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Tips Menghemat Biaya Renovasi Rumah

Untuk anda yang merenovasi rumah sebaiknya memikirkan hal ini dengan matang agar resiko boros dapat dikurangi, dan juga bisa menyesuaikan ide – ide cemerlang anda dengan budget yang anda miliki. Sedangkan untuk mengetahui biaya renovasi rumah tidaklah mudah karena berbagai elemen banyak dibutuhkan dan konsep seseorang dalam memperkirakan biaya tersebut selalu berbeda antara orang yang satu dengan yang lainnya.
Namun anda tidak perlu bingung pada artikel saya kali ini akan memberikan tips dalam menghemat biaya renovasi rumah yaitu :
1. Persiapan Dana
Dalam mempersiapkan dana, lebih baik anda menyiapkan dana yang lebih daripada dana yang pas dengan hitungan anda. karena biasanya muncul biaya – biaya tak terduga yang dibutuhkan, Jika dana anda kurang maka bisa menghambat pekerjaan renovasi tersebut dikarenakan kurangnya bahan yang diperlukan. namun beda lagi jika anda sudah mengkonsultasikannya dengan yang ahli serta sudah dibuatkan RAB yaitu total dari seluruh biaya renovasi seperti yang anda inginkan.

Decorating Updates With Using Fabric : Easy Tips

Give your home a bold new look in just one weekend with these easy designs and fabulous fabrics ,
 I hope you like it  : Enjoy !!

Three Fabric Panels

Large rectangles of pretty fabric can also do double duty as a headboard. In this room, we stretched fabric pieces over three artist’s canvases. Pull the fabric taut and staple in the back. Hang behind a bed.

Slipcovered Chair 

Old wooden armchairs can be found for a cheap price at most thrift stores. Buy one and give it a new look. Upholster the back and add a frilly slipcover for the seat.

Window Frames 

For a new outlook in your bedroom, find old window frames that measure about the width of your bed. Remove the glass and cut fiberboard to fit in the openings. Cut favorite fabrics to fit each section and adhere them to the fiberboard with spray adhesive. Install the fiberboard in the frame openings, and install the window frames above your bed.

Patterned Bliss 

With easy-care cottons and bold designs, there’s no mistaking these modern fabrics for the harvest gold and avocado green so popular in the 1960s. The mix-and-match patterns in yellow, rust, brown, and shades of green may be retro-inspired, but they’re up-to-date in this living-area makeover. Mixing modern and traditional elements gives this space the look of comfort and style.

Revamped Lighting 

If you love your lamp base but the drum shade not so much, give it a facelift with a modern fabric. Choose a pattern from your pillows or throw for the body and then band the top and bottom in the same fabric or go for contrast with a companion print. Working with a drum shade allows you to use almost any textile; a shade with an angle looks best with a small overall print or a solid fabric that doesn’t require a pattern match.

Quick-Patch Tablecloth

This great tablecloth requires next to no measuring. Use one width of the fabric for the center and one quarter width for the perimeter. The charm of this set is twofold big blocks of color reduce assembly time and give you a look that’s new and fresh.

A Pattern-Filled Bath 

Peaceful and private retreat, a bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but there’s no need for it to be boring. Pretty colors and lively patterns make this bath a joy. The key is determining what your guests see first when they open the door. In this case, it’s the shower and tub that run across the entire width of the room. By making a patchwork curtain the focal point and then accessorizing with companion towels, a window panel, and wastebasket trim, you’ll ensure the space feels open and inviting.

Quick Napkins

Dress up a multipattern tablecloth with coordinating napkins made from mix-and-match fabric scraps. Keep the setting lively by changing the patterns from front to back and napkin to napkin.

Hanging Panels

Instead of hanging fabric panels right on the wall, hang them on hooks. Decoupage the fabric to artist’s canvases or plywood. Staple sturdy ribbon to the panel backs for quick hanging.

Cupboard Door

Turn an old cupboard door on its side for a wall hanging. Place pieces of fabric in the open spaces. Position the fabric in such a way that the pattern continues between frames. Adhere the fabric to the frame with double-sided tape or fabric glue.

luxury kitchen storage solutions Ideas 2012 from HGTV

luxury kitchen storage solutions Ideas 2012 from HGTV

Back to the Basics With Baskets

Baskets are an inexpensive, attractive solution for storing like items; plus, they’re portable. This kitchen is also a great example of how to utilize open shelves in a stylish way. Design by Lori Dennis

Don’t Overlook Architecture

Utilize windowsills and corners to tuck away small appliances and other kitchen essentials. Design by Dave Stimmel

Cool Cabinets

“Under-the-counter refrigerators include beverage centers to create more space in the kitchen. These items can be custom paneled to blend right in with your cabinetry and are great for storing produce, beverages and snacks for the kids,” says Cecere.

Recipes Built In and Close By

Built-in bookcases in a kitchen will always be filled. The owner of this kitchen chose to use the space to house a cookbook collection: a functional and beautiful solution. Design by Steve Appolloni

Storage Keeps Getting Smarter

In this new economy, where more of us are staying home and eating in, efficient storage is a must for the kitchen. “There are amazing systems that have such smart, condensed storage. One drawer can fit everything you can possibly think of,” notes Sassaman.

