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Easy Christmas Wreaths 2014 Ideas

Whether adorning your front door or decorating your mantel, try one of these stunning Christmas wreaths this holiday season.

Mix classic elements, like winter berries and sprigs of greenery, with trendy accents, like textured feathers, to create a traditional yet updated wreath. Design by RMSer marykay.
To create a designer worthy wreath, add in silk flowers, like magnolias, hydrangeas and winter berries. Complete the look with a few metallic feathers and trimmed ribbon to hang. If you have a tall door, tie the ribbon high above to maximize impact, but have the wreath hit at eye level. Design by RMSer Leanne Michaels Interiors.
Combine magnolia leaves, berries and pine cones with unusual vegetables, like artichokes, for a nature inspired Christmas wreath.
The holiday season is all about glitz and glamour. Dress up a plain wreath with ornaments, pine cones, ribbon and leaves in your favorite metallic: bronze, copper, silver or gold.
Use two textured ribbons, like velvet and brocade options in complementary hues, to create a beautiful bow at the bottom of your wreath. Fill out the rest of the wreath with ornaments and flowers. Design by RMSer Leanne Michaels Interiors.
Get crafty with a paper wreath. RMSer lindsay 5402 uses old sheet music and pages from a dictionary to create a one of a kind Christmas wreath.
Glittering flowers are combined with vintage owl ornaments for an enchanting Christmas wreath. A snowy landscape adds interest to the typically empty center. Design by RMSer Barbara Ann.
Go the simple yet stunning route by letting the beauty of a fresh evergreen wreath take center stage. Hang the wreath with patterned ribbon and add in a few pine cones for texture and interest. Design by RMSer Leanne Michael Interiors.
Classic ornaments in a variety of sizes are used to create a festive and bright front door wreath. Gold ribbon provides the perfect contrast to the shiny red glass balls. Design by RMS laurabruen.

All You Need to Know About Drapes By Sarah Egge

By Sarah Egge .

Drapes are curtain panels that literally “drape” the window. Typically, they hang on a rod secured across the top of the window and hang straight down. But there are different variations that range from casual to formal. Here’s what you need to know about using drapes as window treatments.

Brush the Floor

The current fashion in drapes is two matching tall columns of fabric that flank a window like sentries guarding a palace entrance. When you buy them in stores or online, there are two standard lengths: 84 inches and 95 or 96 inches. The length of the curtain dictates the height of the rod. If you buy 84-inch-long curtains, the rod must be mounted roughly 84 inches from the floor if the curtains hang from the rod without rings. This lets the hem of the curtains brush the floor. How formal or casual they feel depends on the fabric (cotton versus velvet, for example) as well as the hanging mechanism. Oil-rubbed rings on a matching rod have an old-world look, whereas large nickel grommets sliding on a thick rod appear casual.

Another style for drapes is extra long panels with inches of fabric “puddling” on the floor, creating a ball-gown effect. This can be an elegant look for fabrics with the right weight and weave, such as synthetics and silks. Stiff fabrics, such as cotton and linen, or any kind of lined panels, won’t flow gracefully onto the floor. If you the puddling effect, buy these drapes from a store or online at the 96-inch length but mount the rod between 84 and 90 inches high to give you extra fabric to play with at the floor level.
Pleated and Gathered

The most popular type of drape is the gathered style, which is most commonly available as ready-made drapes. A panel is flat until you clip it to rings or thread it onto a curtain rod. When the panel pulls to the side of the window, the fabric gathers into gentle waves. Another style is the pinch-pleated drape, which is common for custom-made draperies fashioned by drapery workrooms. At the top of the panel, the fabric is pinched into tight pleats at even intervals, which causes the fabric below the pleats to billow out slightly. This is a more formal look and is often used in hotels, banquet halls, and restaurants.
Hemmed Up

Drapes don’t have to be long. Some are hemmed to reach a specific point on the window?typically the window sash or just below the bottom of the molding around the window. These window treatments tend to be more casual than long drapes and are often sewn from lightweight fabrics, such as cotton and muslin. If you buy them in a store on online, the typical length for short drapes is 63 inches.

