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Cara Mudah Renovasi Kamar Mandi Dengan Bujet Rendah

RumahCom – Sebuah laci kecil biasanya ditemukan di dapur, namun kini banyak difungsikan sebagai penyimpanan alat cukur atau aromatherapydi kamar mandi. Begitulah tren interior dapat mengubah penampilan dan fungsi ruang menjadi jauh berbeda dari sebelumnya. Tidak perlu bujet yang tinggi, Anda tinggal memanfaatkan daya kreatifitas untuk mulai melakukan renovasi kecil.

Ya, kamar mandi menjadi salah satu ruangan yang memerlukan perhatian khusus untuk ditata ulang. Selain sebagai tempat untuk membersihkan diri, sebagian orang juga memilih untuk relaksasi dari aktivitas keseharian yang penat seperti berendam di bak mandi. Nah, jika Anda merasa bahwa penampilan kamar mandi sudah terlihat membosankan maka inilah saatnya untuk melakukan renovasi ringan yang tidak menghabiskan banyak biaya berikut ini. Seperti dilansir dari

Decorating Design Ideas 2011 By Leslie Ezelle’s

Leslie, an interior designer from Dallas, Texas, joins the cast of HGTV Design Star season six. Take a peek at the designs that earned her a spot on the show.

Eclectic and Modern

The gold lamps and the buffet are created by LeslieChristine Designs along with the original art work by Ezelle. Oversized large floor vases serve as an alternative candle holder with floating candles. “Toby the Kitty is available for personal appearances on demand, but you must go through his agent,” says Ezelle.

Contemporary Bachelor Pad

Ezelle designs a bachelor pad to create a masculine yet seductive look great for throwing parties. This 15×17-square-foot room needed to have lots of space and places to sit. The look is achieved by combining contrasting colors of green ottomans with light furniture and warm browns.

Contemporary Dining Room

This dining room features cornice boards that are constructed from core poster board covered with batting and velvet assembled with a hot glue gun. With a light-weight cornice board, it’s much easier to install by simply placing on top of the curtain rods hidden beneath. The Asian-inspired buffet dictates the color and style of this dining room.

Restored Furnishings

These two chairs were found in the trash (Ezelle’s favorite type of furniture). She had them reupholstered in off-white leather and created a geometric pattern with studs all around the arms. The coffee table is created from a piece of glass that she sprayed a frosted color and two small book cases she laid on their side for extra storage.

Mod Living Room

Originally, this room had no light and was blocked off by walls to separate living and dining. By adding a sliding glass door and removing dividing walls, the 19×12-square-foot room feels twice as large. All the furnishings are white allowing the bright fuchsia wall to be a focal point of the space.

Relaxing Master Bedroom

Combining stone grey, warm earth tones with amethyst lavender accents and bold linens in white, this bedroom becomes a perfect peaceful retreat. The neutral linen covered chair, originally found in someone’s trash, is saved and redesigned by LeslieChristine Designs.

Contemporary Office Setting

Inspired by “Set Fire to the Rain” (a painting by Leslie Ezelle 2011), the office has various shades of white in contrast with warm browns, metallic gold and platinum. It’s important to have an office with a warm, home environment yet maintain a professional feel. Pictures of energy infrastructure and the firms products are used and presented in an artistic, edgy manner.

Modern Living Space

When dealing with a beautiful wall-to-wall window view, less is more. It’s important not to compete with the view by keeping each decorative choice to a bare minimum.

Summer Curtains Designs Ideas 2011 Photo Gallery

Do you want to decorate your home for the approaching summer season? Well, if this is the case, then the best way to kick start the task is to target the curtains of your house. The curtains are one of the most effective home décor elements that are capable of bringing in a drastic change in the ambience of a house.
There are many varied styles of summer curtain designs now available in the market. Online upholstery web stores have also introduced a new line of curtains for the summer season in cheerful color tones. The well known upholstery online store Terrys Fabrics has also launched an expansive line of curtains in order to allow the customers beat the heat effectively.

