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New Ideas For Storage Solutions By Using Baskets

Baskets are storage workhorses. They provide easy organization solutions plus they’re stylish and can add warmth to any room in the house.

Grab a Seat 

Create an entryway bench from a coffee table, seat cushions, and a catchall basket. Use the basket to collect keys, mail, books, and other items that pile up by the door. The large basket gives the area a polished look without requiring a lot of organization from the homeowners.

 Baskets in a Row 

Open shelves do more than create a fashionable presentation, they also ensure often-used items are easy to access. Identical baskets are perfect for organizing linens and other kitchen items.

Casual Style 

Woven side chairs, a slipcovered sofa, and crisp white draperies give this living room a casual look. Baskets round out the decor by repeating the texture from the side chairs and bamboo shades. The baskets also add storage to the coffee table.

Underbed Storage 

Create an instant linen closet with a large woven basket. Stack sheets, pillowcases, and extra blankets in lidded baskets that you can stash under the bed. Prevent scratching floors or snagging carpets by adding stick-on furniture sliders.

Task-It Baskets 

Organize household files with flair by trading a clunky metal file cabinet for a woven lidded chest. Be sure the basket’s inside measurements will fit your letter- or legal-size files. The interior measurement of this chest is 12×12 inches. To securely hang letter or legal-size files inside, add an adjustable hanging file frame from an office supply store.

Control Station

Corral coffee table runaways with a basket organizer. This simple basket is stylish enough to sit out on the table and it keeps everything in one spot so when you want to change the channel, you’ll always know where to find the remote. Look for a basket with compartments, like a utensil organizing basket.

Kitchen Counter Basket

Use a shallow basket to organize cooking oils and spices. Line the bottom of the basket with a metal cookie sheet to making cleaning up inevitable spills easier

 Kitchen Helper 

Baskets can be helpful for organizing kitchen supplies. Place a basket with handles on a pull-out drawer for easy access to contents. Use one basket for different kinds of tea and another for baking supplies.

Wall Decor 

Baskets can be part of your wall decor. In this bathroom, a wire basket adds architectural interest and towel storage above the toilet.

Storage Meets Decor

In the bathroom, storage solutions are often part of the display. Matching woven white baskets hold supplies and coordinate with the bathroom’s color palette. X-shape open shelves and glass-front cabinet doors add architectural interest to the vertical storage.

Tidy Shelves

Keep your bookshelves in check with baskets and bins. Use baskets to corral loose items, such as fabric samples, paint swatches, and project folders. Add labels to each basket to identify its contents and give your shelves more personality. To make labels, attach gift tags to each basket with ribbon and use rub-on alphabet decals.

Hamper Basket

Does throwing bed pillows on the floor every night make you cringe? Toss pillows in a wicker hamper at bedtime to help keep them clean and off the floor.

2012 Blue Decorating Design Ideas

With this collection of blue decorations I hope to be inspiring you to choose the right blue decoration for you ,

You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing Room , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Got the Blues? Let us guide you with a selection of blue color schemes for your rooms that are sure to lighten your mood.

Family-Friendly Color Scheme 

Baby Blue + Grass Green + Camel
For a cheery color combo in a family-focused room, you can’t beat the country’s most popular color, blue, or its cool partner, green. Throw in a bit of neutral such as this kid-proof camel color sofa, and you’ve got a palette the whole family can live with.

Cozy Color Scheme 

Soft Aqua + Tan + Green
Touches of aqua and green liven up this otherwise neutral room giving it a homey and comfortable feel.

Eclectic Color Scheme 

Periwinkle + Brown + Teal
For a more out-of-the-ordinary look consider pairing periwinkle walls with accents of brown and teal. Periwinkle has a twinge of purple, which makes it the perfect option if you want to use blue, but are aiming for a signature look

All-American Color Scheme 

Blue + Red + White
What could be more appealing in a room where your family spends some of its best times than red, white, and blue? Mix in several shades of blue, from light to dark, to keep the look fresh.

