Hidden Cameras for Security


For the security of your home and business, hidden cameras are a popular choice for business owners and families alike. Cameras are able to capture footage for times when you are not available or are busy in another part of the home or business. Recording the footage allows you to go back and review film if there is an issue that you wish to revisit. Records of your footage may be automatically archived by using software that transports the footage to tapes and files them away for up to years at at time. In order to make your cameras less conspicuous, consider hiding it in regular, everyday items. For example, the alarm clock radio conveniently hides the camera. The alarm clock radio camera; however, continues to function as an alarm radio clock without anyone able to notice that it is actually a hidden camera. This camera uses the SONY CCD High resolution color camera and comes with an RCA cable that allows it it connect with any monitor or TV to view footage. Furthermore, you may actually connect your MP3 player to the radio using an Aux-in cable.

You may also find the hidden cameras wireless convenient for placing in areas where they do would not able to reach if they ran on a cord. This camera employs a radio transmitter to send the video signal from the camera to a receiver that is hung next to the device. The spy camera is an effective way to view and record footage for review later or active surveillance.