Decorative Window Options for Your Home

One of the most important features that give your home its unique decorative element are the windows. And it’s pretty easy to give your home its distinct look and feel thanks to all the different shapes, sizes and finishes of windows that are available today. Let’s have a look at a few.

Small Casement Windows

When strategically placed, small casement windows provide a cozy cottage-feel to a home’s exterior, and even adds a European flair. This type of window is the sort that cranks outward to open, and can work quite well on either side of a fireplace,. They’re also just high enough so that furniture can be placed under them without obstructing the outdoor view. If the fireplace is situated at the front of your home, these windows allow for some privacy while being unique from the typical choice of your neighbors.

Standard Windows Featuring a Geometric Transom

These types of windows add a geometrically-designed transom over a standard window, thereby increasing the home’s profile. This is a great way to add some formality and a ‘wow’ factor without having to install custom windows. There are tons of decorative window options for your home.

Tall, Slim Windows

Tall, slender windows offer an element of elegance, and draw the eye upward to the roofline. Having many of these windows can give your home a stately, unique look.

Square or Octagonal Windows

Octagon- or square-shaped windows with a lovely wood trim will make any room stand out.

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