Warm and pastel color tones are expected to dominate this summer season. Peach, orange and yellow are some of the colors, which are closely associated with the fruitful and summer days. These colors may be selected for the curtains as they are known to enliven a space and illuminate the house.

Kitchen Designs Ideas 2011 by Candice Olson

Function meets style when designer Candice Olson creates a gathering place for the whole family in the kitchen.

Open Yet Divided

To create visual separation between the kitchen and family room, Candice designs a light and airy look for the kitchen. The main cabinets are painted cream with a strie finish and topped with cream quartz countertops. A backsplash in handcrafted, multicolored glass tile is the perfect complement and adds a bit of excitement to the space.

Industrial Chic

Candice creates a large open-concept kitchen with a system of wooden posts and beams with steel joinery, which are not only crucial for support, but also give the room an open, loft-like feeling. Shaker-style cabinets, a grey-green glass tiled backsplash and polished quartz countertops that has the appearance of concrete keep with the industrial look.

Practical Style

Rich cabinetry, state-of-the art appliances and a host of contemporary fixtures and finishes create a kitchen that’s a mix of style and function. A large, square island is the focal point of the kitchen and can be used for preparation and eating.

Streamlined Elegance

The focal point of this kitchen is the stunning backsplash comprised of chocolate, coffee and cream mosaic glass tiles. Espresso cabinets and white quartz countertops contrast well with the stainless steel appliances and hardware. A 14-foot-long kitchen island serves two functions, a lower section features a built-in sink and storage for a bar area and the higher section functions as the dining area.

Classic Meets Modern

The L-shaped kitchen is a blend of traditional and contemporary, particularly in the island, which is an antique wooden cabinet topped with classic Carrara marble. White shaker-style cabinets and sleek quartz countertops are combined with stainless steel appliances and fixtures, while green glass tiles are used for the backsplash and to add a bit of color above the cabinets.

Mid-Century Charm

To pay homage to the home’s mid-century modern design, the kitchen layout maximizes the outdoor view and features streamlined zebra-wood cabinetry with white quartz countertops. Vintage-style pendants and funky barstools add a retro touch.

Blend of Function and Fashion

Cream cabinetry with mushroom countertops is combined with travertine floor tiles for a functional yet stylish kitchen, and bold wallpaper is a stunning focal point behind the workstation. Lit by two crystal chandeliers, a dark wood island with creamy quartz countertop houses a recycling center, a dishwasher and sink, as well as doubles as an eating space.

Serenely Blue

The backsplash is the perfect area to inject personality into your kitchen. Glass tiles that complement the grey-blue walls create a clean, contemporary backdrop between the contrasting black and white cabinets.

Warm and Welcoming

Custom cabinetry in a creamy shade and mushroom-colored quartz countertop set the tone for this functional kitchen, while the island takes center stage with espresso cabinetry and cream countertops. Eco-friendly cork flooring grounds the space and is perfect for a space where you’re standing all the time. Brushed bronze finishes add a traditional touch to the kitchen.

Modern Bedroom Curtains Design Ideas 2011 Photo Gallery

Designing your own bedroom is more difficult than designing for others. After all it will be you that needs to be comfortable in your bedroom surroundings. Contemporary or modern bedroom design appears simple in it’s concept, but to actually put the bedroom scheme together requires just as much attention to detail as a more elaborate traditional bedroom design.
Contemporary or Modern Bedroom curtain designs usually tend to have a simple heading and a plain or textured fabric, but of course there are always the exceptions. Don’t feel pressured by this assumption. Choose something new and be innovative in your bedroom curtain design. Get some ideas from the bedroom curtain photos below, it often sparks your creativity into choosing something slightly different than you had envisaged. Step outside your comfort zone but always make sure that then end result will create a warm and cozy environment fro you to sleep!