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Decorating Design Ideas 2011 By Leslie Ezelle’s

Leslie, an interior designer from Dallas, Texas, joins the cast of HGTV Design Star season six. Take a peek at the designs that earned her a spot on the show.

Eclectic and Modern

The gold lamps and the buffet are created by LeslieChristine Designs along with the original art work by Ezelle. Oversized large floor vases serve as an alternative candle holder with floating candles. “Toby the Kitty is available for personal appearances on demand, but you must go through his agent,” says Ezelle.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad

Ezelle designs a bachelor pad to create a masculine yet seductive look great for throwing parties. This 15×17-square-foot room needed to have lots of space and places to sit. The look is achieved by combining contrasting colors of green ottomans with light furniture and warm browns.

Contemporary Dining Room

This dining room features cornice boards that are constructed from core poster board covered with batting and velvet assembled with a hot glue gun. With a light-weight cornice board, it’s much easier to install by simply placing on top of the curtain rods hidden beneath. The Asian-inspired buffet dictates the color and style of this dining room.

Restored Furnishings

These two chairs were found in the trash (Ezelle’s favorite type of furniture). She had them reupholstered in off-white leather and created a geometric pattern with studs all around the arms. The coffee table is created from a piece of glass that she sprayed a frosted color and two small book cases she laid on their side for extra storage.

Mod Living Room

Originally, this room had no light and was blocked off by walls to separate living and dining. By adding a sliding glass door and removing dividing walls, the 19×12-square-foot room feels twice as large. All the furnishings are white allowing the bright fuchsia wall to be a focal point of the space.

Relaxing Master Bedroom

Combining stone grey, warm earth tones with amethyst lavender accents and bold linens in white, this bedroom becomes a perfect peaceful retreat. The neutral linen covered chair, originally found in someone’s trash, is saved and redesigned by LeslieChristine Designs.

Contemporary Office Setting

Inspired by “Set Fire to the Rain” (a painting by Leslie Ezelle 2011), the office has various shades of white in contrast with warm browns, metallic gold and platinum. It’s important to have an office with a warm, home environment yet maintain a professional feel. Pictures of energy infrastructure and the firms products are used and presented in an artistic, edgy manner.

Modern Living Space

When dealing with a beautiful wall-to-wall window view, less is more. It’s important not to compete with the view by keeping each decorative choice to a bare minimum.

2013 HGTV Smart Home : Living Room Pictures

About the Living Room: 
“I didn’t want to just go turquoise blue, turquoise blue, turquoise blue,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum, who veered from the beachy blue color palette when designing the home’s largest gathering and party space. A happy collection of solid colors and modern and Moroccan prints celebrates vintage Florida style, while high-tech features make a singularly modern statement.

What Linda describes as a “very evolutionary room” began with a charcoal chaise positioned in front of telescoping glass doors. The low profile of furnishings keeps views from the deck in and the living room out unobstructed.

A tufted nylon rug in a Moroccan print continues a focus on Hollywood regency style. Layered with animal and Floridian prints, plus solid colors, the room pops. “All these bold patterns keep the room up to date and modern,” says Linda.

Crafted with industrial grade components, the aerodynamically inspired ceiling fan features a wall unit that controls speed. The energy efficient fan circulates warm air in the winter and has the potential to lower summer indoor air temperature by 8 to 16° F.

“The first thing we saw was that bench it’s so contemporary,” says Linda. “And that helps keep that room in a wonderful place. It was just the perfect piece.”

Semi sheer linen drapes may be drawn to create a wall of privacy between the dining and living rooms.

Continuing a focus on sustainable, locally sourced materials, a wall of pickled pecky cypress houses three flat screen TVs, programmable via the home’s smart tablets.

“The living room was all about playing around with fabrics and figuring out what works,” says Linda. “There’s a lot of versatility in that room. You could remove those pillows and go with all turquoise blue.”

Tabletop accessories, including nature photography books, resin cast coral sculptures and clear glass desk accessories draw the eye without dominating the overall design scheme.