Saturated Color Scheme 

Turquoise + Ivy
Find a fabric you love and use it to inspire your color combo. This peppy comforter provides the palette for this bedroom full of repurposed items. Once you have your fabric, go shopping in your attic, basement, or other rooms for underused furnishings, such as this bench, that you can update inexpensively with paint or fabric. Add saturated color to walls, bedding, window treatments, and furniture.

Fanciful Color Scheme 

Blue + Red + Yellow
As the three primary colors of the color wheel, blue, red, and yellow make a classic color scheme. Try blue walls with a red upholstered piece such as a bench or another piece of upholstered furniture. Choose bedding that features all three colors and incorporate yellow throw pillows.

Nautical Color Scheme 

Ocean Blue + Off-White + Red
Get a maritime look with a nautical color scheme. Use off-white on upper walls and ceiling, pale ocean blue on the main wall areas, white upholstery or bedding as seen in this pretty bedroom, and add accents in red and blue. Include shipshape wood furniture for additional warmth

Bathroom Decorating Design Ideas 2012 With Neutral Color

With this sets of bathrooms designs with Neutral Color such as crisp white, serene cream, glam gray, and rich brown you can make your bathroom looks clean and calm .
Hopefully you get new ideas to beautify your Bathroom in the house. I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Down to Earth 

Go green in neutral tones with bath fixtures and furnishings made from salvaged and renewable materials. Reclaimed wood can be fashioned into a vanity top as seen here, while a rattan stool and stone bath mat are made from renewable resources for soul-soothing natural textures and colors. Stone tile and golden walls add to the spa-like quality of this earthy and earth-friendly bath.

Character Counts 

Powder room styles reflect the individual personality of the homeowner in a space small enough to allow for a more daring design than you might want in a larger bathroom. To create architectural character in this small, plain powder room, thin glass tiles in a palette of grays and tans combine for a dramatic backsplash that extends from floor to ceiling. The poured-concrete countertop and sink pick up the color of the medium-tone tiles, while the walls match the lightest ones.

Dark Drama

A high contrast of white porcelain, dark paint, and subtle pattern in the wall makes this bathroom visually appealing. The graphic-pattern hand towels inject more subtle pattern and breaks up the expanse of dark wall. The large mirror keeps light moving throughout the space so the dramatic walls don’t overpower the small room.

Grass-cloth Glamour

Chic grass-cloth wallpaper makes an easy and inexpensive upgrade for this small guest bath. The neutral paper makes the room appear larger and can complement any color of towels or bath accessories for a quick change. The narrow gray stone vanity is surrounded by white and gray marble on walls and floor, visually expanding the room. The mirrored wall above the vanity increases the effect of spaciousness by reflecting both light and soft color.

Going Gray 

Charcoal-gray upper walls and gray-veined white marble below create a calm, elegant look. Contrasting marble mosaics form a ribbon around the perimeter of the room, adding a decorative focal point. The marble is Asian statuary, not the typical Carrara. The new polished-nickel faucets mimic vintage designs, while the wide sink ledge acts as a mini storage shelf. Substantial frames in crisp white outline medicine cabinets above the pair of sinks. In a small bath, a white console sink — a two-legged or four-legged unit that’s open under the basin — takes up less space than a typical vanity with cabinetry, leaving room for a pair of metal stools upholstered in nubby white terrycloth.

Gray Haven 

Richly grained marble creates an elegant exuberance in this master bath. The beautifully polished Equator Marmara marble tile shimmers in multiple shades of gray in the shower, on the tub surround, and on the floor. The black-and-white animal print stool offers an organic and fluid counterpoint to the rigidly geometric quality of the gray marble. The walls are covered in a silvery paper that brings a metallic sparkle to the room.

Shades of White 

Varying tones of white, ivory, and ecru visually combine to make this bath look expansive, belying its narrow dimensions and giving it a spa-like quality. The room’s neutral color scheme achieves a sun-kissed radiance thanks to the natural light that flows through two divided-light windows: one in the shower and one above the tub. This light and airy feel translates into a period-style bath that respects the past and serves the needs of the present.

