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Tips for an Ideal Bedroom Layout 2011 Ideas By HGTV Designers

Where to place furniture in the bedroom can be a tricky dilemma — especially if your room is long and narrow, has an abundance of windows or is a tight fit. Four designers share tips for making the most of the space you have.

Keep It Simple: Designer Ammie Kim creates restful bedrooms by limiting furnishings, accessories and patterns. She recommends maximizing a room’s visual space by minimizing details. Ammie’s Tip: Don’t fill the room with unnecessary items or let it become overly decorated with fussy window treatments or a plethora of busy patterns.

Mirrored Reflection: Make a tight bedroom feel open and spacious with properly placed mirrors. Designer Erinn Valencich disguised closet doors with massive mirrors to visually double the space in this bedroom.

Think Outside the Box: With unusually angled walls, this bedroom made space planning difficult. Rather than have a custom rug created to fit the space, which would also emphasize the room’s angle, designer Ammie Kim opted to showcase the hardwood floors. Ammie’s Tip: Sometimes it’s good not to have a rug under the bed: it creates spaciousness.

Divide and Conquer: A long and narrow bedroom can be a challenge. Designer Angelo Surmelis created two distinct spaces: a cozy bed area and a separate entertainment area just for relaxing. Angelo’s Tip: Create multiple functional zones in a large room for a hotel suite-like feel

Cheap and Chic Fall Centerpieces 2013 Ideas

Fall entices us to spend more time in the cozy warmth of hearth and home, and often that means gatherings around the table. Luckily, there are many ways to update your table without splurging on new dishes and linens. Look instead to items from nature, quick and easy DIY ideas, budget-friendly finds and long-lasting centerpieces, to create a fresh, new look without a lot of shopping. Read on for 12 cheap and chic ideas that will make you smile each time you pass by your table.

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Create a woodland-inspired living centerpiece. 
Plant any ground cover you like in a shallow, mod pot for a lasting display. Accent it with ceramic mushrooms or foraged wood and stones, and be sure to use a trivet or dish beneath it to protect your table.
Use other items from nature. 
Bare branches can be paired with tea lights or air plants as a sculptural centerpiece. Pheasant or other feathers look striking in a simple cylindrical vase, while sheepskins (real or faux) and a stack of firewood add to the warm, cozy feel. Keep your eyes open in your own backyard, on nature walks  and if all else fails, in the craft store  for supplies you can use in creative ways.
Choose long-lasting items from the farmer’s market. 
Look for more durable items like dried persimmons or pomegranates, berries and interesting foliage to extend the life of your arrangement. Whereas fresh flowers last only a week, these finds can last anywhere from one month to a whole season.
Make a statement with a single swooping branch. 
A vase filled with one lovely, arching branch of foliage or berries takes up enough visual space to stand alone. Pair contrasting hues  like the red berries and blue vessel shown here  for a vibrant look.
Keep arrangements low for easy conversation. 
Casually arrange berries or other small branches along the center of your table. Intersperse candles (be sure to keep branches away from the flames!) and anchor the arrangement on a simple runner.
Spice up your table or chairs with a new hue. 
Embrace the season by painting your table a vibrant, warm color like red or golden yellow. If you are nervous about making a big commitment, try painting just the table legs, or a single bench or chair, and see how the color feels.
Shop your kitchen for creative table decor. 
Think beyond standard vases and planters for centerpieces. Pitchers, teacups, coffee mugs, serving platters and trays, and even soup terrines can all make wonderful containers for seasonal flowers, fruit and candles. Have some pretty herbs growing on your kitchen windowsill? Grab those, too.
Give small items more presence with plates and platters. 
You don’t need an overblown centerpiece to make a statement. A small potted plant and a few slender candles can take center stage when elevated on a plate or cake stand. Use pretty cups as bud vases for flowers snipped from your garden (or plucked from a market bouquet) to round out the arrangement.
Use burlap and mason jars. 
Simply cut and fold burlap for a quick, rustic-chic runner or tablecloth. Use mason jars as candleholders, vases or glasses for water or wine. Or create easy embellished vases by wrapping a few of your jars with burlap (secure with hot glue).
Set up a functional display with frequently used items. 
Display silverware in a caddy and pretty cloth napkins in a basket, and keep ready-to-eat fruit on a pedestal or cake stand. If the containers you choose don’t match, give them a fresh look with a coat of unifying black or white paint.
Corral favorite objects on a tray. 
Choose items in a tight color palette for a collection that hangs together. Silver paired with mercury glass, and white with wood, are two foolproof combinations.
Include food in your tablescape. 
Nothing is more luscious than perfectly ripe, in season produce, so let your market finds take center stage when you set the table. Place a perfect pear, pomegranate or persimmon on each plate, fill a bowl with figs and grapes, or make a heaping pile of colorful squash.

