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Modern Coffee table design 2011

Buying a coffee table is no big issue but while purchasing any coffee table you must keep in mind that you are not buying this one for the mere purpose of keeping magazines or television remote on its top. You must come out of pre- conceived notions as there are extremely beautifully designed coffee tables available in the market that can suit up the décor of your place in as better way as nothing. Coffee table being the central piece of furniture that acts as the binding tie for bringing together all family members at the coffee time.

Coffee tables come in various styles and fashion that can just freshen up the ambiance of your living room. For instance, the Japanese style coffee table, which has a varied style starting from Tribeca that consists of contoured glass top and wooden legs, to ethnically designed Japanese style coffee tables that are made low in height and is built with solid bases in dark colors. Japanese type coffee tables lend a great touch of beauty and style to your place.

Apart from Japanese style, the other style that remains popular as well as graceful is the original Marcel Breuer style. The tables of this style consists of silver legs and simple black top. This table also has attached nesting table design. However Curvet’s design is also popular as it offers numerous options to choose from.

To embellish your living rooms by American modern coffee tables, one must prefer the designs of Ray and Charles Eames. Coffee tables in this category vary from wooden tables with wire bases to long elliptical tables. The tables of this style adds extreme excellence and grace to the place they are kept in.

Kenshoma style coffee tables too has unique and contemporary styles to offer and tables under this category looks more ethnic. The sea star table falling in this category comprises of teak legs and a wicker top which looks perfectly beautiful and stylish.

With various beautiful and attractive designs and styles available in modern coffee tables, one must devote a bit of time to buy them so that these coffee tables can compliment your living room in a better way.

Modern Living Room Curtains Design Ideas 2011

Here are modern , elegant and stylish curtains interior design inspiration. Added some curtains can make your rooms looks elegant and glamour. Nowadays, curtains is not only use to make beautiful room but also it can be window protected and also protected your room from sunlight and give you more privacy at your room. Modern curtains have special characteristics that help them stay pristine for long: in fabrics stain-resistant and fade-resistant, machine washable curtains and blinds free iron. Choose carefully after you have explored a variety of offers curtain and try to match all components for your needs: fabric, colors, patterns, special features and accessories for curtains. Let’s see the picture of this modern , elegant and stylish curtains interior design inspiration at below and get some new ideas for your room.

Master Bedroom Pictures 2011 ” HGTV Dream Home 2011 “

Black furnishings and men’s-wear fabrics pop against walls painted a vibrant cranberry shade.

A miniature replica of HGTV Dream Home 2011, 3-foot-high by 3-foot-wide Doggie Dream Home, constructed by carpenter David Brown, features space for two small dogs. Padding is upholstered in the same houndstooth fabric as wingback chairs.

A door from the master suite leads to a private balcony, where one can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or sunset cocktail.

Geometric shapes, layering of textures and intriguing design elements keep the eye moving about the room.

The queen-size pencil-post bed is dressed with boutique hotel-quality linens, quilted bedding, a cozy wool throw and a ticking-stripe comforter.

Lined drapery panels continue the room’s focus on men’s-wear fabrics, a subtle nod to Vermont’s history as a leading textiles manufacturer.

An oversized walk-in closet, steps from the master bedroom entrance, provides storage space for both linens and clothing.

Tips for an Ideal Bedroom Layout 2011 Ideas By HGTV Designers

Where to place furniture in the bedroom can be a tricky dilemma — especially if your room is long and narrow, has an abundance of windows or is a tight fit. Four designers share tips for making the most of the space you have.

Keep It Simple: Designer Ammie Kim creates restful bedrooms by limiting furnishings, accessories and patterns. She recommends maximizing a room’s visual space by minimizing details. Ammie’s Tip: Don’t fill the room with unnecessary items or let it become overly decorated with fussy window treatments or a plethora of busy patterns.

Mirrored Reflection: Make a tight bedroom feel open and spacious with properly placed mirrors. Designer Erinn Valencich disguised closet doors with massive mirrors to visually double the space in this bedroom.

Think Outside the Box: With unusually angled walls, this bedroom made space planning difficult. Rather than have a custom rug created to fit the space, which would also emphasize the room’s angle, designer Ammie Kim opted to showcase the hardwood floors. Ammie’s Tip: Sometimes it’s good not to have a rug under the bed: it creates spaciousness.

Divide and Conquer: A long and narrow bedroom can be a challenge. Designer Angelo Surmelis created two distinct spaces: a cozy bed area and a separate entertainment area just for relaxing. Angelo’s Tip: Create multiple functional zones in a large room for a hotel suite-like feel

Modern Style for Classic Living Room Ideas 2011 from HGTV Design Star 3

In Design Star 3, for their second challenge, the eight remaining designers tackled four identical living rooms in a historic Nashville mansion. With 26 hours and a $5,000 budget, they had to make their space stand out.

By limiting the color palette to grays, blacks and whites with a powerful hint of red, Matt and Michael demonstrate that making fewer and bigger statements is a smart way to dramatically transform a space in a limited amount of time.

The white mantel creates a severe contrast to the black walls, making the beautiful, pre-existing architectural details of the room very prominent.

There is nothing horribly wrong with this room, but then again, there is also nothing wonderfully right. Trish and D. Paul tame the bright paint that dominated their room before and streamline the overdone drapery, but fail to make a new statement to illustrate why they should be in this competition. Bland and expected furnishings paired with a bland and expected rug create a bland and expected room that you would see in any hotel lobby.

An unexpected color pairing with the traditional furniture chosen or mixing in less traditional furniture with this classic paint color would have given the room much-needed visual interest.

By minimizing contrast, between their wall and trim paint colors and keeping their furnishings light and airy, Mikey V. and Stephanie put a modern spin on a very staid and classic space.

Instead of building on their great start by selecting a few purposeful accessories, Mikey V. and Stephanie infuse a world of mismatched, small-scale accessories that litter the visual landscape and detract from the great bone structure of their room. Keeping the wood bench unadorned with pillows, removing the gaggle of accessories surrounding the fireplace and replacing the over-grown plant with something of equal scale but more manicured would have finished this room perfectly and given their fresh and airy transformation an idyllic ending. Sometimes it is just as important to know when to stop as it is to know how to begin.

Tracee and Jennifer attempt to include a variety of furnishings in their space, but come up short because they can not find a way to pull all of the elements together with a central color, fabric, wood tone or idea.

The incredibly tall and dramatic ceilings in the space are diminished because Tracee and Jennifer fail to hang drapery all the way to the ceiling line, leaving them short and stumpy in appearance by hanging them only at window height. Rooms of this magnitude and proportion can be difficult to work with, as this team illustrates.