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Being Simple Is What We Seek In 2014

Being simple is what we seek in 2014 in color and style in everything and all we will give you a window of fashion design that gives you energy and convenient enhance of beauty of every section in every school at every moment.
every school in our window have its own style and material and its own story  . 
so lets talk about we have there is rules of elegant .
 first lightening plays an important role , second the co lour arrangements also plays an active role & third a simple painting get your eyes attached to what beauty we have in co lours and harmony in taste ,fourth loud co lours can take u away to attract visitors especially in wide spaces that gives you an energy
.our goal is to help you and help others to discover their own personal style and give you the confidence to make choices for their home decorating dreams and also you will be the first to be free to create  your own idea of decorating and we are just an advisory and tools to help you to do that  .

first and at last our goal and our ambitions to get into the hearts and minds of our client to bring their needs and desires in to reality.

Living Rooms Design Ideas 2011 by Candice Olson

Designer Candice Olson mixes comfy furnishings with elegant textiles and color schemes to create family rooms that define the meaning of lived-in luxury.

Rustic Chic

Hand-scraped oak flooring is the perfect contrast to the impressive limestone fireplace, and a wall of cabinetry with custom bookcases and stainless steel dressers provides plenty of storage for the TV and media components. Distressed leather furniture with tufted detail adds vintage elegance to the room with blue linen draperies creating a beautiful backdrop to the space.

Urban Functionality

In this urban loft, a color palette of gray, black and white is paired with shimmery steel and rich wood accents for a cool, contemporary vibe. Modern furnishings, smart track lightings and a dramatic ceiling fan combine for a stylish and functional living space.

Bold and Colorful

Two feature walls, one a brilliant fuchsia and the other covered in teal-and-gold paisley wallpaper, create an instant wow factor is this open plan living room. Low-slung furniture in white and peacock blue create a cool, lounge-like vibe, while natural-stained maple flooring and updated shag carpet ground the space.

Comfy Elegance

A metallic floral-patterned wallpaper provides a luxe backdrop to the cozy living room, which features a silvery linen sectional and a classic writer’s desk. Soft, gauzy sheers trimmed in gold satin separate the living and dining rooms, as well as diffuse natural light from the large windows at the end of the rooms.

Muted Sophistication

Finding the right place for a TV is often problematic; however, in this living room, the 46-inch TV takes center stage since it doubles as a mirror when not in use. Carpet tiles in shades of calming blue, green, taupe and beige reflect the fabric used to cover the bench seat and pillows on the sofa. Stainless steel accents add a contemporary flair to the room.

Gender Neutral

For most family rooms, creating a space that appeals to both genders is a must, so Candice chose a mostly neutral palette of deep browns, cool creams and inky charcoals for this living room. The corner is turned into an office with an antique desk flanked by mirror-backed bookcases, and the living room is ideal for relaxing with a large sectional and leather club chairs.

Cottage Casual

Custom cabinetry plays a key role in this living room, providing plenty of storage and a place to display collectibles. The fireplace flows seamlessly into the cabinetry and features a sandy-tone mosaic tile surround. To give the room a more intimate feel, a fan is hung 36 inches below the ceiling, while a color palette of white, sand, pale blue and green keeps the space light and airy.

Romantic and Feminine

Dark wood paneling is painted antique white to brighten up this living room, which features a color palette of pink, green, cream and chocolate. To mimic the fabric used on the chairs, whimsical vinyl graphics of an agapanthus flower are transferred onto the ceiling, giving it the quality of a hand-painted piece of art.

Multi-Functional Living

To create a more functional space, divide a room into different zones. The bay window is the perfect setting for a home office and features custom built-in shelving, while the area next to the back window is the library lounge, an ideal spot for conversations and reading. The main area of the room is used for TV watching and hanging out. Tie the entire space together by using the same color palette, like the combination of chocolate, caramel and oatmeal in this living room.

Effortless Style

To brighten up this attic living space, Candice installs light-toned wood floors, brings in a cream sectional and adds track lighting. A color palette of greens, blues and tans complement the lighter tones, while paisley fabric and wall decals add a feminine, bohemian quality to the space. A reclaimed wood ceiling with faux beams adds architectural interest.

Eclectic Mix

Modernize a living room with a combination of different design styles. Sleek chairs in a classic paisley print are mixed with a traditional tufted ottoman in butterscotch leather and a contemporary sectional in taupe velvet. Rustic meets elegant in a two-layer treatment of woven blinds and silk draperies on the bay windows.

