooches for an elegant touch.