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2013 HGTV Smart Home : Living Room Pictures

About the Living Room: 
“I didn’t want to just go turquoise blue, turquoise blue, turquoise blue,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum, who veered from the beachy blue color palette when designing the home’s largest gathering and party space. A happy collection of solid colors and modern and Moroccan prints celebrates vintage Florida style, while high-tech features make a singularly modern statement.

What Linda describes as a “very evolutionary room” began with a charcoal chaise positioned in front of telescoping glass doors. The low profile of furnishings keeps views from the deck in and the living room out unobstructed.

A tufted nylon rug in a Moroccan print continues a focus on Hollywood regency style. Layered with animal and Floridian prints, plus solid colors, the room pops. “All these bold patterns keep the room up to date and modern,” says Linda.

Crafted with industrial grade components, the aerodynamically inspired ceiling fan features a wall unit that controls speed. The energy efficient fan circulates warm air in the winter and has the potential to lower summer indoor air temperature by 8 to 16° F.

“The first thing we saw was that bench it’s so contemporary,” says Linda. “And that helps keep that room in a wonderful place. It was just the perfect piece.”

Semi sheer linen drapes may be drawn to create a wall of privacy between the dining and living rooms.

Continuing a focus on sustainable, locally sourced materials, a wall of pickled pecky cypress houses three flat screen TVs, programmable via the home’s smart tablets.

“The living room was all about playing around with fabrics and figuring out what works,” says Linda. “There’s a lot of versatility in that room. You could remove those pillows and go with all turquoise blue.”

Tabletop accessories, including nature photography books, resin cast coral sculptures and clear glass desk accessories draw the eye without dominating the overall design scheme.

Cast resin clamshell sconces by artist Karen Robertson flank the entrance to the home’s outdoor dining area and grilling station. Stripes of color frame the view and draw eyes up to the vaulted ceiling.

A focus on Floridian prints that evoke circa 1950s Copacabana style and bright citrus hues dominate the design scheme.

A smart tablet enables the homeowner to control TV covers, select TV stations and whole-house audio, monitor security camera activity, and control home security within the comfort of the living room.

Telescoping glass doors open to reveal outdoor living areas, which expand the living room’s square footage during warm weather months.

Handcrafted pedestals frame the view from the living area to the dining room. Topped with cast stone urns and greenery, they reference Hollywood regency style and its focus on ornamentation.

Master Bathroom Pictures : HGTV Dream Home 2013

Travertine style porcelain tile and clean white surfaces define this spa like master bath, where an antique style dresser and botanical artwork offer an intriguing focal point. 

 About the Master Suite Bathroom

Interior designer Linda Woodrum turned a challenge into a triumph in the master bathroom. The room’s unique floor plan lacked a clear cut focal point. The solution came in the form of a scalloped chest, above which hangs an antique style glicee. “We have this new approach: How do you create a new way of looking at a bathroom when you have an unusual configuration?” says interior designer Linda Woodrum.

Make a Citrus Table Runner Spring 2013 Ideas

Layer Ultrasuede circles and triangles to create a refreshing table runner. Using two shades each of yellow and green suede, cut circles, triangles, and leaves.


1/8 yard Ultrasuede Fresh Lime #4575 for eight 8-inch lime circles and 4 leaves (2 large and 2 small)
1/8 yard Ultrasuede Green Apple #4512 for 48 lime segments and 6 leaves (3 large and 3 small)
1/2 yard Ultrasuede Tulip #5227 for ten 7 1/4-inch lemon circles
1/2 yard Ultrasuede Tulip #5228 for 60 lemon segments


1. Cut Ultrasuede circles and segment pieces in two colors of yellow and two colors of green following the pattern. Cut two sizes of leaves from the two shades of green Ultrasuede following the pattern.

2. Glue segments to circles and assemble as shown in photo (or randomly) and glue the pieces where they overlap.

3. When dry, flip over and glue unsecured sections.

I hope you like this Runner …………. enjoy it .

Guest Bathroom Pictures : HGTV Dream Home 2013

Crisp white porcelain tile and dark walnut stained furnishings define this spa-like bathroom space.

 About the Guest Suite Bathroom

Tranquil design is most effectively expressed in the guest bathroom, where porcelain tile floors and matte lacquer cabinetry pair with wood furnishings in a dark walnut finish. Everything is clean and Zen,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum. “That bathroom feels so pure to me.”

2013 Modern Coffee Table Design Ideas

The living room will look with a harmonious atmosphere and exciting with the presence of elements such as coffee tables space filler. Its presence not only serves as a place to put drinks or food but also able to give a touch of aesthetics. Yes, the coffee table is a small table that is usually placed in the living room or family room, function to put a drink or a snack at the time of gathering with family and guests over a cup of coffee or tea. That is why the table is called a coffee table. This type of table can be an accent of interior design living room. The most suitable place to put the coffee table is usually in front of the sofa. Then make sure you leave enough room for your feet to enjoy the new coffee table.

The form is capable of delivering captivating charm. The bottom of the coffee table can also be varied with drawers or space where the magazines and newspapers. Pieces of furniture fashionable upper class are present in a variety of materials such as leather, wood, and glass, as well as a short table leg can be elegant or classic look.

Coffee table is also a type of table that is perfect for displaying the full photo album that you have at home, like the photos with friends, family or photos of your amazing journey. Most of the coffee table now developed into a center of attention in the room, one in the living room. So, there’s nothing wrong if you put the coffee table in the middle of the living room.