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Bathroom Decorating Design Ideas 2012 With Neutral Color

With this sets of bathrooms designs with Neutral Color such as crisp white, serene cream, glam gray, and rich brown you can make your bathroom looks clean and calm .
Hopefully you get new ideas to beautify your Bathroom in the house. I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Down to Earth 

Go green in neutral tones with bath fixtures and furnishings made from salvaged and renewable materials. Reclaimed wood can be fashioned into a vanity top as seen here, while a rattan stool and stone bath mat are made from renewable resources for soul-soothing natural textures and colors. Stone tile and golden walls add to the spa-like quality of this earthy and earth-friendly bath.

Character Counts 

Powder room styles reflect the individual personality of the homeowner in a space small enough to allow for a more daring design than you might want in a larger bathroom. To create architectural character in this small, plain powder room, thin glass tiles in a palette of grays and tans combine for a dramatic backsplash that extends from floor to ceiling. The poured-concrete countertop and sink pick up the color of the medium-tone tiles, while the walls match the lightest ones.

Dark Drama

A high contrast of white porcelain, dark paint, and subtle pattern in the wall makes this bathroom visually appealing. The graphic-pattern hand towels inject more subtle pattern and breaks up the expanse of dark wall. The large mirror keeps light moving throughout the space so the dramatic walls don’t overpower the small room.

Grass-cloth Glamour

Chic grass-cloth wallpaper makes an easy and inexpensive upgrade for this small guest bath. The neutral paper makes the room appear larger and can complement any color of towels or bath accessories for a quick change. The narrow gray stone vanity is surrounded by white and gray marble on walls and floor, visually expanding the room. The mirrored wall above the vanity increases the effect of spaciousness by reflecting both light and soft color.

Going Gray 

Charcoal-gray upper walls and gray-veined white marble below create a calm, elegant look. Contrasting marble mosaics form a ribbon around the perimeter of the room, adding a decorative focal point. The marble is Asian statuary, not the typical Carrara. The new polished-nickel faucets mimic vintage designs, while the wide sink ledge acts as a mini storage shelf. Substantial frames in crisp white outline medicine cabinets above the pair of sinks. In a small bath, a white console sink — a two-legged or four-legged unit that’s open under the basin — takes up less space than a typical vanity with cabinetry, leaving room for a pair of metal stools upholstered in nubby white terrycloth.

Gray Haven 

Richly grained marble creates an elegant exuberance in this master bath. The beautifully polished Equator Marmara marble tile shimmers in multiple shades of gray in the shower, on the tub surround, and on the floor. The black-and-white animal print stool offers an organic and fluid counterpoint to the rigidly geometric quality of the gray marble. The walls are covered in a silvery paper that brings a metallic sparkle to the room.

Shades of White 

Varying tones of white, ivory, and ecru visually combine to make this bath look expansive, belying its narrow dimensions and giving it a spa-like quality. The room’s neutral color scheme achieves a sun-kissed radiance thanks to the natural light that flows through two divided-light windows: one in the shower and one above the tub. This light and airy feel translates into a period-style bath that respects the past and serves the needs of the present.

Traditional Styling

With its rich mahogany finish, this storage-packed vanity is the focal point of the master bath. Antiqued brass bin pulls reinforce the vintage feel, while the square white porcelain sinks add a contemporary counterpoint to the vanity’s traditional features, including the wall-mount faucets. A pale limestone floor and countertop keep the darkness of vanity and mirror frames in balance, while golden crackle-finish subway tile creates a bright, cheerful backsplash.

Vintage Vibe 

In this refurbished 1920s master bath, a contemporary paint palette of warm white and pale gray makes flea market furnishings shine. The sink, plumbed into a vintage dresser, wraps up style and function in a pretty package, while an old apothecary cabinet holds supplies in period style. Beaded-board wainscoting injects subtle white-on-white pattern around the room, while the large woven towel basket provides interesting texture.

Birch Beauty

Birch woods wallpaper in shades of taupe inspired the color palette for this powder room redo. With the new wallpaper, the dark trim and plantation-style shutters on the window needed lightening with a fresh coat of white paint that not only complements the paper but also contrasts with the dark ebony stain on the hardwood floor. The modern vanity, console table, shaded sconces, and brushed-nickel hardware add to the sophisticated upscale look.

