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Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments New 2012 Ideas

Clever embellishments turn plain-Jane ornaments into seasonal standouts.

Christmas Green Trims 

Spell out “Joy” on ornaments in glittery script, then add some jewels and extra glitter to make these flashy tree decorations.

Pastel Ribbons

Simplicity says it all with these flower-topped ornaments.

Sparkling Geometric Trims 

Brighten up the tree in no time with vibrant orange ornaments embellished with glitter.

Decorated Paper Ornament

Let your creativity show with these simple paper ornaments. Cut out circles from colored cardstock. Add string, ribbons, buttons, and other holiday decorations to make one-of-a-kind ornaments. Glue on a piece of gold foil to mimic an ornament top.

Picture Frame Ornament 

Make your Christmas a traditional one by personalizing your tree with old family photos. Simply mat pictures on fun, Christmas-color cardstock and cut to fit a 3-1/2×5-inch black photo frame.

Vintage Stamp Ornament

Give your tree an old-fashioned look by slipping Christmas stamps into a clear ornament. Look for sets of stamps with different pictures to add interest.

Evergreen Tree

Turn your Christmas fir into a forest by filling it with dozens of paper-tree ornaments made by simply rolling up strips of green scrapbook paper.

Bejeweled Ornament

Dressed up in jewels for the holidays, these quick-to-make ornaments will be the star attraction of your Christmas tree. The ornaments are crafted using a purchased ball ornament, crafts-store beads, and gold glitter.

Dazzling Beads

For ornaments that dazzle, decorate satin balls with dimensional paint and shower them with the tiniest of beads. A few simple crafts supplies, our free pattern, and a steady hand are all you need to create these striking holiday decorations.

Dazzling Beads, Take Two

Here’s a variation of the ornament shown in the previous slide. The free-form star pattern is easy to re-create and gets a little visual kick from the dots at the end of each arm.

Beaded Beauty

Sparkling beads make any tree decoration stand out from the rest.

New Bedroom Window Treatments Ideas 2012 : Traditional Curtains

You can find ideas for elegant curtains and drapes to enhance your  Bedroom decor , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Banded Silk Panels 

In a quietly neutral master bedroom, these fixed, banded drapery panels eschew the standard ring-and-rod installation in favor of an innovative combination of grommets and wall-mount hooks. The treatment adds dimension and soft draping to the silk panels, and the flat braid above and below the wide gray band contributes a polished finish, with lined panels that puddle slightly. Because the panels are fixed, natural woven shades do the practical work, discreetly controlling privacy and light.

Formal Silk Drapes 

High ceilings give a space grandeur, but they also can make a room feel uncomfortably cavernous. To give the room more human-scale proportions, add crown molding and painted bands. Here, gold stripes and buttons accent the bands. Formal silk draperies with tightly smocked headers hang on gilded rods at window frame-level.

Valance and Drapery Panels 

A pretty, detailed window treatment adds a special welcome to a guest room. For a bedroom with an old-fashioned feel, a scalloped valance overlies drapery panels sewn from a novelty print with a green background.
The valance and drapery panels attach by rings to an iron rod featuring decorative finials. Greek-key trim stitched to the edges of the panels is an appropriate finishing touch that echoes the classical motifs of the fabric. Tasseled rope tiebacks gently hold the panels in place, creating a soft fullness that works with the romantic feel of the inviting room. Framed art flanks the window, completing the setting.

Bedroom Curtains in a Soft, Soothing Hue

The secret to an inviting guest room is a comfy bed, of course, but ambience matters, too. For a restful retreat, use a soft color throughout and include only one or two bold standouts in the decor. Here, soft green for pleated draperies, walls, furniture, and bedding wraps the room with serenity.

White Drapery Panels

In a bedroom where toile sets the romantic scene, creamy white drapery panels edged in a flat braid enhance the color palette. The goblet-header drapery panels, sewn to white rings, slide easily on the painted white drapery rod. The exposed rod is often a fresher look than a fabric-covered rod or cornice. Simple touches, such as the flat braid, give a neatly finished look to drapery panels. Wood blinds behind the drapery are virtually invisible when pulled up, but block out the light when needed

Curtains with Complimentary Pattern

Fun rooms call for lighthearted walls and window treatments. In a home of classic good taste, this boys’ room features a playful interpretation of traditional blue: horizontally striped painted wall finish and drapery panels fabricated from an inventive leaf-print fabric. The panels hang by fabric ties from the exposed rod—a treatment that won’t be outgrown too quickly. The folded-fabric border is snappy, elevating a standard treatment into a classic accompaniment suitable for any age.