Cast resin clamshell sconces by artist Karen Robertson flank the entrance to the home’s outdoor dining area and grilling station. Stripes of color frame the view and draw eyes up to the vaulted ceiling.

A focus on Floridian prints that evoke circa 1950s Copacabana style and bright citrus hues dominate the design scheme.

A smart tablet enables the homeowner to control TV covers, select TV stations and whole-house audio, monitor security camera activity, and control home security within the comfort of the living room.

Telescoping glass doors open to reveal outdoor living areas, which expand the living room’s square footage during warm weather months.

Handcrafted pedestals frame the view from the living area to the dining room. Topped with cast stone urns and greenery, they reference Hollywood regency style and its focus on ornamentation.

Easy Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating a small space has it’s own set of challenges. Today I have 7 ideas to help make the most of your space even if it’s not that large. Through the use of color, the right accessories, proper furniture placement and a few other decorating tricks, you can turn your small space into a fabulous space.

Paint an Accent Wall. Dark colors make a wall recede giving the illusion of more depth in a room. Paint one wall a contrasting color then carry that color into the room through accessories and fabrics.

Create a desk in a niche. Utilize small nooks or niches to add a shelf to use as a desk. Decorative corbels and trim help to give it a finished look.

Choose furniture you can see through. Clear chairs and a glass top table help to visually expand a small dining area and keep it from feeling cramped.

Choose furniture that is multi-functional. A daybed functions as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. This is an excellent solution if you live in a studio apartment or don’t have the space for a guest room.

Use smaller armless side chairs. Lightweight chairs without arms work better in smaller spaces because they are easier to maneuver in and out of and they can easily be moved from one room to another.

Keep your kitchen storage open. Heavy upper cabinets can sometimes make a small kitchen seem even smaller. By using open shelving, the eye is tricked into believing the space is larger.

Select furniture that doesn’t weigh the space down. This bed offers a great focal point in this room and the height brings the eye up. Like the clear furniture mentioned above, the sleek style doesn’t take up too much visual space. Keeping things light and airy helps to make the space feel larger.

By Peggy Pardo

Decorating Updates With Using Fabric : Easy Tips

Give your home a bold new look in just one weekend with these easy designs and fabulous fabrics ,
 I hope you like it  : Enjoy !!

Three Fabric Panels

Large rectangles of pretty fabric can also do double duty as a headboard. In this room, we stretched fabric pieces over three artist’s canvases. Pull the fabric taut and staple in the back. Hang behind a bed.

Slipcovered Chair 

Old wooden armchairs can be found for a cheap price at most thrift stores. Buy one and give it a new look. Upholster the back and add a frilly slipcover for the seat.

Window Frames 

For a new outlook in your bedroom, find old window frames that measure about the width of your bed. Remove the glass and cut fiberboard to fit in the openings. Cut favorite fabrics to fit each section and adhere them to the fiberboard with spray adhesive. Install the fiberboard in the frame openings, and install the window frames above your bed.

Patterned Bliss 

With easy-care cottons and bold designs, there’s no mistaking these modern fabrics for the harvest gold and avocado green so popular in the 1960s. The mix-and-match patterns in yellow, rust, brown, and shades of green may be retro-inspired, but they’re up-to-date in this living-area makeover. Mixing modern and traditional elements gives this space the look of comfort and style.

Revamped Lighting 

If you love your lamp base but the drum shade not so much, give it a facelift with a modern fabric. Choose a pattern from your pillows or throw for the body and then band the top and bottom in the same fabric or go for contrast with a companion print. Working with a drum shade allows you to use almost any textile; a shade with an angle looks best with a small overall print or a solid fabric that doesn’t require a pattern match.

Quick-Patch Tablecloth

This great tablecloth requires next to no measuring. Use one width of the fabric for the center and one quarter width for the perimeter. The charm of this set is twofold big blocks of color reduce assembly time and give you a look that’s new and fresh.

A Pattern-Filled Bath 

Peaceful and private retreat, a bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but there’s no need for it to be boring. Pretty colors and lively patterns make this bath a joy. The key is determining what your guests see first when they open the door. In this case, it’s the shower and tub that run across the entire width of the room. By making a patchwork curtain the focal point and then accessorizing with companion towels, a window panel, and wastebasket trim, you’ll ensure the space feels open and inviting.

