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Easy Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards 2014 Ideas from BHG

Show your loved ones how much you care with a homemade Valentine’s Day card made straight from the heart. Use buttons, bows, and embellishments to add sophistication and style to these Valentine’s Day cards  your special someone will love the homemade gift.

Tied with a Bow Card : A giant heart on this Valentine’s Day card is an unmistakable way to show your love. Cut and score a white cardstock base as shown in the downloadable pattern. Then embellish the heart with your favorite decorative papers. A lovely ribbon ties it all together.
See-Through Valentine’s Day Card : A clear pocket makes your love easy to display in this Valentine’s Day card. To make, cut a plastic slide holder into pieces, and attach a strip of pockets to the front of a card. Fill the pockets with punched hearts and stickers, and add a clever title (we used “It’s clear to see how much I love you”) that plays off the transparent look.
‘I Heart You’ Banner Card : Print a sweet message on metal-rim tags for a fun and flirty way to honor your sweetie. Connect the tags to the banner by stringing baker’s twine through buttons and adhering the buttons to the tags. Attach to a layered card.
Two Hearts Card : A mix of hearts, polka dots, and flowers (as well as a red and green color scheme) keeps this Valnetine’s Day card looking unique. Stamp a green and a red heart; trim. Use adhesive foam to attach the hearts to a layered card. Slip ribbon under the green heart, tie into a bow, and add a short message stamped onto a tag.
Checking You Out Valentine’s Day Card : Attach a handwritten library card inside a library card pocket (both supplies available at scrapbooking stores) atop patterned paper to get your flirty point across in an unexpected way. Adorn with stickers and ribbon. Stamp hearts on cardstock rectangles, then mount to the side.
Valentine’s Day Card for a Friend : A premade tag attached to this card with a flower brad reveals a sweet Valentine’s Day message for a friend. Embellish a piece of white cardstock with different cuts of patterned paper, then type or print a message to be kept secret by the swinging tag.
Tweet-Hearts Valentine’s Day Card : Show your very own “tweet-heart” just how much you love them this Valentine’s Day. To create a round card, fold a piece of cardstock in half and partially cut a circle. Emboss a large heart to add texture, then layer two cute birds on top. For the banner, simply stamp letters onto a scrap of white cardstock. The grass is trimmed patterned paper.
Robot Candy Bar Card : Who wouldn’t love a sweet robot-inspired valentine to celebrate the holiday? To make, use patterned paper to wrap a fun size candy bar. Finish your robot by adding a head, arms, and legs cut from cardstock. Use buttons, punches, and googly eyes to make the robot yours.
Heart Cutout Card : This sweet card is all about the heart. Layer shapes onto the front of your card, cutting a heart from one of them. Back the heart cutout with patterned paper. Add script paper and a bow to finish the design.
Guitar-Theme Valentine’s Day Card : Let your valentines know they rock with this creative card  the design is especially appropriate for the boys in your life. Punch a circle in the bottom half of a card front, and attach five lengths of string vertically across the center, tucking them into a strip of paper. Back the opening with black patterned paper, and add letter stickers on top. A few punched hearts offer dimension.
True Love Quote Card : Find a love quote that your valentine will appreciate, and add it to your card for a quick do it yourself greeting. Using a word-processing program, fill a text box with color; type your quote, varying the size and color of the type. Print the quote on cardstock, and accent the quote with a punched heart.
Love Birds Card : This cute bird’s folded wings are the perfect nesting spot for a sweet valentine greeting for your loved one. We used a felt accent for our message, but you can easily write your own on a paper heart cutout. This bird comes together using paper piecings perched on a felt branch. Define the design by outlining some of the piecing shapes using a felt-tip pen.
Cute Owl Valentine’s Day Card : Sweet plays on words make creative sentiments for Valentine’s Day cards. Here, an owl crafted from punched shapes (we used an oval punch, an oval scallop punch, and a corner rounder) delivers a simple message. Center a plain piece of cardstock with rounded corners on a patterned-paper card and attach. Add your paper owl and a message.
Valentine’s Day Scratch-Off Hearts Card : This homemade card gets creative with scratch-off date ideas for Valentine’s Day. Get the card template, available below, and type in your date night choices. Find out how to make your own scratch-off material in a few simple steps, too.
Aquatic Valentine’s Day Card : This aquatic theme Valentine’s Day card is a perfect holiday sentiment for your sweetie. Cut out our whale pattern from two different colors of cardstock, using a crafts knife to partially cut the flipper. Wood grain patterned paper provides a pretty ocean feel, or you can draw white circles onto teal paper with a white marking pen. At the top of your card, add a piece of white paper cut to resemble waves. Embellish the card with punched hearts, fish, and a typed or printed message.
Sophisticated Valentine’s Day Card : Create a valentine that’s both subtle and sophisticated by stitching around layered gray cardstock blocks. Trim around the card’s sides with decorative edge scissors, and finish the Valentine’s Day card with pretty accents found at a crafts or scrapbooking store.
Candy Bar Valentine’s Day Card : This card is perfect for any loved one with a sweet tooth. Simply attach custom-wrapped candy bars to a stamped cardstock card using adhesive dots, then add felt embellishments or tiny tags that say “I love you.”
Love-Struck Bird Card : Prove you’re crazy for your valentine with a love struck paper pieced bird. Patterned scrapbooking paper makes up this adorable feathered friend use the photo as a guide to cut a body, wing, round eyes, three tail feathers, and a beak. Finish the card by cutting jagged grass, adding heart shape brads for eyes, and adding a simple, sweet Valentine’s Day message.
Love Notes Cards : Send a simple, heartfelt message with one of these sweet and oh-so-easy handmade Valentine’s Day cards. 
Make the I Heart You Valentine’s Day card: Print the template onto plain paper, then cut out along the solid lines. Trace the template onto 12×12-inch cardstock, cut out, then fold as indicated by the dotted lines. Make the Heart Accordian Valentine’s Day card: Print the template onto plain paper and cut out. On a piece of cardstock, draw and cut out a 5-1/2×12-inch rectangle. Fold accordion-style along the short side (as indicated by the dotted lines). You should have six sections. Place the template on the folded paper with the open side of the heart over the top fold. Trace heart and cut out. On contrasting paper, trace a heart that’s slightly larger all around. Glue to the back of the center heart on your accordion.

