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Easy Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating a small space has it’s own set of challenges. Today I have 7 ideas to help make the most of your space even if it’s not that large. Through the use of color, the right accessories, proper furniture placement and a few other decorating tricks, you can turn your small space into a fabulous space.

Paint an Accent Wall. Dark colors make a wall recede giving the illusion of more depth in a room. Paint one wall a contrasting color then carry that color into the room through accessories and fabrics.

Create a desk in a niche. Utilize small nooks or niches to add a shelf to use as a desk. Decorative corbels and trim help to give it a finished look.

Choose furniture you can see through. Clear chairs and a glass top table help to visually expand a small dining area and keep it from feeling cramped.

Choose furniture that is multi-functional. A daybed functions as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. This is an excellent solution if you live in a studio apartment or don’t have the space for a guest room.

Use smaller armless side chairs. Lightweight chairs without arms work better in smaller spaces because they are easier to maneuver in and out of and they can easily be moved from one room to another.

Keep your kitchen storage open. Heavy upper cabinets can sometimes make a small kitchen seem even smaller. By using open shelving, the eye is tricked into believing the space is larger.

Select furniture that doesn’t weigh the space down. This bed offers a great focal point in this room and the height brings the eye up. Like the clear furniture mentioned above, the sleek style doesn’t take up too much visual space. Keeping things light and airy helps to make the space feel larger.

By Peggy Pardo

Multiuse Room 2013 Decorating Ideas

With flexible furnishings and a little imagination, an extra bedroom shows how to finesse a floor plan, boost square footage, and create a versatile room that’s as handsome as it is hardworking. 
By Allison Maze
Adaptable storage and handmade charm transform this spare room into a single do it all space for family and guests. A DIY daybed dressed with throw pillows converts to a bed when guests come knocking. Crate-style cabinets stocked with extra linens pull double duty as nightstands holding an alarm clock, a lamp, books, and decor.
Hairpin legs lend midcentury flair to the bed’s custom built platform. The legs create the perfect amount of clearance to tuck away suitcases and extra office items under the bed.
Multiuse rooms are chameleons, able to modify function to fill different needs and often at the drop of a hat. Double duty furniture and a mix of crafty amenities fill this all in one space with purpose, style, and comfort.
To optimize multiuse spaces, focus on incorporating furniture that’s both practical and versatile. Moveable pieces such as wheeled bins and carts encourage you to repurpose or simply roll into a corner when floor space is at a premium. Here, a clear acrylic end table wheels up as an extra work surface and neatly tucks away when not in use.
Plush, easy sew accent pillows made from wool felt dress up the DIY daybed and add a layer of comfort in keeping with the room’s woodland theme.
A collection of message boards framed with white molding transforms a blank wall into a communication station for guests and family members. A handmade wood and concrete bench anchors the arrangement and provides space for display items. Woven baskets stow reading materials beneath the bench.
A stealthy charging station fashioned from a vintage toolbox keeps phones, music players, and cameras fully charged and cords tangle free. Within the box, a board cut with cord holes covers a power strip. Simply close the box’s lid to cover electronic devices and showcase its patinaed charm.
Small, smart touches amplify function throughout the office area. Refinished vintage desk accessories and clever paper management tools make the work area pretty, practical, and productive. Adding a pullout shelf to the cabinet near the computer desk creates an easy to access spot for a printer and paper supplies when they’re needed.
The room’s standard 6 foot wide closet was converted into a hobby station that can be quickly masked behind canvas curtains. A pegboard, paper files, and ribbon dispensers put the wall to work.
Inside the closet, a metal pegboard provides sleek, efficient access to crafts tools and supplies. A wall mount ribbon holder makes gift wrapping a snap. Small buckets of colored pencils stay organized and accessible on a desktop turntable.
Keeping hobby supplies in check is easy with smart storage. Acrylic drawer dividers corral tiny crafts accessories, such as buttons, brads, and stickers. Clear jars identify precut ribbon by color. A container resembling a lunch box serves as a sewing kit with needles, scissors, and thread.

