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Why Colors Make a Difference in Your Interior Design Choices

Whether you are shopping interior design companies in Dubai, or surfing the web for obscure accents for your already-designed bedroom, there are hundreds of colors to choose from. The below article details the reasons you should be diligent and careful in choosing the correct colors for your home design.

Colors Can Affect Your Moods

Have you ever looked at a beautiful shade of blue and felt happier in an instant? Or, have you ever caught a glance of bright red and felt a flush of romance? Colors can affect your moods. And your favorite colors, regardless of what they are, can significantly, immediately boost your happiness. So, instead of going with the typical beige or white, opt for splashing color throughout your home.

Lighter Colors Create a Spacious Look

Light blues, mellow greens, and soothing yellows are examples of light colors that both boost moods and help create a spacious look throughout your home. The subtle tones seem to push back your room walls, making the entire room appear bigger and brighter. Whereas, dark colors, like black, navy blue, or forest green, lend to a closed-in feeling and snug appearance.

Darker Colors Are Great for Accent Walls

When your home is awash in darker colors, it can create a claustrophobic feeling and closed-in appearance. However, you can use darker colors as accent walls. For instance, if you love a mash-up of light blue and crimson red, do a single wall in red with light blue for the 3 other walls in the room. It creates an amazing contrast of light and dark, without compromising your space.

Murals Anyone?

While color-washed walls can be beautiful and expressive, murals are portraits of your mind and soul. Do you love mermaids? Paint a beautiful underwater scene of a mermaid, complete with pearls, seashells, and wondrous, flowing hair. Or, if you are decorating a nursery or children’s bedroom, opt for a mural of Disney characters in a scene of your own design.

Colorful Décor Reflects Your Unique Personality

Your home is a safe haven for your mind, body, and soul. Which means your home should reflect your unique personality, which is where colorful décor comes in. It was covered that colors can affect your moods, but they can also lend a bit of yourself to your interior designs. Be bold in your choices to reflect your diversity and dynamic attitude.

5 Tips to Making Your Business Grand Opening a Success

Grand openings are the first impressions of the business world. So, you have to make them great ones. This means taking the following 5 tips to heart. Each tip will give you some idea on how to have the best grand opening to draw in crowds to your new business.

Be Knowledgeable of Your Target Audience & Niche

Expect small crowds, but plan for large audiences. This will help you be prepared for whatever might arise, while ensuring you have the accommodations for both sizes of target audience. Brush up on information about your merchandise niche, but be especially knowledgeable about all of your products. The success of your business will be due, in part, to your openness, honesty, and knowledge as a business owner. Be competent and confident.

Stock Up On Your Best Products

There is no shortage of suppliers for businesses that need a plethora of new merchandise for their grand opening. For instance, if you have a brand-new hair salon and spa for men and women, stock up on your products via a barber and beauty supply shop. The same goes for any niche. Find a merchandiser that you can rely on, and place a lengthy order for products you know will be bigtime sellers.

Opt for a Bit of Exterior Glitz

Signs and lights are all the rage when you are hosting a business grand opening. Offer specials, samples, and plenty of information, while playing host to prospective customers that wander in. In terms of exterior glitz, draw in bigger groups of potential buyers and interested guests with a detailed, artsy sign or advertisement. Promise demonstrations, go big with characters in costumes or sign spinners, and be sure to be genuinely nice and respectful when you walk to your customers.

Cater Your Event

If your grand opening has been well-advertised in papers and around town, invest in a catering agency to draw more people to your event. People love to be fed and cared for, so you could make long-term customers out of prospective audiences that come to your grand opening. Your business needs investment to garner results, so invest in the success of your workplace with catered snacks for the potential customers that show up.

The aforementioned tips are meant to make your business grand opening a bigtime success, but feel free to implement your own ideas. This is your business, after all. Make it a great one.

Making the Most of the Space in Your Home

It is not unusual to feel like you have no room left in your house. There can be times when it seems like the entire family is on top of each other, and even the simplest tasks become complicated due to a lack of space. When moving isn’t an option, learn to make the most of the space you already have.

Re-evaluate your kitchen. This is the heart of the home, but it can easily become a catch all for clutter. Start with the countertops. How many small appliances are taking up precious space? Put the seldom used ones in the cupboards. Remove nick knacks and unnecessary decorative pieces. It can be surprising just how big those counters really are. Use these same techniques to open up tables and islands.

