Ted Dhanik: President of engage: BDR

Ted Dhanik is the president and chief executive officer of engage: BDR, an integrated-media advertising company. As CEO, Dhanik leads a strong management team of online media experts that is focused on developing cutting-edge solutions to digital marketers. The company continues to create and execute proprietary technology and solutions for the digital market, including the first RTB self-serve display platform developed for direct response advertisers.

Dhanik co-founded engage: BDR in 2007. Since the launch of his own firm, he has led the strategic marketing, sales and business development, and client relationship management divisions as well as content acquisition. Under his leadership, the company has been providing advertisers with cutting-edge technology and custom programming through the joining of display, video, and branded entertainment into one network. The company’s products reach about 109 million unique visitors around the world.

Prior to launching his own company, Dhanik had nearly 10 years of experience in the marketing and digital media industries, including a five year stint at as vice president of strategic marketing. At MySpace, Dhanik was a key player in launching the brand in all major markets. Also at MySpace, he was responsible for developing the MySpace Celebrity concept as well as other brands for the company.

Before, Dhanik was head of business development at, where he was whisked away from his previous employer to design and launch a home equity product. Dhanik’s hard work paid off, and the product earned more than $20 million the first year, and $75 million the second year. He was also credited with reviving LMB’s poorest performing product from a $2 million a year profit to more than $50 million in the first year.

Dhanik has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University at Hayward. He has served on the board of directors or as an advisor for several companies, including Fighter, LottoGopher, and Schizo Pictures.

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Introducing Tomorrow’s Media Advertising Company: Engage: BDR

Located in West Hollywood, California, engage: BDR is not your ordinary media advertising company — it is the media advertising company of the future. What makes this company so different from other advertising firms in the industry? Here’s a look at the products and services offered by this one-of-a-kind ad network.

When engage: BDR first entered the world of online media in 2007, it was one of the first companies to offer marketing solutions for direct response and performance marketers. Since then, the firm continues to make headlines with the launch of every new product or technology, most of which has been developed out of a need in the industry. For example, the firm launched the market’s first real-time bidding platform that makes it possible for advertisers to purchase inventory directly from publishers.

Engage: BDR is also known for creating waves with its diverse menu of marketing solutions not available through any other company. And they do all this by merging display, mobile, video, and branded entertainment into one network.

So it’s not a surprise that the firm is doing so well. The firm has already acquired an impressive client roster with companies such as Google, Fox, Playboy, and eHarmony, to name a few.

So what’s the mission of engage: BDR? According to the company website, “engage: BDR represents the core of our clients’ ability to acquire, retain and scale their businesses.”

To accomplish its mission and be successful, the company has a strong, diverse and talented team of online media experts gathered from leading industry companies, such as MySpace, LowerMyBills, Buzznet Media, and NexTag. The co-founder and President is Ted Dhanik, a marketing guru, who before launching his own company, spent five years at, where he was responsible for developing marketing initiatives and launching the brand in its infancy. To learn more about engage: BDR or Ted Dhanik, please visit the following links:


Ted Dhanik: President and co-founder of engage: BDR

Ted Dhanik is the president and co-founder of engage: BDR, a thriving online media company at the forefront of online marketing. He is responsible for overseeing strategic marketing, client relationship management, and content acquisition. He also serves as vice president of business development, overseeing sales and business development.

In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Dhanik offers more than 15 years of experience in the online marketing industry. His extensive experience includes prominent positions at,,, and Xoriant Corporation.

As the VP of Fun and Strategic Marketing at, Dhanik worked closely with founders Tom Anderson and Christ DeWolfe. He developed an integrated on- and offline marketing strategy that was responsible for launching the company (in its infancy) in all major markets. Also at, he was responsible for inventing a variety of brands, including the MySpace Celebrity concept.

From 2001 to 2005, Dhanik was head of business development at Recruited from his previous job, he was specifically hired to create and produce the home equity product for the company. Under his leadership, LMB grossed more than $20 million in the first year, and $75 million the second. He was also responsible for reviving the company’s poorest performing product, Debt Wizard, which under his management grew from $2 million a year to more than $50 million in the first year.

Prior to, Dhanik worked in business development at, where he began his position by scaling the firm’s tech and non-tech lead generation programs. Within one year’s time, he was responsible for assisting the company’s launch of its consumer/home and finance lead business. Before this, he was the director of business development at Xoriant Corporation.

About engage: BDR: Dhanik and the company’s business and technical leaders are focused on offering innovative solutions to reach consumers and provide the best results to its advertisers. For more information about Ted Dhanik, please see the following links: