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Leslie Ezelle’s Design Portfolio From HGTV Design Star season six 2011

Leslie Ezelle
Age: 43
Dallas, Texas
Leslie, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, cruise ship entertainer and mom of a blended family, has a wide variety of design experience ranging from remodels to home staging for real estate agents. Leslie, who describes herself as fun with a larger-than-life personality, helps clients “tame their domain” and believes that a stress-free, organized home offers the happiest and healthiest environment. With her preferred design style of “simple, traditional elegance,” she offers a less-is-more design philosophy that’s easy and inexpensive. Above all, Leslie considers herself a survivor. After winning a two-year battle with breast cancer, she is ready to live her dream as the host of a HGTV design show.

Restored Furnishings

These two chairs were found in the trash (Ezelle’s favorite type of furniture). She had them reupholstered in off-white leather and created a geometric pattern with studs all around the arms. The coffee table is created from a piece of glass that she sprayed a frosted color and two small book cases she laid on their side for extra storage. 

Mod Living Room

Originally, this room had no light and was blocked off by walls to separate living and dining. By adding a sliding glass door and removing dividing walls, the 19×12-square-foot room feels twice as large. All the furnishings are white allowing the bright fuchsia wall to be a focal point of the space. 

Contemporary Office Setting

Inspired by “Set Fire to the Rain” (a painting by Leslie Ezelle 2011), the office has various shades of white in contrast with warm browns, metallic gold and platinum. It’s important to have an office with a warm, home environment yet maintain a professional feel. Pictures of energy infrastructure and the firms products are used and presented in an artistic, edgy manner.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad

Ezelle designs a bachelor pad to create a masculine yet seductive look great for throwing parties. This 15×17-square-foot room needed to have lots of space and places to sit. The look is achieved by combining contrasting colors of green ottomans with light furniture and warm browns.

Kid-Inspired Artwork

“This framed artwork is an original of one of my kids, framed and sitting proudly in our living room,” says Ezelle. Framing and displaying your child’s artwork serves not only as a beautiful decorative piece but also as a huge ego-booster to a child’s self esteem.

Relaxing Master Bedroom

Combining stone grey, warm earth tones with amethyst lavender accents and bold linens in white, this bedroom becomes a perfect peaceful retreat. The neutral linen covered chair, originally found in someone’s trash, is saved and redesigned by LeslieChristine Designs.

Modern Casual Patio

With strict instructions to create a patio that was not too girly, the neutral color palette from inside the living area continues to the outside. Custom-made cushions by LeslieChristine Designs combined with lush green foliage accents offset the heavy rich brown patio furniture that provides seating for up to twelve. 

Modern Living Space

When dealing with a beautiful wall-to-wall window view, less is more. It’s important not to compete with the view by keeping each decorative choice to a bare minimum.

Sea-Inspired Girl’s Bedroom

Ezelle uses a combination of various blues and greens along with two custom abstract painting of the sea to give a seven-year-old girl “a room that is the color of the ocean.”

Contemporary Dining Room

This dining room features cornice boards that are constructed from core poster board covered with batting and velvet assembled with a hot glue gun. With a light-weight cornice board, it’s much easier to install by simply placing on top of the curtain rods hidden beneath. The Asian-inspired buffet dictates the color and style of this dining room.

Colorful Bedroom Decorating Design Ideas 2011

Monochromatic Magnificence

Create a soothing yet bold look with a monochromatic color scheme. Here, a cream floor rug and bedding are the perfect complement for a sophisticated gray-blue wall color. Blue hues create a sense of calm, making this bedroom a peaceful oasis to escape to at night

Simple Stripes

A bright green-and-white striped floor rug kicks up the style in this room. The stripe motif continues on the wall, where white molding separates a section of light green and dark green to create a simple yet beautiful look .

Perfect Pair 
Back up an upholstered headboard with a wall in the same color to create a cheery look. Here, a seafoam green and cream country French pattern complements a seafoam green paneled wall. Add extra style to the bedding by using a fun patterned bedspread and throw pillows in different bold colors. The end result is a young, fun bed with room to experiment with patterns .

Get Inspired

Start with a neutral palette and find ways to bring in color through bedding and accessories. Here, splashes of apple green in the mostly white room make it feel vibrant and alive. Swap out a headboard for a montage of framed pictures and paintings to add a unique, personal touch to the room. The gallery-style art arrangement gives this room a casual feel .

Towel Tricks

You don’t have to follow the rules when you’re hunting for the perfect color and pattern. Here, yellow-and-white patterned bath towels get new life as a bed skirt. Letting color peek through in unexpected places adds interest to classic bedding .

Restful Retreat

Get inspired by your favorite places when decorating your bedroom. Here, a bedroom uses a beach theme, with sand-colored walls and vintage-inspired fabrics, to create a soothing vibe. A blue upholstered headboard and blue trim on the bedspread adds a water-like hue to the palette. The beaded-board ceiling and grass-cloth walls add rustic texture to a room filled with beachside memories


Vintage Charm

When trying to create a vintage vibe, color selection is essential. Here, a green, pink, blue, and white color scheme works together to make the bedroom look like it’s straight out of the 1920s. Don’t be afraid to mix different shades of colors and to play with patterns. Dark wood furnishings add sophistication to the decor .