Functional Kitchen Before and After By Candice Olson 2013 Ideas

When a celebrity stylist needed help making over his kitchen, he called Candice Olson. The divine designer transformed his space from 1980s and old to glamorous and now.

Before: Outdated and Cold

This outdated kitchen doesn’t exactly say “stylist to the stars.”

After: Fashionable and Functional

Enter Candice Olson who created a new kitchen that is both traditional and hip. Divine details include travertine floors, a quartz-topped island, crystal chandeliers and a stunning, silver-foil wallpaper.

2012 Ideas For Storage in Charming Displays

Change your storage style with these creative displays that not only look good but are fully functional.

Picture Ledge Organization

Use corner space by wrapping a picture ledge around two walls. Use the shelves to display photos and dishes. A vintage wine or soda crate doubles storage capacity by holding pretty glassware, candles, or CDs.

Open Shelving Storage 

Give an old table a new look. Transform a console table from a surface where clutter gathers into a functional table packed with storage opportunities. Two big baskets hold coffee table books, while a throw and a box of games rest on the bottom shelf. Remotes and spare keys go in the small top drawer.

Alcove Organization

A recessed nook is the perfect place to show off your favorite art and display your collections. Remove a section of drywall to reveal a 4- to 8-inch-deep niche between wall studs. Consult a contractor to make sure it’s safe to remove any horizontal bracing elements. Then add shelves.