2013 Country Living Room Decorating Ideas from BHG

A living room decorated in a country theme can be warm and inviting. You don’t need to live out in the sticks to benefit from a roaring log fire, rustic furniture and nature based decor. 
Country themed living rooms can be cost effective to produce, while being fun to design and put together. Gathering country cottage style furniture and decorations is a rewarding project. 
Get inspired by this ideas . I hope that you will find it useful for you … Enjoy it !!
This sunroom turned kid space is perfectly equipped for endless days of fun A small table in the center of the room can be used as a spot to play games and make crafts. A row of store bought cubbyhole shelves below one wall of windows offers plenty of storage space for kid friendly activities without interrupting the views to the outside.
This neutral living space looks anything but boring thanks to accessories featuring a blend of natural fibers and textures. A woven area rug adds warmth underfoot, while the rough cut stone fireplace surround adds contrast to white beaded-board walls.
Against a backdrop of imperfect plank siding walls and doorways outfitted with sliding barn doors, furnishings with more refined fabrics and finishes let comfort coexist with current design to create an everyday living room.
Amidst vintage wingback chairs and antique European accessories, a wicker crate mounted on wheels and repurposed as a charming coffee table reinforces that this is still the living room of a young, active family where casual elegance presides.
A comfortable sofa with an attached chaise lounge offers the perfect solution for incorporating plentiful seating in this small farmhouse family room with generous windows. Beamed ceilings and a burlap covered and antique wire light fixture keep in step with the room’s farmhouse aesthetic.
A blend of character filled antiques, charming flea market finds, and everyday basics outfits this comfortable living room with French flair.
Grounded by reclaimed French terra cotta floor tiles and crowned by rustic beams, this sitting area exudes a gathered over time sensibility. The daybed is bracketed by newly built side rails that have been antiqued; the side chair is slipcovered in Belgian linen.
Small homes require a bit of creative thinking when it comes to carving out space. In this tiny living room, the homeowners created an office area by outfitting an unused closet with a built in desk and shelving. Concealing the workspace for visitors is as simple as closing the closet doors. 
A rug defines the seating area in the living room, which is tightly drawn together for easy conversation.

Offset the mellow stone walls and warm brick of a country inglenook fireplace with a cool Scandinavian colour palette of off-whites and blues. The antique Chesterfield sofa is covered in vintage Hungarian grain sacks.
Give your living room a taste of the good life with farmyard-inspired furnishings. Look out for animal-motif fabrics, put up pictures of your favourite pig breeds and pick up on the retro angle with a polka-dot throw and striped rug.

Colorful Outdoor Decorating For Summer 2013

With easy to please green as your backdrop, be bold and add a dash of color here and a splash of color there to take an outdoor space from dull to dazzling.
Use these creative tips and fun do it yourself projects to gather the ideas and inspiration you need to take your outdoor spaces to the next level. From adding color with paint to planning a garden, we have everything you need to breathe new life into your yard, porch, or patio this season.
I hope you like it ……….. Enjoy !!!

Sunny Day Umbrellas 
Provide sun protection with style. Upgrade your patio or deck with an umbrella that sports a fun color or pattern.
Unify furnishings in a spectrum of colors with the accessories you choose. An assortment of furniture pulls together as a seating area when they share stripe pillows. An outdoor rug unifies the arrangement.
Easy Solution 
Colorful containers are a simple way to brighten an outdoor space. Choose pots in various colors, sizes, and textures.
Coordinate Color 
Look to the flowers and plants in your yard for color inspiration. Use the hues you find to accessorize your outdoor spaces. Purple pillows on this patio match the flowers blooming in the nearby containers.
Use patterns alongside color to enliven your outdoor spaces. Implement patterns in your outdoor decor the same as you do indoors.
Paint dining chairs in bright colors and arrange them around a neutral tabletop. Distressed finishes and bold accessories give this open-air dining space even more personality.
Color Upfront While outdoor living spaces in the backyard are prime for color infusions, don’t forget your front stoop or porch. Use colorful pots for plants, or even add a piece of furniture or two.
Cut a Rug 
Explore outdoor rug options to make outdoor living spaces feel more like rooms. Available in a myriad of colors, patterns, and sizes, these outdoor rugs often closely resemble their indoor counterparts in looks but are fabricated to brave moisture, sunlight, and the other weather elements.
Pretty Fabrics 
Create an outdoor room with fabric. This deck’s setup is similar to an indoor living room arrangement: Outdoor fabrics in pretty patterns cover the plush seat cushions, the arbor serves as a wall and ceiling, and panels hang from the arbor to mimic window treatments. Accents such as lanterns and throw pillows complete the look.
Quaint Details 
Hand painted stencils, such as the botanical motif on the surface of this pillow, are an easy way to punch up outdoor fabric.
Metal furniture is generally affordable and it gives a cool color vibe to your garden or patio. A bar cart is always ready for a party, offering up a handy serving surface.
Colorful Starting Point 
The home’s exterior creates the perfect starting point for this patio’s color scheme. Orange accents, such as throw pillows, hanging fabric, and an oversize letter “B,” stand out against the green exterior. Wood candle holders and potted plants bring the natural elements of the yard onto the patio. With plenty of seating and multiple tables, this patio is just right for enjoying bright summer days and warm summer nights.