Iron Curtain Rings

Getting the latest look has never been easier, thanks to innovative products in today’s market. In this case, purchased curtain panels are accessorized with iron curtain rings that simply clip to the top of the curtain.

Contemporary Wool Curtains

A contemporary twist on classic American patchwork, wool fabric softens the modern style of a city bedroom. The operable panels—banded in off-white and sewn to chrome rings—slide easily on the unadorned chrome rod. The subtle difference between shades of gray and taupe wool play off the rich brown walls, the neatly tied linen headboard and the white bed linens. The chrome rod echoes that finish on the stylized floor lamp, while three narrow blinds meet the need for privacy.

Toile Curtains

With a slanted ceiling and one window, this 8×13-foot petite guest room in a seaside cottage posed more challenge than charm. To downplay its small size and odd shape, a simple toile pattern featuring seashells was wrapped around the walls and window. Indeed, homeowners hesitant to use a single pattern over and over should consider toile—it’s one of the easiest patterns to master with success.

Full-length Drapery Panels

Older homes often feature casement windows along the upper section of walls. To lengthen these windows and provide a colorful backdrop to the beds, full-length cotton drapery panels hang over the windows and extend around the corner to the other walls in the room.

Tailored Drapes 

Drapery panels introduce subtle pattern and color in this master bedroom without overwhelming fabrication. Lined and interlined for warmth and graceful posture, the panels graze the neutral carpet; they are sewn rings for a traditional operable treatment

Striped Silk Curtains 

A stunning silk stripe unifies a guest room, appearing in the high-style window treatment and in the lining for the tie-on bed hangings. To dress the stately French windows, the silk stripe is fabricated into gathered balloon shades; it also hangs as side panels. The shapely finial and decorative rings contribute detailing to the effect. Silk fabric works equally well as the lining for the panels that define iron twin beds. Along with the Aubusson rug and oil portraits, classic fabrications ground the room in a feeling of continental luxury.

DIY Easy Handmade Christmas Stockings 2013 Ideas from HGTV

No mantel? No sewing skills? No problem! These unique handmade Christmas stockings will inspire you to think outside the sock.

Instead of a traditional Christmas stocking, try making these fun, vintage grain sack inspired “stocking sacks” from Marian Parsons. With draw strings and custom painting, these sacks are cute and functional. Use them in lieu of stockings, as a stand-in for wrapping paper or as a personalized hostess or teacher gift.
These burlap coffee sack stockings have an effortless, vintage vibe. Sprigs of greenery peeking out of the top feel fresh and also hide the treasures inside from prying eyes.
Don’t toss that old sweater. Instead, repurpose it as custom stockings for the entire family. This project requires no sewing machine or knitting needles and can easily be completed in an afternoon. (That’s our Christmas gift to you!)
Give your holiday mantel a high-fashion makeover with custom leather Christmas stockings. Wouldn’t these tanned beauties be so appropriate for a rustic industrial holiday?
Rate My Space user QuincyRN had the clever idea to repurpose cowboy boots as stockings for a dose of Southwestern charm.
These handmade plywood stockings from blogger Erin Loechner reflect a Scandinavian aesthetic and the wood subtly warms up the white mantel. Best of all? They’re magnetic, so they can be removed and filled with ease.
Give your holiday decorations a playful twist by swapping out traditional Christmas stockings for metal pails painted with fun, bright colors. Who said stockings had to be made of fabric anyway?

New Kitchen Cabinet Knobs, Handles and Pulls 2014 Style

Add instant style to your kitchen cabinets with new 2014 knobs, pulls and handles.

Updating cabinet hardware is an easy way to change the overall appearance of your kitchen without investing a lot of money or time. Plus, there is a wide range of stores and online resources for finding the perfect pulls, knobs and handles to match your style. Kitchen design by Beth Haley

Dark walnut cabinetry, paired with thin bar-style door and drawer pulls, builds a modern foundation for this kitchen. Materials such as stainless steel, custom glass backsplashes and granite further the modern aesthetic while remaining elegant. Butter yellow hand-tipped leather stools add the perfect accent to the restrained color palette. Design by Gregory Augustine

Contemporary hardware in a brushed-nickel finish blends seamlessly with the gray-colored cabinets and counter, as well as the stainless steel appliances, for a soothing, unified look in this galley kitchen. Design by Nicole Sassaman

Simple round black knobs complement the black in the countertops and allow the unusual wainscoting and embossed tin backsplash to grab the spotlight in this country kitchen. Design by Sue Adams

The hammered effect on these traditionally styled Arts and Crafts knobs and pulls adds to the rustic look of the hand-hewn cabinets.