Display and Store Headboard

This 12-inch-deep headboard allows for a large ledge space to display pretty flowers and candles. The side cubby holds other nighttime necessities such as books and magazines.

Mounted Bookcase Storage

For a fresh, modern twist, mount a ready-to-assemble bookcase directly to the wall and a few feet off the ground. Store books inside and decorate with flowers, picture frames, and candles. The divided shelves make organization easy.

Artsy Storage

A vintage rolling medical or drafting cabinet is the perfect space to store art supplies so they can travel all over the house. Paintbrushes, colored pencils, and pens are stored in miscellaneous containers on top. Larger supplies such as paint and glue guns are kept in the drawers.

Bedside Storage 

Refinish an old wooden vegetable bin and use it as a nightstand. Folded clothes stack neatly in each cubby. Or encourage quick cleanup and use it to sort small toys.

Headboard Storage

A reclaimed-brick wall serves as a secondary headboard and provides above-bed storage. Keep your favorite books and pottery in the small recess.

Peekaboo Storage

Repurpose an old desk as a new storage unit. Store party dishes on the bottom shelf and keep napkins and other linens in a wicker basket for easy access. Hide the shelf behind a festive curtain, and your buffet combines function and fashion.

Island Storage

Transform a basic table into a multipurpose work surface. Hang wine racks and baskets to store utensils under the surface, and build a lower shelf to hold larger items such as mixing bowls and cutting boards.

Frame Organization

Picture ledges make rearranging, adding, and changing favorite photos a snap. Vary the sizes and shapes, but keep the color neutral to make the collage look artsy, not cluttered. Rest some frames on the ledges and hang others for more dimension.

Dishware Storage

Glass shelves suspended by wires from the ceiling give the illusion that pottery is floating in midair. The display can be viewed from either side and has room to store dishes, vases, and glasses.

Chic Side Table Storage

Repurpose wood closet shelving as a storage-packed end table. A chic CD cabinet sits on top, and crafts supplies are easily stored below in thin, flat boxes. Keep ribbon accessible and untangled in a box with organizational holes. When you want to conceal the storage solutions, attach coordinating panels to the scalloped coverlet with hook-and-loop tape.

Armoire Storage

Make storage look like art in a glass-front armoire. The varying shelf heights leave room to display everything from large works of art to small books and vases. Layering the art and books in front of and behind each other makes the display pop and adds a touch of whimsy.

Slanted Storage

Diamond-shape cubbies instead of flat shelves in this wall unit decoratively store books and magazines diagonally. Angled organization holds rolled-up throws and other round memorabilia without letting it roll away.

Fast Decorating Projects 2012 Ideas

Give your home decor a lift with these easy decorating projects that are fun, fresh, and fast!

Bench Seating

Dress up a dining spot with a charming bench seat. Pair an upholstered headboard with a seat-height bench to create this quaint settee with ease. Hang the headboard a few inches above the bench top so it’s easy to toss on a comfortable cushion. Use anchor bolts to secure the headboard to the wall.

Decorative Memo Station

Turn a plain bulletin board into a decorative accessory that’s functional, too. Display a bulletin board in a stylish frame  try a chunky black frame for modern decor or gilded molding to fit more traditional style. Then add a decorative wall decal on the cork to dress up the memo board.

Unexpected Bookcase

Turn a nonfunctioning fireplace into a practical and pretty storage space by outfitting it with shelves. Measure the opening and build a plywood insert to fit snugly inside. Cut shelves to fit across. Then paint the pieces and wallpaper the back of the insert. Screw the shelves in place and set the insert in the firebox.

Furniture Facelift

Turn a tired piece of furniture into a new treasure. Search flea markets and garage sales for old furniture with good bones. This charming desk was originally a vanity table. After the mirror was removed, the table was sanded, primed, and painted. Pretty papers decoupaged onto the drawer fronts and new knobs add decorative character.