Modern Classic 

Cottage elements in white and beige give this small bath a charming new look. Formerly clad in pink fixtures and tile, the soft and timeless neutral palette brings the room back to its stylistic roots while remaining modern in its amenities. White-painted tin tiles gives texture and depth to a ceiling once covered in dated popcorn. White subway tile and crisply painted beaded board visually expand the walls and reflect light throughout the space. White fixtures provide tone-on-tone silhouettes in classic forms. Beige tiles grouted in gray mimic brick and add warmth to the floor.

Natural Retreat

This small but storage-rich bathroom boasts an organic feel with a spa-like sensibility. Sage-painted walls provide a soothing backdrop for the space. Small storage niches built in between wall studs stand out in a contrasting wheat color. Chunky bases in deep-grained wood extend the niches out from the wall. Off-white cabinetry and a porthole mirror brighten the overall color scheme, while the countertop, baskets, and brushed-nickel fittings add textural hues.

2013 HGTV Smart Home : Front Yard Pictures

About the Front Yard: 
Drawing from the design of Jacksonville Beach’s original shingle style vacation homes, HGTV Smart Home 2013 is nestled into the landscape, with a wide front porch that invites relaxation while providing shade from the intense Florida sun. In keeping with shingle style design, a light tower in the front fa├žade mimics the look of a cupola or widow’s walk and a detached garage with cupola replicates the look of a boathouse.

A wide front porch, topped with a 24 gauge standing seam roof, invites relaxation and conversation with neighbors. Pine straw covered beds planted with Asiatic jasmine greet guests along the front fence.

Classic yacht club style rocking chairs, fashioned from durable composite material, carve out a cozy reading and conversation area.

An oxidized iron clad wood table is set for a midday snack. Blown-glass tableware, pottery and linens hint at the interior color palette.

Coquina style exterior cladding, which references the construction of the earliest homes in St. Augustine, lends visual interest and tells a story of the First Coast and its architectural history.

Planted between the picket fence and the front porch to draw attention, needle palm will grow to a height of 4-1/2 feet and provide needed massing in the landscape.

Maintenance free Asiatic jasmine replaces sod in the front yard. “We’re taking that line between the structure and the natural environment and softening it so it feels like there is not a firm and precise break line,” says landscape architect Jeremy Marquis.

A driveway clad in permeable pavers leads to a boathouse style garage and the home’s family entrance, where an outdoor shower provides a space to rinse off and refresh before entering the home.

A planter strip of dwarf Mondo grass stabilizes the surrounding soil and minimizes the amount of pavers used in the driveway area.

Modern Green Living Room Design Ideas 2011

This photos is one way to design your living room to look beautiful and attractive. The living room is part of the house that we often use to gather with family. In addition, to receive visitors to your home. Therefore there is need for an attractive design in your living room. Color greatly influence the design of the room including the living room. The green color in the living room is intentionally photos we chose for you. With the green color will add beauty, coolness in the design of your living room. Green living room design will look more stunning if the table furniture at this design using glass as a mirror. On the green living room floor designs also we dominance of green color, anyone who saw it would be interested.

Creative Ways to Make a Curtain Hardware by Using Household Items

With a little imagination and a few simple DIY tricks, create one of a kind hardware and tiebacks for your curtains from everyday objects.

