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Halloween Door Decor 2011 Ideas

Easy 2011 ideas for Halloween Door Decor , quick and easy projects to made it by you self,
I hope you like it … Enjoy !!!

A Pumpkin Gathering 

A rustic chair next to the front door gets a shot of Halloween cheer when topped with a collection of gourds, squash, and pumpkins. The doorway is wrapped with a garland made of flexible twigs bundled with wire and woven with leafy branches. Mini pumpkins hang from a beam overhead while a faux bois urn supports a stack of pumpkins in graduated sizes nearby.

Bountiful Door Decor created by the
Celebrate the beauty and bounty of the Halloween season with pumpkins, squash, gourds, and flowers ripe with color. Nature’s bounty is so pretty and interesting on its own that it needs few embellishments to become a wonderful focal point. Carve or paint a squash or gourd with a cheerful jack-o’-lantern face to add a bit of whimsy.

Halloween Sign 

Create a hotel sign to welcome guests at the front door of your haunted Halloween abode. An old cast-off post gets new life when paired with a DIY sign. Simply assembled from 1×8-inch boards, the sign is painted and attached with eye hooks and chain to a vintage signpost. Be sure your sign reads “vacancy” so trick-or-treaters will know they can approach.


Branch-Filled Bucket

Who can resist these adorable Halloween treat trees to flank your front door? They’re easy and festive. Fill an orange bucket with sand and insert large tree branches painted black. Cover the sand with sheet moss. Add the treat buckets and a few small black crows. Invite kids to help themselves to mini buckets of treats hanging on the branches.


Spooky Porch

With a little “witchcraft” you can set the stage for a spooky evening at your front door. Light a warm path to your door with luminaria and a lighted grapevine garland framing the doorway. Dangle a few faux bats and spiders near porch lights. Add black witch, cat, bat, and ghost silhouettes made of heavy paper to windows to increase the spooky ambience.


A Family Fun Front Door

‘Tis the season for jack-o’-lanterns and they are everywhere on this playful front door and porch. Simply paint expressions on paper lanterns and hang in a cluster for maximum effect. Then make Halloween pinatas on sticks and place in planters to flank the entry. Crepe paper jack-o’-lanterns put the finishing touch on the door.


Halloween Web

Lengths of black ribbon and yarn and a bit of strategic weaving are all it takes to add shadowy spiderwebs to your front windows and door. Dangle a few creepy critters nearby to complete the hair-raising picture. Eek!

Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments New 2012 Ideas

Clever embellishments turn plain-Jane ornaments into seasonal standouts.

Christmas Green Trims 

Spell out “Joy” on ornaments in glittery script, then add some jewels and extra glitter to make these flashy tree decorations.

Pastel Ribbons

Simplicity says it all with these flower-topped ornaments.

Sparkling Geometric Trims 

Brighten up the tree in no time with vibrant orange ornaments embellished with glitter.

Decorated Paper Ornament

Let your creativity show with these simple paper ornaments. Cut out circles from colored cardstock. Add string, ribbons, buttons, and other holiday decorations to make one-of-a-kind ornaments. Glue on a piece of gold foil to mimic an ornament top.

Picture Frame Ornament 

Make your Christmas a traditional one by personalizing your tree with old family photos. Simply mat pictures on fun, Christmas-color cardstock and cut to fit a 3-1/2×5-inch black photo frame.

Vintage Stamp Ornament

Give your tree an old-fashioned look by slipping Christmas stamps into a clear ornament. Look for sets of stamps with different pictures to add interest.

Evergreen Tree

Turn your Christmas fir into a forest by filling it with dozens of paper-tree ornaments made by simply rolling up strips of green scrapbook paper.

Bejeweled Ornament

Dressed up in jewels for the holidays, these quick-to-make ornaments will be the star attraction of your Christmas tree. The ornaments are crafted using a purchased ball ornament, crafts-store beads, and gold glitter.

Dazzling Beads

For ornaments that dazzle, decorate satin balls with dimensional paint and shower them with the tiniest of beads. A few simple crafts supplies, our free pattern, and a steady hand are all you need to create these striking holiday decorations.

Dazzling Beads, Take Two

Here’s a variation of the ornament shown in the previous slide. The free-form star pattern is easy to re-create and gets a little visual kick from the dots at the end of each arm.

Beaded Beauty

Sparkling beads make any tree decoration stand out from the rest.