Quick Napkins

Dress up a multipattern tablecloth with coordinating napkins made from mix-and-match fabric scraps. Keep the setting lively by changing the patterns from front to back and napkin to napkin.

Hanging Panels

Instead of hanging fabric panels right on the wall, hang them on hooks. Decoupage the fabric to artist’s canvases or plywood. Staple sturdy ribbon to the panel backs for quick hanging.

Cupboard Door

Turn an old cupboard door on its side for a wall hanging. Place pieces of fabric in the open spaces. Position the fabric in such a way that the pattern continues between frames. Adhere the fabric to the frame with double-sided tape or fabric glue.

Coastal Inspired Holiday Decorating Ideas for Christmas 2013

Designer Casey Noble shares these ways to bring a cool, casual and coastal vibe to your home during the holidays with seaside-inspired decor.

Seashells are ideal for dressing up a simple tabletop. For a casual, coastal look, create small seashell Christmas trees using cone-shaped floral foam. Pick up floral foam forms in three different sizes, then hot-glue seashells of various colors, textures and shapes all over the surfaces.
To put a coastal spin on a classic manzanita branch, dress it up like a tabletop Christmas tree. Use rope-strung shells, sand dollars and starfish as makeshift ornaments to adorn each branch.
Make It: Add casual, coastal flair to your door with a rope-and-burlap wreath. Buy a 24-inch foam wreath form, one spool of white nylon rope, one spool of blue nylon rope, white acrylic paint, one detail brush and one half-yard of red burlap. Use a hot glue gun to secure every third or fourth strand of white nylon rope along the back of the wreath form. Next, add contrasting bands of blue nylon rope to the four corner quadrants of the wreath, creating a two-toned, layered effect. To create the banner, trace the shape of a pennant onto the red burlap, and then cut it out with fabric scissors. Free-hand a seasonal message using a detail brush. Attach the banner to the left and right sides of the wreath using white nylon rope, then hang on the door with an over-the-door stocking hanger.
Sand-dollar sugar cookies add a surprising seaside twist to Christmas sweets. After making classic sugar cookies, use a knife to cut five small slits approximately one half-inch from the edge of each cookie. Press a flat almond slice into each slit to complete the look.
Model sailboats offer a more masculine approach to nautical style. Intended for year-round use, these classics instantly take on a holiday look when surrounded by seasonal colors and textures. To keep a model sailboat from appearing out of place, work in nautical or coastal accents such as rope, weathered woods or aged metals.
Make It: Gather gently used beach towels, dividing them by like color palettes, textures and patterns. Next, print out this stocking template, then cut the towels to size using fabric scissors. Hand-sew or machine-stitch the pieces together, turning the stocking right-side out once finished. Complete the stockings by hot-gluing sections of nylon rope around the top, tying a knot on each end.
Similar to snow globes, glass beach scene ornaments are perfect elements for invigorating seasonal decor. Buy clear glass ornaments and add a layer of sand. Drop small seashells through the ornament opening until they’re layered along the sand in a balanced manner.
For a more textural approach to nautical holiday decor, update a green pine-needle wreath with organic embellishments like capiz shells and starfish.
Make It: Pick up driftwood or weathered barn wood planks, then cut to 10-inch-by-12-inch rectangles using a handsaw. Choose your holiday greeting, and then customize each plank with individual letters, shaping the O’s as captain’s wheels, the S’s as ropes and the J’s as anchors. Next, free-hand or stencil letters onto each piece of wood using latex paint. For a more casual look, consider simply leaning the letters against the wall. To properly hang the letters, add picture hooks to the back.
Make It: Pick up twine and gather sand dollars, small shells and starfish. Use a small screwdriver and a rubber mallet and create one small hole near the edge of a single arm of each starfish. Unfurl the twine and thread it through the holes in the starfish and sand dollars, tying it into small knots, leaving gaps between each one. Lastly, add a final layer of nautical flourish by securing small shells to each knot using a hot glue gun.