Barcode Label Printers and Other Printing Products

There are many different components to printing products in general and when considering Zebra printers this is certainly the case. Whether you are considering the printers themselves, the ribbons the printers use, or the paper that is printed onto you will need to make an informed decision. The Thermal Desktop Printers are great if you need to print off a fair amount of high quality labels but you will also need to look at what you print on. The labels and tags are just as important as the printers themselves.

After choosing your printer you need to make sure that you have an appropriate tag or labels.  When it comes to labels and tags, there a several options based on your needs. There are the paper based labels Z-Perform (Standard Paper Tags and Labels) and Z-Select (The Premium Option). Then there are the synthetic labels to choose from. The PolyO, PolyPro, Z-Xtreme, Z-Ultimate and the Z-Supreme. These vary from Rough or Curved Synthetic Labels to the kind that can resist hard chemicals and exposure to the environment. The Z-Supreme for example can survive in up to 500 degree temperatures making it very useful for environments like factory machinery or even ovens.