Traditional Styling

With its rich mahogany finish, this storage-packed vanity is the focal point of the master bath. Antiqued brass bin pulls reinforce the vintage feel, while the square white porcelain sinks add a contemporary counterpoint to the vanity’s traditional features, including the wall-mount faucets. A pale limestone floor and countertop keep the darkness of vanity and mirror frames in balance, while golden crackle-finish subway tile creates a bright, cheerful backsplash.

Vintage Vibe 

In this refurbished 1920s master bath, a contemporary paint palette of warm white and pale gray makes flea market furnishings shine. The sink, plumbed into a vintage dresser, wraps up style and function in a pretty package, while an old apothecary cabinet holds supplies in period style. Beaded-board wainscoting injects subtle white-on-white pattern around the room, while the large woven towel basket provides interesting texture.

Birch Beauty

Birch woods wallpaper in shades of taupe inspired the color palette for this powder room redo. With the new wallpaper, the dark trim and plantation-style shutters on the window needed lightening with a fresh coat of white paint that not only complements the paper but also contrasts with the dark ebony stain on the hardwood floor. The modern vanity, console table, shaded sconces, and brushed-nickel hardware add to the sophisticated upscale look.

Modern Classic 

Cottage elements in white and beige give this small bath a charming new look. Formerly clad in pink fixtures and tile, the soft and timeless neutral palette brings the room back to its stylistic roots while remaining modern in its amenities. White-painted tin tiles gives texture and depth to a ceiling once covered in dated popcorn. White subway tile and crisply painted beaded board visually expand the walls and reflect light throughout the space. White fixtures provide tone-on-tone silhouettes in classic forms. Beige tiles grouted in gray mimic brick and add warmth to the floor.

Natural Retreat

This small but storage-rich bathroom boasts an organic feel with a spa-like sensibility. Sage-painted walls provide a soothing backdrop for the space. Small storage niches built in between wall studs stand out in a contrasting wheat color. Chunky bases in deep-grained wood extend the niches out from the wall. Off-white cabinetry and a porthole mirror brighten the overall color scheme, while the countertop, baskets, and brushed-nickel fittings add textural hues.

Mark Diaz’s Design Portfolio From HGTV Design Star season six 2011

Mark Diaz from “Design Star 2011” is one of the contestants in Season 6 of the interior design reality competition series on HGTV. He has a passion for edgy, modern styles and loves to include Asian-inspired minimalism and postwar industrial designs. He is a 33-year-old interior designer from Miami, Florida.

Mark Diaz (“Design Star 6”), who grew up in a large Cuban/Italian family, says he always had a natural knack for design. After winning a scholarship for his design work in high school, Mark went on to earn a B.A. degree, Design in Architecture, from Florida International University. With a self-described passion for edgy, modern styles, he moved to New York City where he specialized in luxury hospitality design. Despite a successful career, Mark says he missed the Florida sun and returned to Miami to start his own firm. His favorite design styles, which include mid-century modern, Asian-inspired minimalism and post-war industrial, combined with his love of martial arts, are the inspiration for his current line of chandeliers that are crafted from brass knuckles.

Natural and Modern

Organic and contemporary materials are combined to create a modern guest bathroom. Amazonian wood floors ground the room, and Diaz chooses a custom-designed floating vanity and a glass tile feature wall to create some wow-worthy moments in the space. 

Contemporary Master Bathroom

The master bathroom features Wenge floors and ceiling. A monolithic marble tub overlooks the bay, while a cantilevered vanity for two and sleek pendants fit in perfectly to the contemporary design.

Modern Miami Home

The 5,500-square-foot home on Palm Island in Miami features teak ceilings and decking. The modern structure has glass stair railings, custom stainless steel scuppers and a two-story vertical wood and aluminum louvered ribbed screen.

Elegant Dining

Rustic meets contemporary in the main bar and formal dining area of Barolo Ristorante. Sheer curtain panels allow filtered light into the space, while oversized mirrors help to expand the room visually.

Barolo Ristorante

For the Barolo Ristorante in Miami, Fla., Diaz designs an unexpected wine bottle display for their wine tasting bar. Dark woods and low lighting give the space a cozy, inviting ambience, while a large column is covered in mosaic tiles for a touch of sparkle.

