Advice for Launching an Internet Café Business

This article is by: Pierre Zarokian

Launching a new business can be very exciting; but it can also be very confusing, especially when it comes to an internet sweepstakes café. If you’re one of the many people who want to start an internet sweepstakes café, you probably have many questions on your mind. How do you launch such a business? How much money do you need to get started? In addition to some of the basic factors of starting a new business, you will also want to know the best sweepstake games in the industry and the best types of software on the market. Finally, you will also need to know the difference between a web-based solution and the former client-server model.

The truth is that starting an Internet café business can be overwhelming. Although it is one of the most popular growth industries in the U.S. with countless locations throughout the country, it is still a fairly new and unknown industry. Before you can launch your business, there are many things you will need to know and research. And while you might be able to do the research on your own, it’s always best to consult a professional business adviser or consultant.

If you want to launch an internet café business, we recommend enlisting the help of an experienced Internet café sweepstakes consulting group. There are many benefits to hiring such consulting groups. Look for a company that is not linked to any specific software. These companies can provide clients with truthful, unbiased advice. Some companies are even able to offer their consulting services for free because the sweepstakes software companies are willing to pay for the consulting services.

About the Author:  Pierre Zarokian is a business man and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Web Design Company in Los Angeles, Web Design Express.

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Satellite Internet for remote areas

If you leave in a remote area, you may not have too many options for internet access and high speed internet may not be available in your area. Rather than getting a dial-up service, you should definitely consider Satellite Internet service.

As the name says, satellite internet is available via satellites, but rather than a slow connection like dial-up, it offers fast speeds comparable to DSL, as fast as 2mbps downloads. If you compare this to dial-up while downloading a 1MB video clip, it would take dial up 56K connection to download at about 2.5 minutes, while the satellite will take 4 seconds.

We looked around online to see who had the best deals on satellite internet and the best one we found was Their service starts at $39/month with no upfront fees and zero installation fees.


Samsung Netbook

Choosing a Samsung netbook may seem overwhelming because of the many choices that you have. There are new models of netbooks that are thin and lightweight for easy mobility. For example, the news Series 9 is made with duralumin which is two times stronger than aluminum. However, it is light weight and has a slim design. Other features include a backlit keyboard, large click pad and bright LCD screen. The SuperBright screen has a 400nit brightness which is perfect for watching HD movies and playing your favorite game.

             The Series 9 has 128 GB of storage and a 1.3 MP HD WebCam. Input devices include a touchpad and 81 key keyboard. It also comes with a 40 watts Samsung cable and Samsung battery. One of the neat features on this netbook is that you don’t have to shut it down. All you need to do is shut the lid and it goes into sleep mode where it doesn’t use any power. After the lid is open, the computer comes back on in just 3 seconds at the same spot where you were when the lid was closed. An additional feature also saves all your work and system configurations directly to your hard drive as well as PC memory. The netbook has a battery life of close to seven hours and the battery life will last up to three times longer than your average notebook battery. The touchpad has a unique design that is coated with glass and has an image sensor. The sensor means that the cursor will not disappear from the screen.


Hidden Cameras for Security


For the security of your home and business, hidden cameras are a popular choice for business owners and families alike. Cameras are able to capture footage for times when you are not available or are busy in another part of the home or business. Recording the footage allows you to go back and review film if there is an issue that you wish to revisit. Records of your footage may be automatically archived by using software that transports the footage to tapes and files them away for up to years at at time. In order to make your cameras less conspicuous, consider hiding it in regular, everyday items. For example, the alarm clock radio conveniently hides the camera. The alarm clock radio camera; however, continues to function as an alarm radio clock without anyone able to notice that it is actually a hidden camera. This camera uses the SONY CCD High resolution color camera and comes with an RCA cable that allows it it connect with any monitor or TV to view footage. Furthermore, you may actually connect your MP3 player to the radio using an Aux-in cable.

You may also find the hidden cameras wireless convenient for placing in areas where they do would not able to reach if they ran on a cord. This camera employs a radio transmitter to send the video signal from the camera to a receiver that is hung next to the device. The spy camera is an effective way to view and record footage for review later or active surveillance.


Apple Co-Founder Speaks in Armenia

Last week, the president of Armenia honored Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple Inc., with the Global Award of the President of the Republic of Armenia for Outstanding Contribution to Humanity through IT 2011. Wozniak visited the country on Thursday to speak about education, youth, and the IT industry in Armenia.