The bathroom is another room where it is easy to create space. If storage is a problem, install a vanity under the sink where all of the odds and ends can be stored. Clear off the counters in much the same way that you did in the kitchen. Strategically placed shelving can be used for items such as toothbrush holders, stacks of guest towels, and other toiletries.

Your bedroom is probably much larger than you think. Placing a trunk at the foot of the bed gives you the perfect place to put extra blankets, shoes, and other items that can clutter the floors and dressers. Look for baskets and beautiful containers to hold smaller things like watches and accessories. Small bedrooms will benefit from replacing large and bulky nightstands with a simple shelf hung on the wall.

Look for spaces that aren’t being used to their full potential. Porches, decks, and patios can serve double duty as a reading area, craft room, or office along with being an excellent spot for entertaining. Enclosing these areas will allow you to use them year round. If you want the benefit of sunrooms San Diego has many contractors who can help such as the ones found at Teknik Inc. and other local construction companies.

Once you learn how to make the most of every space in your home, you’ll find you have much more room than you thought. All it takes is some organization along with re-thinking the way you are currently using your home.

Saving Money while Choosing Important Fixtures

Running a successful business requires that you pay attention to your budget and cash flow. You cannot afford to spend money lavishly on items that you need for your everyday operations. When you need fixtures like cabinets, tables, and more for your store or office, you can get what you need by choosing money-saving options like discounted fixtures, used office furniture, or closeout items for sale from local retailers. By opting for these items instead of brand new and more expensive choices, you can save money, get what you need to keep your business operational, and keep more money in your budget.

Finding Out What is Available

When it comes to buying used furnishings, you may know that what is available to you today may not be available to you tomorrow. Used furniture dealers have a revolving array of items for sale at any given time because they do not typically keep a set inventory on hand. They rely on what they can get from businesses and organizations that either sell or donate their furniture to them.

When you are on the lookout for a specific item, you may find it best to search the website to find out what inventory is available to you today. The website is updated regularly so that you know what the company has on hand to sell. You can keep checking every day until you find what is for which you are looking.


You may wonder if the fixtures and furnishings that you can buy today offer the performance and quality you want when selecting items for your business. The company is careful in it selection of items for sale. It does not sell furniture that would not be an asset to you.

You can get a preview of the items for sale before you buy them by exploring the current and recently installed inventory online. The website contains descriptions of what is for sale right now so that you know what quality of furnishings you are purchasing for your own business.

You may not have a lot of money to spend buying furniture for your business. You need to keep enough money in your budget and cash flow to survive. Rather than forfeit essential fixtures that you need or spend too much, you can shop for gently used fixtures like chairs, cabinets, and more on the Internet today.

Great Vacation House and Home Rental-by-owner Deals for The Knowledgeable Traveler

Are you ready to enjoy life in a luxurious French Country Chalet near McHenry Illinois, in a resort style setting that offers a combination of incredible views of countryside combined with the opportunity for incredible recreational activities? If so, you’ll want to consider the amazing value that’s available right now for this property in Crystal Lake IL, in the 60012 area.

This gorgeous countryside property is offered now at an unbelievable price, and it offers an amazing lifestyle within a 50 mile radius from the Chicago area.


The property, a French Country Chalet, is on 14.63 acres, which is accessible through a wood planked driveway that is 1/4 miles long. Eight acres of the private property are wooded, and a six acre lawn is available for sports activities. There is also an incredible 30 foot waterfall and a pond with a 100 foot beach area, a raft and even a rope for swinging. An enticing golf course lies just across from the property, and the area also offers elementary and secondary schools and easy access to public transportation, including the Chicago Commuter Train Station and the O’Hare International Airport.


The main house on the property is a five bedroom home, with suite style rooms. The home has an opulent feeling, with six full baths and four fireplaces. The home offers 5400 square feet of finished living area, with 1300 sq available for expansion. This incredible chalet also offers a spa, porches and two outside decks overlooking waterfalls.

The home’s upper area is a 1600 sf recreation room, meeting room, with a kitchenette and bathroom, so it can function as a separate living area. Downstairs there is a 1600 sf shop area and a two car garage.

This property has even more incredible features to go along with the main house. There is an outdoor shed/garage that’s a converted one bedroom guest house. Plus, a 1933 log cabin also sits on the property, and has been converted in a beach house/storage area.

All this and more are offered now for the incredible price of $3.6 million. This property is an amazing value, and will not stay on the market long.