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HGTV Dream Home 2014 : Master Bathroom Pictures

Designed to bring the outdoors in, this luxurious master bathroom features nature-inspired materials, floor-to-ceiling views and industrial accents. 

About the Master Bathroom : 

Designed to bring the outdoors in, this luxurious master bathroom’s centerpiece is a freestanding soaking tub. Clever design tricks, like large mirrors and a glass shower enclosure, reflect light around the room and make the space feel open and airy. 

The centerpiece of this luxurious master bathroom is the freestanding soaking tub, placed in front of a floor-to-ceiling window for unobstructed, private views.

Clever Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms 2014 Ideas

Small bedrooms present decorating and storage challenges. Here are our smartest ways to store everything from shoes to jewelry in your short on space bedroom. you’ll love these ideas to try in 2014! 

 I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you …… Enjoy it !!

Bedside tables with shelves work best for storage purposes. This simple but hardworking nightstand offers a tabletop surface for a lamp and a collection of decorative elements, a drawer to corral smaller items, and a lower shelf that holds reading materials.

If you don’t have the luxury of a bedside table, create a storage-packed floating shelf by installing a closet shelf upside down beside your bed. The small shelf takes up no floor space yet offers an ample surface for an alarm clock, reading material, and decorative accents.

When square footage is at a premium, this space-saving alternative to a bedside table is perfect for a bookworm. Cut a small section out of the wall between the studs, finish the opening with drywall or wood, and outfit it with shelves to store books and decorative elements. Hang a wall-mount lamp beside the bed for a well-lit reading nook.

Create unexpected yet convenient bedroom storage using objects usually reserved for the kitchen. Frame your bed with kitchen cabinet components to fashion a niche. Fill the upper cabinets and lower drawers with clothing or accessories. Top the upper drawer with a slab of wood to serve as a pull-out nightstand.

Narrow furnishings add a surprising amount of storage and display space in a limited footprint. This bedside console table offers plenty of surface area for showing off collectibles and other possessions. A lamp sheds light on the bed for reading after overhead lights are turned off.

Create a work of art while keeping your jewelry safe and tangle-free with this chic jewelry display. Purchase a plain picture frame and attach decorative hooks to the backing to create a place for favorite pieces. Place the frame on the top shelf of a tiny shelving system, and fill the rest of the shelves with pretty glassware to store small items, such as rings and earrings.

Put your jewelry to work as eye candy with this clever and decorative display. Use a store bought jewelry tree to corral earrings, bracelets, and necklaces on a dresser or tabletop. A napkin holder spray painted to match the jewelry tree creates the perfect resting place for a small clutch.

If your bedroom has less than standard height walls, don’t despair. As this bedroom proves, you can stash a lot of stuff along a short wall and still add some decorative elements. A long, low built in offers ample surface storage, while drawers and open shelving below provide space to stow clothing, books, and more.

In a small bedroom, it’s important to embrace every inch of square footage. Take a cue from this attic bedroom and tackle a corner oddity by incorporating a small built in bench. The bench makes use of potentially wasted space below a window to create a cozy reading nook.

Small bedrooms necessitate creative storage solutions. Make the most of your limited space with a storage laden headboard. This headboard features padded lift up panels that shield from view everything from extra blankets to cozy sweaters. Plus, when the panels are closed, the ledge on top of the headboard offers a place to set bedtime necessities and decorative items.

Creative storage solutions turn this charming bedroom into a calm and tidy haven. A low shelving unit stands in as a footboard and provides a spot to sit as well as stash stuff in closed drawers. A narrow wicker vanity along an empty wall offers storage space for beauty supplies, while a nearby basket holds seasonal accessories.

Decorative storage boxes are a pretty accent atop a dresser and also provide space to stow away those little items and keepsakes that are so easy to misplace. Stack various-size boxes to create visual interest.

Modular systems aren’t reserved for spacious closets. This tiny yet tidy closet is organization central, decked out with useful modular closet components. A row of open shelves along one side houses bins filled with delicates, swimwear, and other small items. A closed upper cabinet and lower drawers offer space for bulky folded items. Clothing racks flanking the cabinet unit increase the storage capacity of the small closet.

Even if you don’t have the luxury of a built-in closet, you can have the functionality of one. A freestanding closet system like this one allows you to dedicate a wall of your bedroom to efficient storage for clothing and accessories. Either leave the unit open to allow your wardrobe to take center stage, or cover the unit with fabric that coordinates with your bedroom decor.

Use a large basket or laundry hamper to corral shams and throw pillows at bedtime. When you go to crawl into bed, toss the pillows into the basket and drift off to sleep, knowing you won’t trip over pillows in the morning. Plus, you can place extra blankets at the bottom of the basket.