At the ceremony, President Serzh Sargsyan had this to say about the honor: “He [Wozniak] is a person, who has revolutionized the world by initiating the creation of personal computers. Thanks to him, computers stepped out from the scientific and military establishments, huge corporations and entered every home, every person’s life.” Wozniak was the second recipient of this award; the first was chairman of the board of the Intel Corporation, Craig Barrett.

During his visit last week, Wozniak met with government official, university leaders and students. In addition to the Global Award, Wozniak also received a certificate from Synopsis Armenia, reported ArmRadio.

In an interview in the country, Wozniak encouraged Armenian businesses to hire smart young people whether they have a college degree or not. He said, “It’s not that great when companies require all sorts of degrees or certification. You have to be able to spot young people who will think for themselves and come up with good new ideas — the real innovators.”


Leading Media Advertising Firm: Engage: BDR

Engage: BDR is not your average online media advertising firm. Located in West Hollywood, engage: BDR offers innovative marketing solutions for direct response and performance marketers, a unique suite of products and services not available at most online media companies. We’ve compiled just a few of the products and services that makes engage: BDR so different from other companies.

Online media expert Ted Dhanik launched engage: BDR in 2007 along with co-founder Kurtis Rintala. Immediately after the launch, the firm garnered attention as one of the first businesses to provide marketing solutions for direct response and performance marketers. For the past five years, engage: BDR continues to satisfy existing customers and attract new clientele due to its impressive suite of products and technology, including many that were developed specifically out of a need in the online media industry. One of these proprietary products is engage: BDR’s real-time bidding platform. Called First Impression, it is the first real-time bidding platform that allows advertisers to buy inventory directly from publishers.

In addition to First Impression, engage: BDR is also garnering attention for developing unique marketing solutions advertisers can’t find anywhere else. According to their website, the company combines “display, mobile, video and branded entertainment into one network.”

Considering its impressive products, it’s no wonder that the company is growing every day. Engage: BDR has a broad list of clients who have taken advantage of their products. Some of their clients include big name companies such as Google, Fox, Playboy, Nokia, eHarmony, and

When it comes to the company’s goal, one thing is for certain: they want to be able to do more than acquire clients. They want to keep them while helping the business grow. In order to accomplish this goal, engage: BDR is equipped with a valuable team of online media experts that have come to engage: BDR from other leading companies, including MySpace, LowerMyBills, Buzznet Media, and NexTag.

To learn more about engage: BDR or Ted Dhanik, please visit the following links:


About Truck Tracking Systems

Truck tracking systems allow trucking companies to keep track of their trucks while they are en route to their destinations. Users receive transmissions from the tracking system that gives them information such as the current location of the truck and how long it has been at that destination. Users can use this information to verify daily driving logs from their drivers. This information can also be used by the insurance companies who insure the trucks in the event of an accident.

Tracking systems are installed in the dashboards of trucks and constantly transmit information to the receivers back at the dispatch office. They have become an important part of the dashboard as much as the gas gauge or speedometer. Some tracking systems can print out reports of the daily activities of the truck. Many of the newer model trucks already have tracking systems installed from the manufacturer.

A GPS tracking system is an important piece of equipment to have and can be used in any type vehicle such as a car or truck. Tracking systems are not only used in commercial vehicles but are also used in personal vehicles as well. If you are considering having a tracking system installed in your personal vehicle you can search online to find stores that sell them in your area. You can find Promiles and other types of tracking systems at They carry all types of tracking systems by all the leading manufacturers. Visit the site to find tracking systems for both commercial and private use.


A GPS Tracking System Can Help Your Trucks Last Longer

Article written by Expert Fortran – Latest Information about Software and PC Programs

When you are in the business of delivering items for customers, your trucks are extremely valuable assets.  Your trucks are important due to the fact that without the trucks you are not going to be able to move a thing.  Trucks can last quite some time if they are well maintained, but if you have drivers who simply do not care about how the trucks are being taken care of, then you can end up with a real problem.  A GPS tracking system can actually help those trucks last longer though.

When you think about a tracking system such as this, you may be asking how this can be.  When you consider what the tracking system will do though, it will put a lot of pressure on the driver to take good care of the truck.  You will be able to, utilizing the fleet management software, see how fast drivers are going in the trucks.  You are also going to be able to optimize routes.

This can help reduce on the wear and tear on the engine, the tires, the brakes and so on.  This is done by limiting the miles driven as well as the overall aggressive nature of the driver so that they drive the truck at reasonable speeds.

Promiles software and other GPS tracking device chips can really help you manage your trucks so that they last their full useful lives.  Software from is making this easier than ever to be a reality.