2013 Bedroom Color Schemes From BHG

Whether you crave a palette of bright colors or prefer a soothing scheme of neutrals for your bedroom, find inspiration from these bedrooms that showcase colors perfectly.

Peppy Color Scheme 

Coral-Orange + Aqua Blue + Latte White
Neutral walls and furniture in shades of similar warm white create a cloudlike backdrop for vibrant coral-orange and aqua blue. Abstract floral print shams on the bed provide the inspiration for the color scheme and the rest of the room’s elements follow suit. To start your bedroom color scheme, find a pillow or bedspread with colors you love and build from there. Often, bedding comes in coordinated sets, but don’t be afraid to break them up. Mix and match, or leave parts of the set out. For example, nix the bed skirt that matches the pillows and opt for a version in a solid color that blends with the rest of the bedding.
Fashion-Forward Color Scheme 
Slate + Lemon + Cloud 
The oh-so fashionable color palette of gray and yellow makes a bold statement in this petite bedroom. A rich slate on the walls leans heavily towards the blue end of the gray spectrum and is the star of the scheme. Cloud-color bedding continues the gray parade, and yellow on the pillows, ottomans, and accessories brings a partly sunny vibe to the chic grays.
Snowy White Color Scheme 
Pearl White + Cream + Black 
Evoking the look of freshly fallen snow, this cottage-style bedroom combines pearly whites with softer yellow-based whites for a look that is undeniably soothing and graceful. A mirrored nightstand and oval mirror above the bed break up the blanket of white, as do hints of black.
Modern Color Scheme 
Bright Sky Blue + Cool White + Warm Oak 
Blue is a quintessential classic, but its enduring legacy works in modern settings as well. To achieve the look, sky blue is used with crisp white as well as clean-lined furniture and accessories in this bedroom. The wall color, a shade lighter than the bedding and drapes, maintains the modern monochromatic color scheme, but pulls back the walls slightly to allow the other elements, such as the architectural bed in warm oak, to shine.
Classic Global Color Scheme 
Poppy Red + Mink Gray 
Gray gets pulled into the excitement of red, creating a traditional bedroom alive with global-inspired motifs. Red bedding and pillows turn a simple sleigh bed into a focal point and mink gray walls temper the rich red and crisp white palette. Block and ikat prints bring global flair to the space. The curtains dial back on red and rely on a palette of brown, black, and orange, a move that acknowledges the red’s presence, but seeks to not overuse the crimson hue in the space.
Serene Green Color Scheme 
Seafoam Green + Tidal Blue + Surf White 
A beach-inspired color scheme strays from being too “theme-y” when there is nary a beach motif in sight. In this bedroom, seafoam green and watery blues evoke a seaside look, while traditional elements, such as the upholstered window cornice, an antique chair, and graceful headboard maintain a level of sophistication.
Elegant Neutral Color Scheme 
Antique Whites + Crisp White 
Forget the notion that your whites have to match. A mixed bag of neutrals can create a visually interesting space with a few simple tricks. Keep your palette of whites within the same family, so that they all share similar undertones. In this bedroom, warm whites in varying intensities color the walls, trim, and bedding. Texture and repetition also bring the palette to life. Using each color more than once makes the mixing look more intentional. Here, light mocha appears on the trim, stool cushions, and shams, while linen white colors the artwork and drapes.
Fresh Cottage Color Scheme 
Linen White + Sunny Yellow + Dove Gray 
White is a go-to choice for bedrooms because of its soothing, simple properties. Plus, it can be interpreted as modern, traditional, cottage, or vintage. In this cheery space, the neutral goes cottage, with splashes of yellow on the bedding and plenty of style specific accents, such as the wrought iron bed and eclectic gathering of accessories. Hints of gray keep the color palette fashion-forward.