2012 Ideas For Storage in Charming Displays

Change your storage style with these creative displays that not only look good but are fully functional.

Picture Ledge Organization

Use corner space by wrapping a picture ledge around two walls. Use the shelves to display photos and dishes. A vintage wine or soda crate doubles storage capacity by holding pretty glassware, candles, or CDs.

Open Shelving Storage 

Give an old table a new look. Transform a console table from a surface where clutter gathers into a functional table packed with storage opportunities. Two big baskets hold coffee table books, while a throw and a box of games rest on the bottom shelf. Remotes and spare keys go in the small top drawer.

Alcove Organization

A recessed nook is the perfect place to show off your favorite art and display your collections. Remove a section of drywall to reveal a 4- to 8-inch-deep niche between wall studs. Consult a contractor to make sure it’s safe to remove any horizontal bracing elements. Then add shelves.

Display and Store Headboard

This 12-inch-deep headboard allows for a large ledge space to display pretty flowers and candles. The side cubby holds other nighttime necessities such as books and magazines.

Mounted Bookcase Storage

For a fresh, modern twist, mount a ready-to-assemble bookcase directly to the wall and a few feet off the ground. Store books inside and decorate with flowers, picture frames, and candles. The divided shelves make organization easy.

Artsy Storage

A vintage rolling medical or drafting cabinet is the perfect space to store art supplies so they can travel all over the house. Paintbrushes, colored pencils, and pens are stored in miscellaneous containers on top. Larger supplies such as paint and glue guns are kept in the drawers.

Bedside Storage 

Refinish an old wooden vegetable bin and use it as a nightstand. Folded clothes stack neatly in each cubby. Or encourage quick cleanup and use it to sort small toys.

Headboard Storage

A reclaimed-brick wall serves as a secondary headboard and provides above-bed storage. Keep your favorite books and pottery in the small recess.

Peekaboo Storage

Repurpose an old desk as a new storage unit. Store party dishes on the bottom shelf and keep napkins and other linens in a wicker basket for easy access. Hide the shelf behind a festive curtain, and your buffet combines function and fashion.

Island Storage

Transform a basic table into a multipurpose work surface. Hang wine racks and baskets to store utensils under the surface, and build a lower shelf to hold larger items such as mixing bowls and cutting boards.

Frame Organization

Picture ledges make rearranging, adding, and changing favorite photos a snap. Vary the sizes and shapes, but keep the color neutral to make the collage look artsy, not cluttered. Rest some frames on the ledges and hang others for more dimension.

Dishware Storage

Glass shelves suspended by wires from the ceiling give the illusion that pottery is floating in midair. The display can be viewed from either side and has room to store dishes, vases, and glasses.

Chic Side Table Storage

Repurpose wood closet shelving as a storage-packed end table. A chic CD cabinet sits on top, and crafts supplies are easily stored below in thin, flat boxes. Keep ribbon accessible and untangled in a box with organizational holes. When you want to conceal the storage solutions, attach coordinating panels to the scalloped coverlet with hook-and-loop tape.

Armoire Storage

Make storage look like art in a glass-front armoire. The varying shelf heights leave room to display everything from large works of art to small books and vases. Layering the art and books in front of and behind each other makes the display pop and adds a touch of whimsy.

Slanted Storage

Diamond-shape cubbies instead of flat shelves in this wall unit decoratively store books and magazines diagonally. Angled organization holds rolled-up throws and other round memorabilia without letting it roll away.

Modern Decorating Design By Joshua Foss

Josh Foss appears as a contestant in season two of the HGTV reality series Design Star. A 25-year-old native of St. Paul, Minnesota, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Principia College, and says that he works as a green designer. He also says that he should win the competition because he’s progressive, fun, and has a “green” perspective towards life and design. He believes that a designer’s imagination is his best friend, and describes his design style as boiling down to warm and clean modern lines, with a retro twist. Among his favorite design styles are eclectic, contemporary, and modern.

He states that designers should always focus on quality rather than quantity, and that it’s better to have one thing that you love instead of four things that you don’t. On the other hand, he disagrees with decorating and furnishing a home from a single source alone. His favorite designers are Charles and Ray Eames, whom his father worked for during the early 60s. Foss also says that if he wasn’t working as a designer, he’d be a whale-watching tour guide instead. His favorite room to design is the living room, and his dream design project would be to work on the interior of a hip deli or organic restaurant.