Decorating Tips for a Youth Bedroom

Just as the master bedroom reflects your style and allows you to unwind, your child’s bedroom is their domain. Most children desire the ability to play in a space of their own, with each element reflecting the things they love best. They’ll need child-sized furniture as a foundation for your design ideas. Keep in mind, your child deserves a room they’ll be proud to share with friends.

  • Begin with the paint color. Provide your child with one to three options to reduce stress for all parties. These colors should complement a desired theme.
  • Hang framed artwork designed by your child on the wall. Older greeting cards and photographs are also a simple way to spruce up the walls without spending a lot of money.
  • Provide shelves hung on lower levels to provide your child with easy access to their favorite things. Bookshelves can take up a lot of floor space, while many shelves are durable enough to hold plenty of items without crowding the room.
  • Wall decals are increasing in popularity due to their low-cost and ease of use. These decals come in a variety of patterns and can quickly transform a bedroom wall.