Creative Dining Display

Think outside the box. In the dining room, try this creative alternative for a standard hutch or china cabinet. Hang a pair of bookcases horizontally on the wall, then slide a third on the floor below. Display favorite dinnerware and keep serving pieces handy in the cubbies. Install the middle bookcase at counter height so it serves double-duty as a buffet station or bar.

Pretty Wall Panels

Finding artwork to make an impact on a large, empty wall can cost a fortune. Instead, make your own for a custom look and fit. Choose sheer curtain panels to coordinate with your room’s decor. Paint large stripes on the wall slightly wider than the panels. Mount short curtain rods at the ceiling to hang the curtain panels in front of the stripes.

Easy Access

Save money by repurposing old furniture. A paint job and a new set of casters turned this old bedroom shelving unit into a rolling kitchen cart. Its shelves are perfect for holding linens and dishes. The drawer, with its updated drawer pull, can stash takeout menus.

Classy Update

Transform a dresser with paint and wallpaper. Chic taupe paint and toile wallpaper highlight this dresser’s traditional lines. Play with the position of the wallpaper until you’re happy with the design, and then cut the paper to fit the drawer fronts. After painting the dresser, apply the wallpaper; protect it and the painted surfaces with an acrylic sealer .

Wallpaper Effect

Try this alternative to glue-on wallpaper. Use an oversize stencil to add pattern to your walls. Paint the stencil pattern from floor to ceiling for an overall wallpaper effect. Or stencil below a chair-rail or plate-rail height, or on just one accent wall. A mottled paint finish gives this damask stencil design more dimension and texture.

Easy to Assemble Table

Whip up a one of a kind side table in a jiffy. Choose an oversize decorative serving tray pick up a trendy one from a home decor store or repurpose a vintage flea market find. With a dab of construction adhesive, glue the tray to the top of an adjustable-height stool for a handy table you can raise and lower.

Make an Entrance

Transform a simple doorway into a pretty passage. Hang curtains in a standard doorway to add a soft, decorative touch to a room. For a sophisticated finish, top the curtains with a classic valance made from an architectural pediment. Paint the pediment and add wooden rope trim, if desired, for a traditional accent. Then screw hooks into the back of the valance to hang a tension rod for the panels, and screw the valance to the doorway molding.

Easy Artwork

Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to find to be pretty and special. Gather a handful of floating frames to hang on a wall in an abstract arrangement. Fill the frames with beautiful letterpress cards, your grandmother’s handkerchiefs, or anything that strikes your fancy and complements your decor.

Find the Bright Side

Don’t let the inside of a wood-stained bookcase or hutch keep beautiful display pieces in the dark. Show off the contents and lighten the decorative mood of the entire room by painting the shelves’ interior backing a lively color. Add even more personality by wallpapering the inside with a fun pattern.

Quick Custom Wainscoting

Add intricate architectural detailing with ease. This elegant wainscoting looks like the result of hours of elaborate work, but it just calls for a visit to a home center. The ready-made PVC latticework panels are mounted on the wall above the baseboard and topped with a chair rail made from 1×4 and 1×2 boards. Screen molding is nailed in place to hide the joints where the panels meet. Paint the raw wood pieces with white paint color-matched to the PVC.

HGTV Dream Home 2014 : Living Room Pictures

With soaring ceilings, unexpected bursts of bright colors and soft, cozy textures, this living room blends everything there is to love about modern mountain living. 

About the Living Room: 

With soaring ceilings, unexpected bursts of bright colors and soft, cozy textures, this living room blends everything there is to love about modern mountain living. Large steel-framed windows allow natural light to flow in from morning to night, while exposed structural beams give the room an industrial look and contribute to its open, airy feel. 

With walls of glass on either end of the home’s living wing, light is able to travel deep into the space. “The back wall faces east and gets morning sun,” says architect David Bourke, who paid close attention to the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces when designing the home. “In the afternoon the mountain range is all lit up. It has this fantastic glow.”