Trendy Metallic

Use a metallic color to dress up an ordinary bedroom. Here, the combination of matte blue-gray walls and the metallic blue-gray bed skirt, wall art, and bedding details creates an unforgettable look. Add silver accessories to play up the metallic pieces .

Casually Modern

One strong pattern in a room is enough to make a big difference. Here, a contrasting print on the window treatments steals the show. The fabric’s black circles on a white background create a bold diamond-shape pattern when pushed to the sides and gives the room a cool and contemporary look. A soothing green bedspread complements the dramatic black-and-white patterns

Lovely Lavender

Blue-violet paired with white creates a feminine look in this room. Lavender is a strong color, so it’s important to keep this in mind when using it for the wall color. A rule of thumb: Choose the top (and lightest) color on the paint card when selecting a bold color for walls

Twin Bedroom Pictures : HGTV Dream Home 2013

The tropical hues of sea glass inspire the color palette in this fun, children’s bedroom where furnishings and accessories are easily changed to accommodate adults.

 About the Twin Suite Bedroom

“That’s the sea glass bedroom,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum, who packed the second-floor guest space with saturated hues of tidal blue and green, inspired by weathered bottle glass that washes up on the shore. Painted furnishings, striped walls and a floral-butterfly motif keep the room fresh and feminine.

Living Room Pictures 2011 ” HGTV Dream Home 2011 “

“I started with the sofa,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum of her living area design scheme. “The green is about the harbinger of spring. When the fields and the trees start to turn green, it is a really exciting, emotional time.”

A pop of red stands out against the room’s high-contrast palette of green, white and black. A set of six coffee tables can be moved about the room, as activity requires.

Birch-bark boxes serve as pedestals for decorative objects. A modern-art metal lamp stands in high contrast to traditional turned-wood furnishings.

A console table provides baskets for storage and houses the room’s home entertainment system. A 60-inch, flat-panel television transforms the space into a home theater.

A three-tiered side table serves up a container of fresh grass and decorative bowl, fashioned from a fallen tree.

Posters purchased at the Stowe Ski Museum mark the entrance to the ski dorm. “The bold graphic posters worked with the feel of the room,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

The ceiling, clad in 1-by-6 pine planks, is cooled down with a one part water to one part grey paint wash.

An adjoining kitchenette services both the living area and the terrace. The nearly 10-foot-long counter features storage space, a refrigerator and oven/warming drawer unit.

A soft and shaggy rug underfoot begs guests to push coffee tables aside and recline. The sofa is equipped with a fold-out bed, should weekend guests exceed bedrooms.

Easy Ideas to Add Seasonal Warmth to your Room

designers nationwide for How do you add warmth to a room?

Pick the Right Pillows 

A room isn’t done without pillows. Choose pillows in warm colors made of a soft down mix so they’re comfortable to lean into. 
Designer Carla Lane, Los Angeles.

Create a Hide-a-Way 

I always tell clients that you can’t control the outside world but you can create a world on the inside of your home that is good to you. In the fall, when you’ll be spending more time indoors, it’s important to carve out a corner for yourself. Maybe it’s a tabletop in the corner of your living room or in your bedroom. Fill a bulletin board with images of things you love: photos and mementos from trips, ticket stubs from a great show, cherished letters. Small collections of shells, rocks, and candles are simple things that are good for your soul. 
Designer Stephen Saint-Onge, New York City.

Add a Layer of Texture 

Anything with texture adds dimension. Nubby fabrics and textured wool area rugs make a room cozy. 
Designer Patricia Gaylor, Little Falls, New Jersey

Make it Your Own 

Warmth can also come from personalization. Displaying a collection or hanging family photos in unusual frames — anything that gives a room your personal touch — is meaningful. 
Designer Patricia Gaylor, Little Falls, New Jersey.

Sprinkle on Spicy Colors 

Reds, burgundies, or golds instantly transform a plain room. You don’t have to paint the walls; you can add these tones in the drapes, furniture, pillows, rugs, or art. 
Designer Patricia Gaylor, Little Falls, New Jersey.

Cover Those Windows 

Drapes warm up a space. If you currently have wood blinds or mini-blinds, consider changing those for a fabric Roman shade, or even better, add floor-to-ceiling drapes. The fabric softens the room and adds glamour. 
Designer Erinn Valencich, Los Angeles.

Think Accessories 

It’s all in the accessories. If a room is empty, it’s going to feel cold and unwelcoming. Style every table with personalized vignettes: Choose a few special items, keeping in mind that contrasts in shape and texture work best. I always look for funky, slightly off-the-wall pieces at antiques stores and flea markets. These have the most personality and are conversation-starters when put on display. 
Designer Erinn Valencich, Los Angeles.

Light Up 

Candles bring mood and character to a space. To avoid the risk of fire, try battery-operated flameless candles (look for versions made with real wax); they emit a nice warm glow. 
Designer Patricia Gaylor, Little Falls, New Jersey.

Go the Extra Mile 

Place a luxurious throw over a chair or a couch. I always include a high-quality throw in all my clients’ family rooms. 
Designer Carla Lane, Los Angeles