Qualities to Look For in a New Sink

After years of oxidation and excessive dripping, your bathroom sink has breathed its last. Fortunately, there’s an upside to its passing: you get to shop for a new sink. Unlike its predecessor, you want this sink to last for the foreseeable future. To ensure that your next bathroom sink is a winner, keep an eye out for the following qualities.


If you truly want to get your money’s worth, invest in a sink that boasts immense durability. Luxury Newport brass sinks, in particular, are extremely resilient and highly resistant to oxidation. Even if you have to spend a little more than anticipated, your additional investment will prove worthwhile. With a minimal amount of care and maintenance, a quality brass sink should last a lifetime.


In addition to being incredibly resilient, your new sink should be aesthetically attractive and flawlessly mesh with the rest of your bathroom’s décor. Fortunately, brass and stainless steel sinks look good in virtually any bathroom, regardless of whether the décor is cutting-edge or traditional.

A good sink is one of the foremost staples of a functional bathroom. By limiting your choices to durable, aesthetically pleasing models, you can make the sink-shopping process simple and stress-free.