2014 fresh house Designed by Martha O’Hara Interiors

The shared aim for design team on this specification home was to create a space that felt residential, while also encompassing a lakeside living lifestyle. goal, through the planning, building and staging processes, was to make selections that would highlight the home’s incredible lake views, while also focusing on functionality for daily, residential living while appealing to potential home buyers. Interior 

Design by : Martha O’Hara Interiors

Room Partitions and Transitional Elements 2014 Ideas

Combine the spaciousness of an open floor plan with the order and function of defined rooms by using creative transitional elements and room dividers.

I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you …… Enjoy it !!

A built in bookcase carves out a small entryway in this open plan home. A change in floor height between the entry and the nearby kitchen also creates separation without closing off any of the space.

Thick columns topped with beautiful crown molding lend style and separation between this living room and the adjacent kitchen. The half wall between the columns was topped with a slab of granite, transforming the space into a casual breakfast bar. Family members and guests seated in the living room can easily converse with the chef without getting in the way of the work zone.

Here, a bank of multipane windows between the living room and the front hallway makes both areas feel lighter and airier. Long shelves below the windows provide another layer of separation as well as open storage and display space.

A floor-level change and a broad passage delineate this entryway from the living room, sharing views while preserving a separate identity for each space. The family room’s lowered floor allows the ceiling to truly soar.

Here, a large storage unit installed on one side of the front door gives the look of a distinguished entryway. Rather than extending the piece from floor to ceiling, it only extends 3/4 of the way up the wall, which delineates areas of the main level without interrupting the flow of the open floor plan. The high-gloss finish of the storage unit reflects natural light, helping the the space feel even more open.

Two doorways flanking both sides of a large built-in storage unit and fireplace combo create an open passageway between the living room and kitchen. Including two doorways not only adds to the openness of the home, but it also lends a sense of balance that blends well with the traditional style decor.

Both a storage wall and a style statement, this wall of floor to ceiling cabinetry creates a breezy separation between the front entry and the kitchen. The frosted glass inserts on the upper cabinets also help the divider look more airy.

To open up the room to room flow that encourages social engagement, limit the number of walls that you use to define separate spaces. Here, a quarter-wall offers slight separation between the front entry and the living room without blocking the stream of light from gracing both areas.

Create privacy in a bathroom by installing a frosted-glass wall panel. Unlike a normal wall, this frosted glass option allows light to pass freely between the main area and the toilet while still offering plenty of privacy. Sharing light enhances the sense of space in both areas.

With a wide open floor plan and soaring vaulted ceilings, this home could have ended up looking stark and cold. But rustic wood beams and columns affixed to the walls and ceiling lend separation and help break up the expansive main level. Here, the columns and beams join to form a faux doorway between the entry and living room.

Here, an opening between the formal dining room and kitchen makes the spaces seem bigger and provides shelves for storage and display. The cabinets above the countertop feature glass shelves and window panelike doors, allowing light from the large kitchen window to stream into the dining room.

In this home, the front door opens immediately to the living room, but a freestanding folding screen offers slight separation between the areas. In addition to saving money on a costly renovation, the partition defines space while still allowing light to pass freely throughout the faux entry and living room.

A built in banquette creates a smooth transition between the kitchen and nearby living room. In addition to providing a casual dining spot, the banquette creates a smoother transition between the hardworking kitchen and the relaxing living area.

Lofts satisfy the desire for generous living space, but they also call for creativity in addressing the natural desire for functional zones. Clever furniture arrangements help distinguish the zones throughout the main level of this home while still emphasizing the wide-open floor plan.

In this bathroom, the back to back vanities are separated by a dark-stained wood wall, which lets the homeowners be in the bathroom at the same time without getting in each others’ way. The wall and vanity tables were constructed from the same wood, which allows seamless division between the pieces.

A floor to ceiling double sided fireplace divides a long, narrow room into two separate living spaces. Each area benefits from the cozy fire, but the room feels more welcoming with the addition of the separation. Expansive sliding glass doors allow a steady stream of light to grace both living rooms.

Obscured glass panels suspended from the ceiling form a sleek partition between this dining room and the nearby living room. The frosted-glass panels provide the separation offered by standard walls, but they don’t interrupt the open floor plan of the home’s main floor.

A banquette island combo installed in this kitchen makes the most of the room’s limited real estate. In addition to providing plenty of prep space, the banquette creates separation between the kitchen and formal dining room. Glass panel cabinet doors on the dining room side of the unit provide storage space for pretty drinking glasses.

HGTV Dream Home 2014 : Kids’ Bathroom Pictures

This fun and functional space combines durable neutral materials with bright, kid friendly touches. 

About the Kids’ Bathroom : 

This high traffic area designed to accommodate multiple children at once features durable, chic materials that would be at home in any grown up bathroom. Bright red and white accents add a youthful touch. 

Since the adjacent bunkroom sleeps up to four, this bathroom is built to accommodate a crowd. It features two zones: A vanity and dressing area and a separate commode and shower area.