High Speed Internet for rural areas

If you leave in a remote area, you may not have too many options for internet access and high speed internet may not be available in your area. Rather than getting a dial-up service, you should definitely consider Satellite Internet service or mobile internet service.

As the name says, satellite internet is available via satellites, but rather than a slow connection like dial-up, it offers fast speeds comparable to DSL, as fast as 2mbps downloads. If you compare this to dial-up while downloading a 1MB video clip, it would take dial up 56K connection to download at about 2.5 minutes, while the satellite or mobile internet will take 4 seconds.

We looked around online to see who had the best deals on high speed internet for rural areas and the best one we found was UbiFi.net.  They offer data plans starting at $129.99 per month.

UbiFi uses a combination of 4G LTE signals and gateways to provide an Internet connection for users via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It uses AT&T towers for its services.

UbiFi is focused on providing high-speed unlimited 4G LTE connectivity to areas of the country that need it the most, such as rural and underserved areas. With more than a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry, the team at UbiFi believes that everyone should have quality Internet access, even if they live far from any Internet hotspots. Visit UbiFi for more info.