Dramatic Color Scheme 
Navy Blue + Snow White + Lipstick Pink 
Dark colors equate with drama in a bedroom setting. For a more steady approach to drama, use a dark color in one large dose and let the rest of the room’s elements remain bright. In this sophisticated bedroom, rich navy blue colors the walls and is a backdrop for the burlap white headboard, bench, and nightstand. Snow white bedding with lipstick pink trim and white drapes are also eye-catching against the deep blue.
Oceanside Color Scheme 
Watercolor Blue + Sandy White 
Simple, but hardly simplistic, a color palette of two is a welcoming break from a color-saturated world. In this light-filled room, the judicious use of white reflects the incoming natural light, making the blue walls appear almost iridescent. A more saturated palette on the painting above the bed serves as a contrast point and a reminder of just how light and delicate the rest of the room is.
Black & White Color Scheme 
Ebony + Powder White + Pale Citron 
Black and white are anything but basic when played out in a symphony of pretty patterns and textures. White drapes soften expansive walls and high ceilings. The fabric is thin, which makes the drapes floaty, rather than bulky. In a room that gets a lot of natural light or has high ceilings, an element with a bold visual presence will anchor the room. Here, a black upholstered bed grounds the space and a white geometric pattern unites the piece to the rest of the room. When incorporating color with black and white, go with a barely-there color to keep the room’s emphasis on graphic elements. The muted citron walls in this room are subtle, but still add interest.
Natural Color Scheme 
Sage Green + Bark Brown + Swan White 
Colors and motifs from nature introduce charm to this quaint bedroom. The flowering branch fabric used on the window shade and bed skirt inspire the room’s palette. A coordinating stripe fabric on the sham continues the green and brown color play and an ikat pillow offers an unexpected twist in motif. The pure white duvet, trim, and lampshade offer a clean counterpoint to the bedroom’s muted colors. To avoid color overload, match paint swatches to a pattern, but then use the color at the top of the swatch for your walls. Here, the wall color has similar undertones to the browns in the room’s fabrics, but is several shades lighter.
Perfectly Aged Color Scheme 
Country French Blue + Antique Whites 
Capture the charm and grace of a bygone era with a palette of blue and tan in shades that appear antiqued. Keep the blues reigned in and employ a limited range of shades to maintain a sense of elegance. Here, the wall color matches the blue in the bedding and table skirt perfectly. Take a little more liberty with the whites. Using pure shades alongside shades in varying degrees of antiquing gives the room a collected old-time look. Bright white linens and freshly painted white trim indicate that the room has been maintained and freshened, while the patina on the chair and aged white plates nod to the past.
Monochromatic Color Scheme 
Taupe + Cream + Squash 
Monochromatic color schemes are poised for success when the hues stop just short of the extremes. In this bedroom, a range of taupes colors everything including the bedding, furniture, and wall color, but the palette excludes the deepest, darkest of taupes. Sticking to the light and medium range taupes focuses the color scheme for a more polished look. Squash yellow makes a cameo on throw pillows and the tan trim unites the blocks of yellow to the rest of the room’s palette.
Contemporary Grace Color Scheme 
Dove Gray + Tulip Pink 
Hints of pink bring a graceful air to a contemporary space. Gray and white patterns — from the striped rug to the damask drapes and plaid wallpaper — are subtle, yet add visual texture, while bright tulip pink punctuates the space. When introducing a bright accent color, use it at least three times in the room so it flows seamlessly.