By : Brian Patrick Flynn

Braced With Bracelets 
Many women’s bracelets and men’s cuffs are the right size for cinching single-width drapery panels. Put bracelets and cuffs to creative use as tiebacks by placing them around drapery panels and hanging freely, or create a more permanent look by attaching them to the wall with Velcro.
Branching Out 
Sometimes the perfect object for a lightweight drapery rod may be sitting right outside your window. Branches can make for excellent, sculptural drapery rods with a few simple do-it-yourself updates. Search for a branch with the proper length and width to fit above a window and handle the weight of the chosen drapery panel. Next, cut it to size and spray-paint it in a color which contrasts well against the wall. Lastly, secure standoffs, ready-made drapery rod brackets or L brackets directly to the wall using plastic drywall anchors, then attach the branch with screws or bailing wire.
A Touch of Menswear 
When draperies need to be pulled back from or tied back in the middle of a window, neckties are a stylish solution. While freestanding tiebacks simply require a proper Windsor knot slipped up along the bottom of a drapery panel, fixed tiebacks are created with Velcro placed along the back of the neck loop and attached directly to the wall.
A Nod to Nautical 
Sisal rope has endless uses when it comes to decorating. To add a nautical touch to windows, consider adding small two-by-two-inch wooden blocks above a window. Then, after cutting a spool of rope to size, knotting each end and sliding drapery rings or panels directly onto it, attach rope securely to blocks with decorative screws and washers. Depending on how tight the rope is pulled before being secured to each block, a more tailored or relaxed look can be achieved.
Fashion Forward 
Add a fashionable touch to your curtains by repurposing an old leather belt into a stylish and preppy tieback. Wrap the belt around the gathered drapery panel and add an additional hole to the belt using a nail and hammer. Secure the belt to the wall approximately 10 inches in from the front edge of the belt buckle. Wrap the belt around the drapery panel and buckle in place with the brand-new hole.
Stylishly Sporty 
Bring an unexpected touch to a man cave with golf-club drapery rods placed above small windows. In order to use the golf club successfully, pick up C hooks from a home improvement store, secure them into the wall above and alongside the window, slide panels onto the clubs, then secure them to the C hooks.
Nifty Necklace 
Get those seldom-worn accessories out of the jewelry box and in plain sight by using necklaces as curtain tiebacks. To ensure the proper effect, stick with necklaces large and thick enough to be seen from different vantage points in the room. If thin pieces are used, they may lose impact and look more like clutter than decorative tiebacks.
Design Home Run 
Bring the ball game to a boys’ room or grownup guys’ space with baseball drapery rod finials. To turn the baseball into a finial, use a paddle bit slightly larger in diameter than the rod, drilling directly into one side of the baseball. Next, position the baseball directly along the end of the rod, securing a tight fit by hand.
Toy Story 
Many finials made specifically for children’s rooms are branded, themed or too trendy to withstand the test of time. Put a classic spin on a colorful, kid-friendly space by repurposing wooden blocks as finials with wood glue, a drill and paddle bit. Once the proper hole is drilled into the side, secure the blocks to the end of the drapery pole with properly sized screws or bolts.

Easy Christmas Wreaths 2014 Ideas

Whether adorning your front door or decorating your mantel, try one of these stunning Christmas wreaths this holiday season.

Mix classic elements, like winter berries and sprigs of greenery, with trendy accents, like textured feathers, to create a traditional yet updated wreath. Design by RMSer marykay.
To create a designer worthy wreath, add in silk flowers, like magnolias, hydrangeas and winter berries. Complete the look with a few metallic feathers and trimmed ribbon to hang. If you have a tall door, tie the ribbon high above to maximize impact, but have the wreath hit at eye level. Design by RMSer Leanne Michaels Interiors.
Combine magnolia leaves, berries and pine cones with unusual vegetables, like artichokes, for a nature inspired Christmas wreath.
The holiday season is all about glitz and glamour. Dress up a plain wreath with ornaments, pine cones, ribbon and leaves in your favorite metallic: bronze, copper, silver or gold.
Use two textured ribbons, like velvet and brocade options in complementary hues, to create a beautiful bow at the bottom of your wreath. Fill out the rest of the wreath with ornaments and flowers. Design by RMSer Leanne Michaels Interiors.
Get crafty with a paper wreath. RMSer lindsay 5402 uses old sheet music and pages from a dictionary to create a one of a kind Christmas wreath.
Glittering flowers are combined with vintage owl ornaments for an enchanting Christmas wreath. A snowy landscape adds interest to the typically empty center. Design by RMSer Barbara Ann.
Go the simple yet stunning route by letting the beauty of a fresh evergreen wreath take center stage. Hang the wreath with patterned ribbon and add in a few pine cones for texture and interest. Design by RMSer Leanne Michael Interiors.
Classic ornaments in a variety of sizes are used to create a festive and bright front door wreath. Gold ribbon provides the perfect contrast to the shiny red glass balls. Design by RMS laurabruen.