Decorating Design Ideas 2012 With Blue Color

With this collection of blue decorations I hope to be inspiring you to choose the right blue decoration for you ,

You can find ideas on how upgrade your existing Room , I hope you like it . Enjoy !

Blue feels clean; it smells clean. Blue has many moods. It can be sad and depressing yet it also represents wisdom, trust and loyalty. It evokes feelings of hope, piety and spirituality. If we see blue on a food label we often associate it with lowered calories. Dairy products look inviting if blue is on the packaging. Though a blue tablecloth in a restaurant is good, not all blue in an eating environment will be appealing.

 Blue decor: What about a blue room? Designing in blue can be a challenge, yet the results can be quite enjoyable. The challenge comes in knowing how to combine blue with other colors, and choosing the right shades of blue that will be personally pleasing. The White House has long had a blue room.

Blue can be used as a background color on walls and carpeting or it can be used as the foreground color in upholstery and draperies. Pleasant dreams might be the end result of coloring a bedroom in shades of blue. When in a blue environment, time seems to pass slowly and you don’t feel rushed.

Cheerful Color Scheme 

Sky Blue + Green + Yellow
Using three analogous colors (hues that are next to each other on the color wheel) is a can’t-fail color scheme. Blues, greens, and yellows are always a happy combination. Different shades of sky blue serve as the backdrop for fun prints and accessories that showcase the other hues in the palette. A successful color palette also relies on the support of appropriate neutrals. A wicker chair and linen drum shade contribute to the casual vibe and prevent color overload.

Rich Color Palette 

Cerulean + Slate + Mahogany
Create a sophisticated statement by pairing three saturated hues together. Here, a background of darkly stained wood furniture is the catalyst that propels cerulean blue chair covers to focal point status. While semi-gloss paint is a popular choice for dining room walls, here, a matte slate gray paint is the subtle background needed to showcase the room’s blue elements. A honey-colored jute rug provides a light base to ground a room full of dark hues

Refined Color Scheme 

China Blue + Rosy Beige
A neutral foundation of rosy beige walls and white sofas allows pops of China blue to make a statement in this living room. Pattern takes shape in the blue damask ottoman, the blue and white striped curtain panels, and pretty floral pillows

No-Fail Color Scheme 

Cobalt + Black + White
Dark colors have an air of authority about them — think of colors chosen for uniforms and suits — that bring gravitas to room d├ęcor as well. When you want to create impact with one splash of color, as on this island in a mostly white kitchen, cobalt blue paint plus a black countertop and black chairs do the job

Classic Color Scheme 

Sky Blue + White + Pumpkin

Blue and white is a timeless color combination that suits a dining room especially well. Add in some warm pumpkin such as this paisley chair fabric, and you’ve got a classic palette to welcome your dinner guests.

Luxe Color Scheme 

Steel Blue + Silver + Pearl
Serene blue goes glam with accents of silver gray and pearl white. The palette, a subtle nod to the ocean, evokes a sophisticated feel, especially when sumptuous fabrics and elegant details emanate throughout the room.

Upbeat Color Scheme 

Shades of Blue + Lemon Yellow
Multiple shades of blue — from the deep blue wicker chair to the pale blue sofa — mix and mingle with lemon yellow accents plus textural neutrals such as beige and white.

Comfy Color Scheme 

Ocean Blue + Red + Leafy Green
Green and blue are a natural pair — think sky and trees or a stream in the forest. Make any room comfy by including this duo– as used here on the walls and in accents — then, throw in red from the warm side of the color wheel to balance the two cooler hues.

Complementary Color Scheme 

Blue + Orange
For a color scheme that provides the most dynamic visual interest, opt for a complementary palette. Colors that lie opposite each other on the color wheel, such as orange and blue seen here, will offer high contrast, giving you a simple combo with a lot of zing.

Playful Color Scheme 

Sky Blue + Green + Orange
Sky blue upper walls and ceiling provide the happy envelope for this charming playroom. Vivid green coats the lower walls and covers upholstered chairs in a chipper green tonal stripe fabric. The two hues meet in the middle on the striped curtains. A desk wows the room in warm orange.