Style Meets Function

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and today’s kitchens are more styled than ever, with unique features that seamlessly integrate function and style. Innovative storage solutions are allowing homeowners to customize their kitchens in new ways while keeping favorite ingredients at their fingertips.

It’s All About Integrated Appliances

Fully integrated refrigerators and dishwashers are all part of the new luxury in kitchen storage. “At GE Monogram we have a built-in refrigerator that is truly flush with the surrounding cabinetry. You don’t even realize that it’s a refrigerator. The top compartment is a fridge, the middle is a freezer and the bottom can be a freezer, fridge or wine drawer depending on your needs that day,” says Paula Cecere from GE Monogram.

Dress It Up With Molding

“Molding and trims always add to the look and make kitchen storage feel custom and specialized.” Kelly Morisseau suggests custom shelving that can be easily adjusted and shallow-depth pantries to make room for an island and additional prep space.

Pantries Sport High-End Finishes

This pantry sports a modular pullout cabinet and stainless steel shelving. “Homeowners are savvier about design and are taking time to think about the types of hardware and finishes they want in the kitchen. People want pantries that have a cleaner look,” says Sassaman.

2012 White Kitchen Cabinets Decorating Design Ideas

For classic choice to your kitchen , White cabinets is  the right choice. Providing a neutral backdrop, white cabinets can be left alone or dressed up with colorful art and accessories.

White with Interest 

These white cabinets are anything but boring. A distinctive copper hood, dark countertops, and heavily coffered ceiling become focal points with texture and style.

Mixed Use

Though white cabinets fill the perimeter of this kitchen, it’s the generous wood island that adds some personality to the center of the space.

White Cabinets

A clever configuration of maple-finish cabinets interspersed with white-painted medium-density fiberboard units adds visual interest to a bright and light, predominantly white kitchen.

Enjoy the Details

Cabinets with architectural details make an all-white kitchen anything but boring. Beaded-board panels, glass doors, and furniture-style legs add dimension and visual interest.

Punch Up White 

There are relatively few colorful accents in this all-white kitchen, yet the feel is one of a color-filled space. Use this technique to add life and personality to any one-color kitchen.

Vintage White 

White cabinets are combined with white marble counters and white subway tiles used for the cooktop backsplash. Touches of stainless, brass, and blue break up the monotone look while the checkered flooring adds additional interest.

Creamy Tones 

Soften the look of a kitchen by choosing off-white (rather than bright white) cabinets. This ivory hue works well with the brown wood tones and blue tiled backsplash for a room with elegant style.

Vintage French 

Tile is another element to create personality in a white kitchen. A tiled island and backsplash bring in touches of blue. Notice too that the interior of the glass-front cabinets are painted blue as well.

White Cabinets, Pink Walls 

Painted walls are an easy way to boost interest in a kitchen with white cabinets. This space features rosy pink walls as well as a view of colorful vases and accessories through the glass door fronts.

Light Green and White 

Though most of this kitchen sports bright white cabinetry, the island is a different story. A custom paint in pale green helps focus attention on this important element.

Wood and Cream 

Temper an all-white kitchen with touches of other colors and textures. The brick niche and natural wood island in this kitchen warm up the look and feel of the space.

White Cabinets 

White cabinets are a versatile choice for a kitchen. Though usually available in laminate or thermofoil (which can be difficult to paint over), more expensive custom cabinets can be ordered in a painted white or cream finish with distressed or glazed details

Meg Caswell’s Design Portfolio From HGTV Design Star season six 2011

Meg Caswell
Age: 33
Chicago, Ill.
Meg says she began her career in design the moment she decided not to attend law school. After she earned a degree in criminology, she soon enrolled at The Art Institute of Chicago where she earned a B.F.A in interior architecture. The interpersonal skills she learned during her criminology studies helps her develop a profile of her clients and uncover their true design preferences. As the owner of a design firm and a home décor store in Chicago, Meg characterizes herself as a determined, direct and high-energy competitor. She describes her design style as a preppy mix of modern and traditional, but she also counts the vibrant pastel colors of “Palm Beach chic” among her favorite looks.

Chic Living

Inspired by the couple’s love for sculptural art, Caswell creates a contemporary eclectic living room.

Classic Blue and White

An octagonal dining room is accentuated by the circular table and light fixture, while the horizontal-striped fabric helps to continue movement around the space.

Simply Elegant Dining

The kitchen eating area is inspired by the client’s minimal, monochromatic style.

Traditional Living Space

Caswell creates a layout that showcases the stunning architectural details of the room.

Colorful and Vintage

A collection of the homeowner’s family antiques dictate the sophisticated yet still bright and lively feel of the space.

Sophisticated Seating

An elegant floating seating area sits in the transitional space between the living room and dining room.

Light and Airy Living

Caswell designs a living room for a well-known artist and uses the artwork as the focal point of the space.

Family-Friendly Kitchen

The family kitchen features an oversized island for preparation and seating. The space also opens to the family room and a fabulous hidden pantry behind the walnut doors flanked by two refrigerators.

Contemporary Living

Caswell loves to combine silver and gold, which mixes nicely with the rustic leather sofa and vibrant orange chairs.