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Small Home Storage & Organization 2013 Decorating Ideas : House Tour from BHG

Do your small spaces feel cramped and uncomfortable? Find simple solutions that you can use to maximize space and make your home feel inviting.

Everything in its Place
Creative storage solutions keep this home organized and provide a place for everything. Collections, such as the homeowner’s scores of colorful books, can be used as decorative elements while still staying organized with built in shelves. A blue gray and warm orange palette keeps the space visually cohesive and feeling fresh.

Office Space
Open, organized space is a necessity for the homeowner, who runs a business from her home. The largest room in the house had been underused but was remade into a work space and family art room. The open area and windows provide a spacious and bright work area, and three large industrial tables allow enough room to spread out projects.

Closet Shelves
The work space gained an extra dimension when the closet’s bifold doors were removed to create an office nook. Outfitted with a desk, file cabinet, and shelves, the space has been maximized to its full storage potential. Colorful containers provide decoration on the shelves and also help reduce clutter from building up on the desk.

Stow Away
In a home that’s short on storage space, these white metal file drawers are staple organizational tools. The multiple drawer cabinets are perfect places to stow away toys and media gadgets, and they work well for keeping art supplies organized in the office.

Hang It Up
Once used as storage for office supplies in the work space, these shelves were repurposed in a toddler’s room and now feature a rotating display of wooden toys, pinecones gathered on nature walks, and paintings made with artist parents. The hooks and open shelves make a growing collection of objects simple to display and keep organized.

Out of the Box
On another wall in the bedroom, wooden cubbies are hung for displaying knickknack items. Colorful fabric swatches used as backing make bright accents against the wall. The boxes can be easily rearranged and added to over time.

Low Profile
In the dining room, a low shelf was converted into extra storage space by removing the sliding doors and mounting it on the wall. Perfect for children’s books, this shelf also provides a ledge to display and organize objects without taking up floor space.

Racking It Up
Rein in reading material with a stylish magazine rack. This little item is a big help in keeping areas that are short on space neatly organized. Compact enough for small spaces, this magazine rack conveniently fits on the ledge created by the wall shelf and helps keep floor space clear.

Setting an Example
The house includes plenty of storage at a toddler’s level so the homeowners’ daughter can help tidy her own things. That includes the kitchen, where a low drawer designated for dishes has dividers to keep it organized. Her parents hope to teach her by example  how easy it can be to keep things nice and neat.

On the Shelf
Shelves in the kitchen provide easy access to dishes. And without having to arrange them inside a cupboard, organization is simple. An orange accent piece carries over the color scheme from the rest of the home and ties all the areas together.

Nesting Table Nook
Cozy nooks are all around the house. Storage space is maximized by using furniture with lots of drawers such as the white metal filing cabinet. A wicker basket doubles as decoration and storage. The nesting tables barely take up any space but can be perfect footrests or work space when pulled apart.

Divide & Conquer
While big open spaces are important in the office, little nooks to cozy up in define the rest of the house. Bookcases serve as open dividers between rooms while still providing those comfy nooks with lots of shelf space for storage. Organizing books by color adds an interesting decorative touch.

Charming Home 2013 Decorating Ideas : House Tours from BHG

Together, these young homeowners remodeled or updated every room in their first home, trying new things and learning a lot along the way.
Clear Reflection
The mirror in the dining room a mirrored closet door placed in a doorframe scored at a yard sale  isn’t the only thing that reflects the homeowners’ DIY style. The curtains are fashioned from drop cloths hot glued together.
A Motto to Live By
The homeowners’ home redesign became a do it yourself course that launched them into their dream of doing what they love.
Out of the Box Storage
Thin gauge wire strung between upholstery tacks across the fireplace creates a place for the homeowners’ blueprints and furniture designs, as well as rolls of wallpaper and gift wrap.
Do What You Love
The DIY artwork on the mantel describes the couple’s philosophy. To create a similar piece of your own, decoupage tissue paper and fabric onto foam-core board, then cut out and affix letters cut from magazine pages.
Cooking Up Style
In the kitchen, mismatched cabinet knobs and pulls (purchased secondhand for less than $10) add a fresh element to store bought cabinets. Poured in place concrete countertops and an island made from a refurbished farmhouse table add to the DIY appeal. When the homeowner didn’t love the fresh paint on the table legs, she added a coat of stain to dull the color and dial up the charm.
Pops of Color
To create an interesting media center, the homeowners painted geometric patterns onto two pieces of foam core board and mounted them on the wall behind the TV. They created the media console using drawers gathered from flea markets. Once they had an arrangement they liked, they built a plywood box to house them and had a metal base fabricated at a local shop. The mirror on the console flips up to reveal the DVD player.
Not Your Average Shelf
Douglas fir boards and steel cable combine for a modern appeal in this shelving unit designed and built by the homeowners.
Cozy Color Palette
In the master bedroom, the homeowners keep projects  headboard, wall art, dresser embellishments  within a tight color palette to keep things cohesive.
Sweet Dreams
The couple revamped their sleigh bed by adding lush upholstery.
Let the Light Shine In
An upholstered cornice board above the door hides curtain hardware. The nature inspired wall art compliments the unfinished tabletop.
Make It Your Own
The homeowners added a sparkly gold border on the wall around the mirror. They used painter’s tape to mask off a frame, then painted the first coat of the frame the same color as the wall to prevent the gold layers from bleeding under the tape. When the first coat was dry, they applied gold paint, then removed the tape. The dog silhouette artwork (homage to the homeowners’ pooches) and the oversize flowers painted on the dresser are also DIY stencil projects.
Found Work Space
The homeowners reworked an old kitchen cabinet then placed it between two lockers to fashion a quiet place to work in a spare room.
Tidy Bathroom
Some of the homeowners’ favorite projects in the house are in the guest bathroom, where they used sleek and modern materials. They poured a concrete countertop for the vintage vanity and backed the shelving units with roof flashing.
Rustic Bedroom
In the guest room, the couple paneled one wall with old fence pickets gifted from a friend. They painted some pickets white to add contrast. The headboard is made from corrugated tin roofing. The homeowners cut out the shape with a jigsaw and then used a grinder to smooth rough edges before screwing it to the wall.
Outdoor Living