Modern Bedroom Decorating With Summer Color 2013 New Ideas

Green painted beaded board walls lend organic appeal to this sunny bedroom. Nature inspired art prints and accessories sprinkled throughout the room also nod to the outdoors. The four poster in blonde maple adds a rustic simplicity to the bedroom, while nearly sheer plaid curtains soften the corners of the bed.
White walls and sheer patterned draperies allow this bedroom to look open and airy despite it’s small size. The wood flooring and the dark painted dresser introduce visual weight to the room. An eclectic assemblage of bedding citron sheets, sea glass green shams, and block print linens add sink in comfort to the cozy bedroom.
Accents of royal blue, orange, and hot pink add oodles of color to this otherwise neutral bedroom. The tones play out in less vibrant shades on the antique rug, a move that makes the room look pulled together, but also plays up the modern-traditional style of the room.
The barely green walls, white architectural details and a palette of grays in this bedroom allow personality-filled accents to truly shine. While the elements of the room are decidedly eclectic, they are well edited and the room isn’t overcrowded. Next to the bed, an elephant shaped statue functions as a tiny night stand. The patterned area rug adds warmth underfoot and style leading up to the bed.
In this bedroom, a patterned fabric bed frame functions as a work of art. The colorful print blends well with the warm wood accents throughout the rest of the room. Beige and white bedding and curtains echo the look of the bed frame. Scale plays an important role in this room’s design. Because the ceilings are tall, the walls needed to be treated accordingly. The oversize mirror fills the space above the bed better than a regular sized mirror and the large damask pattern on the curtains adds interest to the solid fabric without become too busy.
The all-white walls in this bedroom get a style boost thanks to a panel of patterned fabric hung behind the headboard. A use of midtone grays creates a dynamic color palette while remaining neutral. Assorted furniture shapes bring the room to life from the rolled ends of the upholstered bed, to the unique bench perched on animal legs.
Strict symmetry makes a big style statement in this bedroom. The two beds are identical, right down to the arrangement of throw pillows and sunburst mirrors above the beds. The bench between the two beds serves as a nightstand for both, eliminating the need for two pieces of furniture. Warm walls, window treatments, and flooring contrast the dark finish of the traditional-style beds. Handblocked textiles on the beds add unique pattern and interest.
A patterned, fabric covered headboard says style against white walls. Wide striped draperies infuse the room with another layer of pattern, but they don’t steal attention away from the headboard. Coral accents throughout the space provide warmth and color. Smaller scale patterns on the bedding and solid pillows complete the room’s pattern mix.

Candice Olson : Create a Livable Yet Stylish Home

Comfortable and chic don’t have to live miles apart. Find simple tips for designing a home that’s functional and beautiful.

It’s important to make your home both stylish and livable. There is one word that designers either love or hate: function. Personally, I love it. I really believe you can have the right balance of both style and function.
The one thing you need to do when embarking on a design project is to be realistic. Think about this question: How does your house have to work for you and your family? If you’re like me with a young, busy family full of kids and pets, you should never have anything white in your house unless you’re sure the material is stain resistant.

However, you can find the right mix of function and style. Just make sure you think your design decisions through carefully. If you’re a large family that spends all your time doing homework in the kitchen and family room, then a large kitchen island or an open-concept kitchen and family room will probably work really well for you. If you’re a retired couple who loves to cook and entertain, your priority might be gorgeous kitchen appliances, so you splurge on a chef’s dreamy (and stylish) gas range.
It’s important to know what makes the most sense for your lifestyle and home, so don’t choose colors, fabrics or even materials that won’t work for your family, children or pets. Be realistic about what you can and can’t live with because there are some things you might love the look of, that are very stylish, but just aren’t practical with a Great Dane. For example, I absolutely love the look of white Carrara marble countertops, but they can be stressful in a kitchen because they stain so easily, especially by red wine or coffee. You don’t want to always be on high alert for spills, or be the crazy lady saying, “Don’t touch the counters!”

That’s not to say if you have a busy lifestyle with kids and pets, you can’t have a gorgeous, stylish home. Companies have caught on and now function can be stylish, too. For instance, there are great-looking, durable fabrics that are made to handle extreme wear and tear. Some are even made with Teflon. Sometimes you might pay a little more for a high-performance material that looks great and can stand the test of time. Be smart about it, and if you get a light color sofa (or you had one before the kids came along), consider having a slipcover made that’s in a dark, machine-washable fabric.
If you have a hectic home life with lots of activity, think about your choices and always go with the most durable materials you can find. Or tell you kids to stay in their rooms until they’re old enough to go to college.

Cottage Living Room Decorating Ideas 2012

Cottage Living Room Decorating

Cottage design is a colorful, comfortable look characterized by painted and decorated furniture with graceful lines.

The cottage style living room invites you to slouch on the couch, put your feet up and sit a spell. Furnishings are relaxed and unpretentious. Slipcovers and quilts can cover up upholstered furnishings that have seen better days; a pretty quilt also makes a great wall hanging for cottage style living rooms.