Contemporary yet Rustic

Rustic elements are combined with streamlined contemporary furnishings to create a couple-friendly living room. The tumbled marble fireplace contrasts well with the dark, luxurious wooden hearth and cabinets. For optimal fireplace and TV viewing, a large sectional sofa in creamy chenille and an ottoman in espresso brown are centered in the room.

2014 Colorful Kitchen Backsplashes Ideas

Kitchen backsplashes no longer simply protect walls from spills and splatters, a wide array of eye catching materials like glass, wood, metals and stone make the backsplash the focal point of today’s kitchens.

You’ll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you …. Enjoy it !!!!

From traditional tile to trendy glass and shiny metal to rustic wood there is seemingly no end of choices for kitchen backsplashes today.Tile is still the most popular backsplash material, with natural stone a fast growing second.
The glass in this blacksplash was chosen to complement art glass pieces in the homeowners’ collection. To achieve the look, large sheets of glass were cut into tiles and laid individually.The challenge in working with glass is getting the best colors and control.
Handmade Tile : One of a kind backsplash mosaics can be made of ceramic tile as well. Mosaic artist Vicki Morrow of Tile Art Mosaics in Scottsdale, Arizona, designed and fabricated this backsplash for clients who collect southwestern art.
Copper Tile : Ceramic tiles covered in a thin coating of copper comprise this backsplash by Tami Holsten of Bear Trap Design. Although there is a protective coating on top, says Holsten, “Copper is a living material, so it will naturally patina over time. In my opinion, that just makes it more beautiful.” When cleaning copper, she recommends using a pH-balanced cleanser as anything acidic will damage the finish.
Ceramic + Glass Tile : Can’t decide between ceramic and glass? This ‘Island Star Mosaic’ from Porcelanosa’s Victorian Collection is a combination of matte porcelain and iridescent glass, which creates subtle changes when it reflects light.
Limestone + Glass Tile : In this kitchen, the mix of materials was created not by a tile manufacturer, but by the designer. Brigitte Fabri, CMKBD, of Drury Designs, wanted to create a “castle wall” effect in this kitchen, without detracting from the room’s focal point  the copper hood. For most of the backsplash, she chose a large scale 12×24 ‘Crema Marfil’ limestone because the larger the tile, the fewer distracting grout lines, she explains. And behind the range, she used a honed glass tile called ‘Malaga Cove Wings’ by Stone & Pewter. To add the illusion of greater height to the 8-foot ceilings, Fabri brought the tile down as close to the range as she could and elongated the niche area all the way up to the hood itself.
Tumbled Stone + Glass Tile : Another gorgeous mixed-media backsplash: Here, glass is mixed with today’s popular natural stone. To ensure that this kitchen by Remodelworks looked distinctive, the client installed glass tile behind the range to accent the 4×4 tumbled stone tile that makes up most of the backsplash. Then, interior designer Dixie Lovejoy came up with the idea of turning the tile vertically, so that it looks like a waterfall or rising steam.
Stone: River Rock : Although the most common use of these river rock pebbles is actually shower floors, photo stylist Chris Walker and her husband came up with the idea of using them as a kitchen backsplash. They asked their kitchen designer John Petrie, CMKBD, president elect of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, to install it on the walls. “The one of a kind, free flowing edges of the pebbles not only mimic the flow of soft teal veins in the dark green soapstone countertops,” says Walker, “but also balance the vertical lines of the Shaker-style cabinet doors.” Lesson learned: when you’re shopping for backsplash materials, ask the vendor to show you floor tiles, as well. While not every product will adapt well to vertical application, you may hit upon an unusual and easily implemented idea.
Stone: Quartzite Sandstone : This textured, rustic backsplash makes it look as if this kitchen by Hamilton-Gray Design is fully constructed of stone. But, in fact, the quartzite material actually comes in pieces that are applied just like tile, making it a viable choice even in a home with plaster or sheetrock walls.
Stone: Marble Checkerboard : If you don’t find marble tiles in the exact sizes and shapes you want for a backsplash, marble can be custom cut. To bring in some of the lush green landscape beyond the large windows of this home, designer Eileen Kollias, CKD, cut green and white 12-inch marble tiles into 6×6 squares with chamfered edges. The tiles are laid in a harlequin pattern than brings a bit of whimsy into this elegant home, and serves as a dramatic backdrop for prized pieces such as the homeowner’s antique coffee grinder/coffee storage cabinet.
Pattern: Brickwork : Familiar as it is, a brickwork tile scheme can look fresh  if the tile itself is eye catching. The kitchen pros at Drury Designs chose this brown subway tile to add contrast to an all white kitchen and to make the space appear larger, because the glass tile reflects light. Running the tile all the way up the wall also adds dimension to the space by drawing the eye upwards.
Unusual Materials: Repurposed Plywood : If you don’t want to harvest new wood for your backsplash project, you can take your cue from Karen Swanson of New England Design Works, who had her contractor rip sheets of found plywood into 6-inch wide planks, and install them 3/8″ apart on the walls of this kitchen. This resourceful backsplash a modern interpretation of shiplap paneling, Swanson explains is painted with Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo paint, which makes it stand up well in a kitchen. “Painted plywood is not as ‘bullet proof’ as some other backsplash choices one could make,” Swanson concedes. “I would suggest wiping up spills quickly and not allowing standing water next to this but then again, I also suggest that with a tile and grouted backsplash.”
Unusual Materials: Chalkboard Paint : If you think all work and no play can make a backsplash dull, there are plenty of ways to bring a light touch into a hardworking kitchen. Here, designer Susan Fredman painted the backsplash with chalkboard paint, which the homeowners can use to keep a recipe handy, write family reminders, or just doodle. The best part? When they want to change the message or clean things up they just wipe the chalkboard clean.