In the HGTV Dream Home 2011 kitchen, small square cabinet door knobs offer a subtle but elegant contrast to the stacked rectangular Carrera marble tile on the backsplash. Design by Linda Woodrum

Similar, subtle accent notes are made with the small button-like knobs and drawer pulls in this transitionally styled kitchen. Instead, the decorative flourishes in the granite countertops and backsplash with stainless steel tile insets add drama to the space. Design by Christopher J. Grubb; photography by Jeromy Robert

Don’t be afraid to mix and match hardware styles. The hand-painted archway, the cobalt blue and accent countertop tiles, and the decorative ceramic knobs all come together to give this kitchen an authentic Mexican feel. Stainless steel contemporary-styled handles and drawer pulls make an appearance, picking up the finish on the stove hood, stovetop and light fixtures in the adjacent dining room. Design by Erica Islas

A custom copper sink and faucet are showstopping additions to this formal kitchen. The ornate cabinet hardware and elegant chandeliers further the regal feel of the space. Design by Dave Stimmel

Kitchen cabinet pulls, knobs and handles can be found in a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern to down-right funky. The colorful cabinetry paired with contemporary hardware provides visual delight in this artistic-styled kitchen. Design by Lou Ann Bauer

Multiuse Room 2013 Decorating Ideas

With flexible furnishings and a little imagination, an extra bedroom shows how to finesse a floor plan, boost square footage, and create a versatile room that’s as handsome as it is hardworking. 
By Allison Maze
Adaptable storage and handmade charm transform this spare room into a single do it all space for family and guests. A DIY daybed dressed with throw pillows converts to a bed when guests come knocking. Crate-style cabinets stocked with extra linens pull double duty as nightstands holding an alarm clock, a lamp, books, and decor.
Hairpin legs lend midcentury flair to the bed’s custom built platform. The legs create the perfect amount of clearance to tuck away suitcases and extra office items under the bed.
Multiuse rooms are chameleons, able to modify function to fill different needs and often at the drop of a hat. Double duty furniture and a mix of crafty amenities fill this all in one space with purpose, style, and comfort.
To optimize multiuse spaces, focus on incorporating furniture that’s both practical and versatile. Moveable pieces such as wheeled bins and carts encourage you to repurpose or simply roll into a corner when floor space is at a premium. Here, a clear acrylic end table wheels up as an extra work surface and neatly tucks away when not in use.
Plush, easy sew accent pillows made from wool felt dress up the DIY daybed and add a layer of comfort in keeping with the room’s woodland theme.
A collection of message boards framed with white molding transforms a blank wall into a communication station for guests and family members. A handmade wood and concrete bench anchors the arrangement and provides space for display items. Woven baskets stow reading materials beneath the bench.
A stealthy charging station fashioned from a vintage toolbox keeps phones, music players, and cameras fully charged and cords tangle free. Within the box, a board cut with cord holes covers a power strip. Simply close the box’s lid to cover electronic devices and showcase its patinaed charm.
Small, smart touches amplify function throughout the office area. Refinished vintage desk accessories and clever paper management tools make the work area pretty, practical, and productive. Adding a pullout shelf to the cabinet near the computer desk creates an easy to access spot for a printer and paper supplies when they’re needed.
The room’s standard 6 foot wide closet was converted into a hobby station that can be quickly masked behind canvas curtains. A pegboard, paper files, and ribbon dispensers put the wall to work.
Inside the closet, a metal pegboard provides sleek, efficient access to crafts tools and supplies. A wall mount ribbon holder makes gift wrapping a snap. Small buckets of colored pencils stay organized and accessible on a desktop turntable.
Keeping hobby supplies in check is easy with smart storage. Acrylic drawer dividers corral tiny crafts accessories, such as buttons, brads, and stickers. Clear jars identify precut ribbon by color. A container resembling a lunch box serves as a sewing kit with needles, scissors, and thread.