Samsung Netbook

Choosing a Samsung netbook may seem overwhelming because of the many choices that you have. There are new models of netbooks that are thin and lightweight for easy mobility. For example, the news Series 9 is made with duralumin which is two times stronger than aluminum. However, it is light weight and has a slim design. Other features include a backlit keyboard, large click pad and bright LCD screen. The SuperBright screen has a 400nit brightness which is perfect for watching HD movies and playing your favorite game.

             The Series 9 has 128 GB of storage and a 1.3 MP HD WebCam. Input devices include a touchpad and 81 key keyboard. It also comes with a 40 watts Samsung cable and Samsung battery. One of the neat features on this netbook is that you don’t have to shut it down. All you need to do is shut the lid and it goes into sleep mode where it doesn’t use any power. After the lid is open, the computer comes back on in just 3 seconds at the same spot where you were when the lid was closed. An additional feature also saves all your work and system configurations directly to your hard drive as well as PC memory. The netbook has a battery life of close to seven hours and the battery life will last up to three times longer than your average notebook battery. The touchpad has a unique design that is coated with glass and has an image sensor. The sensor means that the cursor will not disappear from the screen.