Garage Storage Options for Your Commercial Property

The garage for your small business can often provide ample room for the vehicles of your clients and team members. However, it’s also an ideal place for storage. Whether you have extra inventory or need to store supplies, reorganization can help you improve your storage capabilities. Contact a vendor experienced in installing high-quality doors for commercial projects to keep these items secure. Additionally, you’ll need to create a thorough plan for making space in your garage.

1.) Install a pegboard for hanging the items used most often in your business. In doing so, you’ll create more space on the floor. You’ll also spend less time searching for these items that can easily get lost in such a big space.

2.) A larger hanging rod can hold cleaning supplies and larger items to clear floor space, as well. You can even install multiple sets of hanging pegs for anyone driving a bicycle to your place of business; your employees will appreciate the security feature.

3.) Install shelves within the reach of a person with average height to prevent the excessive use of step ladder, which can increase the risk for injuries. Higher shelves should be dedicated to items rarely used.