The homeowners created a vertical garden by stacking and screwing together old pallets and free fence pickets. The flowering garden adds color and privacy to their patio.

2013 HGTV Smart Home : Front Yard Pictures

About the Front Yard: 
Drawing from the design of Jacksonville Beach’s original shingle style vacation homes, HGTV Smart Home 2013 is nestled into the landscape, with a wide front porch that invites relaxation while providing shade from the intense Florida sun. In keeping with shingle style design, a light tower in the front fa├žade mimics the look of a cupola or widow’s walk and a detached garage with cupola replicates the look of a boathouse.

A wide front porch, topped with a 24 gauge standing seam roof, invites relaxation and conversation with neighbors. Pine straw covered beds planted with Asiatic jasmine greet guests along the front fence.

Classic yacht club style rocking chairs, fashioned from durable composite material, carve out a cozy reading and conversation area.

An oxidized iron clad wood table is set for a midday snack. Blown-glass tableware, pottery and linens hint at the interior color palette.

Coquina style exterior cladding, which references the construction of the earliest homes in St. Augustine, lends visual interest and tells a story of the First Coast and its architectural history.

Planted between the picket fence and the front porch to draw attention, needle palm will grow to a height of 4-1/2 feet and provide needed massing in the landscape.

Maintenance free Asiatic jasmine replaces sod in the front yard. “We’re taking that line between the structure and the natural environment and softening it so it feels like there is not a firm and precise break line,” says landscape architect Jeremy Marquis.

A driveway clad in permeable pavers leads to a boathouse style garage and the home’s family entrance, where an outdoor shower provides a space to rinse off and refresh before entering the home.

A planter strip of dwarf Mondo grass stabilizes the surrounding soil and minimizes the amount of pavers used in the driveway area.

Loft Pictures : HGTV Smart Home 2013

About the Loft: 
A walk through space at the top of the staircase, the loft offers a cozy respite from the home’s active first floor spaces. A place to congregate, read a book or catch up on a favorite TV show, the loft boasts a clean, uncluttered design theme. “The colors evoke a more masculine feel,” says interior designer Linda Woodrum. “I thought it was a nice contrast to the living room.”

To conserve square footage, architect Mike Stauffer eliminated hallways in favor of pass through spaces. Furnished and cozy, the loft makes use of what would otherwise be wasted space.

Connected to both guest and kids’ bedrooms, the loft area provides a space to kick back, relax, and connect with friends and family before retiring for the evening.

Bold graphic prints pair well with cool lime green upholstery fabrics. Making use of every inch of space, the leather sofa opens out to a full sized sleeper.

Designed to resemble inverted chain hung pendant lights, table lamps provide just the right mix of industrial meets nautical.

The chandelier’s wispy paper diffusers resemble sea birds in flight.

A rustic chest of drawers provides storage and tabletop surface to display a 40 inch LED TV. A sepia tone photo on fine art paper by Jacksonville Beach artist John Kuss draws the eye.

With a color palette directly connected to views, the loft proves both rich and understated. “It’s a very clean, tailored masculine vibe,” says Linda.

Kids Bedroom Pictures : HGTV Smart Home 2013

About the Kids’ Bedroom: 
In the kids’ bedroom interior designer Linda Woodrum broke free from the rules of understatement and high regency style. Kitschy, she says, is OK in a space that celebrates family, fun and a child’s first wide-eyed experience at the seashore. “The twin bedroom has great appeal for everyone. The skateboards over the twin beds speak to a young teen, but change those out and it becomes a guest room or a young child’s bedroom,” says Linda.

Inspired by the rich colors and patterns of the Mediterranean, a machine woven area rug anchors the space and serves as a springboard for the room’s saturated color palette.

An industrial style demilune table stands in contrast to the room’s cottage inspired furnishings. A handmade glass lamp provides the needed focal point.

A three tiered chest carves out a focal area and reading nook. Beachy whimsical artwork, including an original acrylic sea life painting by “island impressionist” Kathy Frosio, keep the design focus lighthearted.

Replace skateboards with traditional artwork and dress the cottage style twin poster beds in classic fabrics, and the space becomes ideal for adult guests.

A custom made duvet, backed in linen, provides an extra layer of warmth on cool beach nights.

A closet turns homework center with the addition of a desktop, corkboard wall and beach inspired artwork.

An ottoman with the look of a weathered antique provides space to store books and toys and doubles as seating in the room’s reading area.

“Wonderful colors, a great view, fun fabrics, and furnishings and accessories pull together to create a bedroom that works in many ways,” says Linda.