Comfortable Bedroom Decorating 2013 Ideas from BHG

Comfortable bedroom design is necessity for everyone to keep it happy while in bedroom and bedroom will make the atmosphere more interesting. But to design a bedroom is not a trivial thing, but must pay attention to some important points and needed some extra points. Well, in this article, I will give you a comfortable bedroom design ideas that you can apply at home.

An important point to make a comfortable bedroom design theme that is planned to implement. This design theme can be various there are modern, traditional, luxurious, contemporary, eleghant or themes inspired from the things around us. This for example theme of nature, a state in the sky, like a fairy tale theme, theme style European or Asian, and other. Well, the nice design of your bedroom so the better it look of bedroom you have. After you create a theme for your bedroom, then plan a color to be selected for the bedroom. Coloring should match the theme that you have created. A little advice from me, if you want a quiet and comfortable, wear dark colors like blue, gray, and dark green. When you want a cheerful atmosphere use bright colors such as white, yellow, light green.

The next point to make your bedroom comfortable is giving some furniture that needed it. This is because that your bedroom look more spacious and loose. So every time bedroom easily rearranged or cleared.

Get inspired by this ideas . I hope that you will find it useful for you … Enjoy it !!

Easy Halloween Party Recipe 2013 Ideas

Here is an easy Halloween party recipe you can make before your guests arrive. For a kids’ party just add spiders; for an adult party, add spiders and a little something extra. 
By :  Manvi Drona
Simple and Sweet 
For this year’s Halloween party, add a few creepy-crawlies to this party favorite. It’s easy, eye-catching and inexpensive.
Tools and Materials 
To make these, you’ll need: 4 packets of Key lime flavored gelatin, plastic spiders and other critters (approx. 30); 10 to 12 clear containers (we used small square-bottom plastic cups); optional: substitute tequila for some of the water on the manufacturer’s instructions.
Use Clear Containers 
Make the gelatin as instructed on package. When you’re ready to decorate, scoop two to three tablespoons of the gelatin into each container. Insert 3 to 4 plastic critters into each cup. Space them well.
Make Them Glow Place the cups in clusters on coffee tables, side tables and dinning/buffet tables. Add a couple of green glow sticks near each cluster to create a dramatic spooky effect.

2013 Contemporary Bedroom Curtains Designs Ideas

Bedroom curtains are decorative and functional accessory for bedroom that will give a perfect look to your bedroom design.  They keep away the sunlight to let into your bedroom and also give you privacy from outside. If you need insulation and soundproofing in your bedroom, then you can choose the lined bedroom curtains. While choosing bedroom curtains, then first you have to check the length and width of the bedroom windows and doors. It’s up to you whether you want to hang bedroom curtains to cover the windows completely or just before the floor.

Curtains are available in various colors, designs and styles and you can choose the best one according to your bedroom style. Sheer curtains go well with any type of style and décor. You can match the color of bedroom curtain with the rest furnishing of the bedroom and create a unique style that will complement your bedroom design. 

Enjoy the pictures below and be sure to give us your feedback

This lovely contemporary eyelet curtain is a great addition to any living area, with its 4 versatile colourways.

Crisp and elegant eyelet curtain with foil print

This vibrant curtain uses great harmonising colours to their full effect. The geometric pattern creates a great statement too!

This wonderfully vibrant curtain is a great summer choice! Great as a focal point of a minimally decorated room, or in a colourful room with coordinating colours.

This striking geometric pattern is a great addition to any room that needs a contemporary twist.

Geometric yet delicate patterned eyelet curtain in Red or Brown.

A great curtain to give a room that sleek, yet homely touch. 

A bold modern floral which will be a statement to any interior. Dark backgrounds combine with pockets of highlight colours to create a striking look

A sophisticated look with horizontal chenille bands.

Despite the loud pattern, this curtains gives a cool, chic, laid back air to a room.

These lovely curtains feature a great balance of rich colour and soothing neutrals. The top chenille bands beautifully offset the faux silk base. This curtain really makes a statement with colour without being gaudy.

Elegant timeless floral design with a funky colourful twist.