Stikwood Peel And Stick Wood Decor 2014 Ideas

You could rebuild your entire home to get a woodsy vibe, or you could simple invest in some Stikwood. Stikwood is a peel and stick wood decor that will transform the look of your home without much hassle at all. Available in a variety of different wooden looks – from Reclaimed Weathered styles to Black Cherry, Caramel, and more the wall decor can transform any space into something a bit more rustic and homey.

Colorful Living Rooms Decorating Ideas 2012

This sets of colorful living rooms give you a sense of joy and vitality and comfort . You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing Living Room , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Magic Carpet 

The floor is often overlooked, but when used correctly, it demands attention. Dress up a dull floor with an attention-grabbing periwinkle rug. Inspired by a Midwestern garden in June, this room’s color scheme is light, whimsical, and a perfect fit for a cottage getaway.

Cool & Coastal

Cool blues and greens mingle easily in this room. Layered tones add depth and interest to finishes on furnishings and cabinetry. Using seven colors in the same color family throughout the space creates variations that are subtle, delicate, and deliberate.

Wall Wonders 

Walls stand out in this room thanks to paint and clever architectural details. Boring walls were swapped for light green ones that pop. The wall molding adds pattern and design, while white furniture adds a subtle accent color.

 Naturally Bold 

An easy way to spice up a space is to embellish neutral pieces with colorful throw pillows and fixtures. Here, bursts of orange brighten the charming living room. The bold orange accent color looks shocking against the icy blue walls, but this unexpected color scheme creates a fun twist on the otherwise placid room.

Warm Up

Inspired by an orange sunset, the warm-color hues in this room are bold and breathtaking. Slipcovers offer style and color on the armchairs. Accent pillows add oomph to the room and incorporate the color scheme in a mix of solids and patterns.

Color Contrast 

A light interior of white walls and furniture allows colorful elements in the room to pop, such as the blue wall art, antique green chair, and patterned pillows. Seats surround a rustic blue coffee table, which becomes the perfect focal point for family to gather around.

Colorful Inspiration 

Use fabric as inspiration to determine the color scheme of a room. The happy palette in this living room was inspired by the armchair’s striped fabric. Shades of blue, yellow, and red with pops of lime and an abundance of patterns and colors create a laid-back room. The colorful accents have extra punch thanks to the living room’s white walls.

Apple Green

Go bold on your walls with a fresh paint job. Here, bright green paired with green accent pillows creates an inviting space for hanging out with friends and family. Add a colorful rug to the mixture for a funky feel that makes the room fun yet livable.

Fresh Fireplace

This cottage living room is bright and beautiful with the use of seafoam green and white. The green tile on the fireplace surround adds a pop of color and completes the look. The spines of the books on the bookshelf-covered wall add a creative source of color.

Bold Crimson and Green

A strong color scheme is the foundation of this room’s design. Deep crimson and olive green show that opposite colors do attract. The repetition of green squares on the geometric wall art and throw pillows adds unique visual interest.